Fish Tycoon 2 Cheats Pc

this cheat was originally posted on the NDS section which was wrong . so i reposted it here at the PC platform . this supposedly is my first post . 1) start FISH TYCOON game. 2) start your cheat engine. 3) on cheat engine, click the icon that looks like a small computer [i don't know what it is called xD ]. 4) a process list will pop out, look for FishTycoon.RWG then click OPEN. 5) go to fish tycoon and click the SUPPLIES button. *remember the value of your money. 6) go back to cheat engine and key in the VALUE of your MONEY and click FIRST SCAN. 7) now that the scan is finished, go back to fish tycoon and buy anything that is worth less than $100. 8) go back to cheat engine and look at the values that appeared when you scanned a while ago. *look for the value that has changed and is exactly the same amount as your money left [on fishtycoon]. 9) double click that value and it appears on the address box of cheat engine [lower part]. 10) tick the checkbox to freeze the address and change its value according to your desire. 11) go back to the game, click done, when you're at your tank(s), go back to the SUPPLIES menu and bask in the success of your cheating :D. you can now buy everything and get upgrades in 15minutes :). Developer: Last Day Of Work, Llc.

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