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*My tips to new players:*. -Don’t spend your gems impulsively. Save them for the right situation. You don’t get many and they’re very important in this game. Too many people throw them away hastily without knowing their worth on stupid stuff. -Don’t bother breeding common fish for money. Just farm money from visitors to your store using the water fountain whilst you do other things. If you leave the game running in the background you make more money in an hour than you could ever make breeding common fish.

-At the start of the game it’s very tempting to just randomly cross the most different looking fish you own; however, the babies will likely not survive as they'll be born as uncommon.


Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium - Gameplay Video

  • You should probably try and only cross the same body shapes together at the beginning until you get to environmental research level 3 for the uncommon fish.
  • -NEVER spend your money on “upgrades” or “decorations” from the in game store at the beginning.

Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium - Gameplay Video 2

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  • It’s a waste of coins and although the aeration system etc say they help rarer fish to survive they do pretty much nothing compared to the environmental research.
  • Save your coins for the research it’s the thing you should be focusing all of your efforts into affording.

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  • Once you reach environmental research level 4 it's safe to use your coins on the other stuff.
  • -The plant of Fertility is very useful and increases the amount of baby fish you produce, it can be a good investment, however don’t waste money on the other plants because starting off is hard enough as it is.


  • Why make it any harder for yourself wasting coins on unnecessary plants?
  • How to make the most money fast and also reach environment level 4:.

-Once you gain environment level 3, aim to breed your uncommon fish to create the Magic Guppy of Islosa (sapphire angelfish). You can create it from crossing uncommon fish and once a pair is born due to the help of the plant of fertility the game will get a lot easier.

7 Reasons Why Cheat Codes are Better than Hack Tools:

  1. Remember the gems I told you not to spend? If you manage to get a hold of two fish that are compatible in making the Golden Guppy of Islosa you should invest your gems and coins into instabirth and instagrow.
  2. Your environmental research will still be level 3 therefore they won't survive long term.
  3. However you can charge 300 coins a fish and breed them instantly using instabirth and instagrow.
  4. Once you make about 6000 coins you can buy environmental research level 4 and all fish you own can survive in your tanks regardless of rarity.
  5. All you have to do is mass breed the golden guppy to generate large quantities of coin.
  6. Developer: Last Day Of Work, Llc. Publisher: Last Day Of Work, Llc. Genre: Simulation.
  7. Release: Mar 10, 2017. Platform: Android. From: SpokenWisconsin.

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