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Here are the best free synth VST plugins online. These Synthesizer VSTs can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other VST supported software.

This large collection of synth VST plugins will provide you with hundreds of free synth sounds to use with your music projects. What Is A Synth Plugin? A Synthesizer ( or Synth ) is an electric musical instrument that produces sound by generating audio signals.

Synthesizers generate waveforms using subtractive, additive, oscillators, and frequency modulation.

A Synth VST plugin is a virtual version of a synthesizer that you can use with any VST supported software.

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There are three primary categories of synths which is Analog, Digital, and Hybrid. Synth plugins are one of the most popular types of virtual instrumentation.

They are often used in the production of modern music and film scores. Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins. We have included the best synth VST plugins that work for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Instructions: Click the links below to visit each synth plugin.

Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software. Anti-Transpirant is a wonderful analog-sounding synth VST instrument for Windows.

Download: Anti-Transpirant | OS: Windows. Anti-Transpirant VST Preview.

Tunefish4 is a very tiny virtual analog synthesizer.

Best Synth VST Plugins

However, more importantly, it is developed to fit into about 10kb of compressed machine code while still producing an audio quality that can compete with commercial synthesizers.

Download: Tunefish4 | OS: Windows / Mac. The Tyrell N6 is a longstanding freeware software synthesizer that many producers still use today.

You can create a wide range of sounds with this synth. It’s great for adding color to your tracks. It’s worth checking out the Tyrell N6 if you want an easy-to-use, great-sounding synth plugin.

Download: Tyrell N6 | OS: Windows / Mac. Dexed is a plugin synth that works on multiple platforms and supports various formats close to the Yamaha DX7. Download: Dexed | OS: Windows / Mac.

Helm is a powerful synth VST plugin that cross-platform. It offers 32 voice polyphony and an interactive visual interface.

Download: Helm | OS: Windows / Mac / Linux.

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Surge XT is a free open-source hybrid synthesizer plugin. Features many synthesis techniques, a wide range of filters, an advanced modulation engine, a wealth of effects, and modern features such as MPE and micro tuning.

Download: Surge XT | OS: Windows / Mac / Linux. The Yonu60 Roland Juno emulation plugin is a fantastic Roland synth emulator. Roland’s classic synth is faithfully recreated in this plugin, including everything from LFO rate and delays time to ADSR envelopes and unison mode.

Yonu60 is a helpful plugin whether you’re familiar with Roland or just getting started. Download: Yonu60 | OS: Windows. OB-Xd is based on Oberheim’s OB-X. It recreates the OB-X’s sound and behavior, but a number of things were added to the original design in order to extend its capabilities.

The OB-Xd was designed to sound just as good and rich as the original. It uses micro random detuning, which gives it a unique sound.

Download: OB-XD | OS: Windows / Mac / Linux. Sonigen Modular is a modular software synthesizer that combines the freedom and flexibility of classic modular synthesis with the benefits of modern software implementation.

Fully modular, with many modules and patch cables, so you can do as you want.

8. Dexed Synth (Inspired by DX7)

It combines polyphonic voice and static effect processing in one window, So that means you can have multiple MIDI notes playing multiple voices, mix them all down to a single stereo stream, and route that through a modular effect chain.

Download: Sonigen Modular | OS: Windows. The ODsay synthesizer is an excellent emulation of ARP’s Odissey, one of the first analog synthesizers.

This synthesizer has two oscillators and is duophonic, which means you can play two notes at once. Due to its accurate emulation of the ARP Odissey, ODsay is an excellent option if you want an old-school sound.

Download: ODsay | OS: Windows. SubDuer is a triple oscillator subtractive synth aimed at versatility but has low CPU usage.

It can do basic unison, ring-mod, and FM sounds and has built-in distortion, chorus/flanger, and delay.

Download: SubDuer | OS: Windows.

14. TAL Reverb 4

Alpha 3 is the small brother of Alpha but shares the same engine and has fewer features. It also comes with a couple of presets to get you started and the manual of the full Alpha, which covers Alpha 3 too.

Download: Alpha 3 | OS: Windows / Mac. The TAL-U-NO-62 offers six voices that can be created simultaneously in this plugin, which is polyphonic.

Additionally, this plugin comes with band-limited oscillators, giving it a different and exciting sound from other plugins.

There is also a synchronized LFO with five different waveforms, adding further variation to your sounds. There is a low-pass filter with self-oscillation and a non-resonant high-pass filter.

These two filters can be beneficial if you want to tailor the sound to your liking.

Download: TAL-U-No-62 | OS: Windows / Mac.


Rez: A basic synth, but it is capable of an extensive range of sounds, so as a result, it inspires creativity.

It’s made from multiple chained filters that act as a single powerful filter, and it’s highly resonant, providing Rez with its distinctive character.

Top that off with distortion, a phaser, various oscillator modulations, delay, and a killer programmable arp + step sequencer, and you’ve got a powerhouse of a synth in a tiny package.

Download: Rez 3.0 | OS: Windows / Mac. June-21 emulates the classic sounds of a Roland synthesizer. It includes the same great features as the Roland Juno keyboard, plus several improvements that open up even more creative possibilities.

This emulator is still a work in progress, so it has its share of glitches. But it is an excellent plugin with great sounds.

Download: June-21 | OS: Windows. The OS-251 emulator has up to 24 polyphonic voices.

It consists of three oscillators (Sin, Square, Saw), a square sub-oscillator, and a noise oscillator.

12. OTT by Xfer Records

A biquad low-pass filter (LPF) with Resonance and Frequency parameters is also available, as well as a biquad high-pass filter (HPF).

In addition to controlling LPF and amplitude, the LFO can also control Shape parameters. LFO synchronization is also supported. Download: OS-251 | OS: Windows / Mac / Linux. Synth1 is a software synthesizer.

Functionally it is modeled on the Clavia Nord Lead 2 Red Synth. Important: The website is in a different language. But this plugin has a lot of synth sounds.

Video: Synth1 VST – Over 25,000+ Sound Presets. 2 Oscillators, FM modulation, ring modulation, sync, modulation envelope.

4 types of filters, distortion. 2 LFOs (synchronized with host). Arpeggiator (synchronized with host).

Tempo delay (synchronized with host), stereo chorus/flanger.

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Legato mode, portamento. 16 notes polyphony. Thoroughly optimized for light CPU load using SSE instructions, etc.

Download: Plugin | OS: Windows. This plugin is a virtual analog synthesizer that emulates the sound of the original Roland Juno synthesizer via VST technology. It accurately recreates Roland vintage keyboard oscillators, filters, and envelopes. Download: Plugin | OS: Windows.

The Poly 2106 initially started as a recreation of an actual object of desire from the fashionable ’80s that was once part of music studios, but that was just the initial kick that propelled a seemingly more enthusiastic project which culminated into a knob infested creation with a solid vintage backbone.

Download: Poly 2106 | OS: Windows. A Roland keyboard emulator, Phutura is equipped with eight voices and three oscillators.

An ADSR envelope and LFO are included, as well as a modulation wheel, pitch bender, and ADSR envelope.

Besides the low resonant pass and non-resonant high pass filters, it also has a resonant low pass filter.

16. Vember Audio Surge (Advanced Synthesizer)

With this plugin, all interface controls can also be automated via MIDI.

Download: Phuture | OS: Windows. Six voices polyphonic synthesizer. Download: Osiris 6 | OS: Windows. This is a modular polyphonic synthesizer with a stereo SF2 player.

To build vintage leads or analog multi-purpose polyphonic instruments. Download: Kx-PolyMod | OS: Windows. Beat Black Mamba is a powerful bass library. It’s based on the Beat Zampler, developed by Synapse Audio for Beat magazine, and thus can load sfz files.

This plugin is one of the best synth VST plugins on this list. Download: Beat Black Mamba | OS: Windows / Mac. GTG PD9 is a phase distortion synthesizer.

It is also dedicated to bass and lead sounds. Two inter-modulating oscillators. Delay, chorus, eq.

Download: GTG PD9 | OS: Windows. Trans Computer Maschine is a semi-modular Vintage Lead Synthesizer + Pattern Sequencer.

They are modeled after two legendary mono synths and a custom analog sequencer from Germany.

Download: Trans Computer Maschine | OS: Windows.

The Roland PG-238 emulation plugin is an excellent addition to your arsenal.

13. TAL Noisemaker

Despite being inspired by the actual units’ circuits, the software does not aim to sound exactly like the hardware synths.

As a result, it does have a unique flavor that can complement certain sounds and styles of music. Download: Rolend PG-238 | OS: Windows. Initially developed for DC’12, this is a heavily revamped model HYDi can only be described as one thing – Quirky.

Download Purity Plugin For Fl Studio 12 – heavyinsights.

The modulation section integrates most effects like a pre-patched modular, perfect for tweak heads.

Download: HYDi | OS: Windows. The Sixth Month June is a vintage-sounding synth, incorporating a triangle LFO and noise generator.

Besides the VCF with cutoff and emphasis controls, there is also an arpeggiator, chorus, and unison effect.

Download: Sixth Month June | OS: Windows. Offers 3 OSC with 7 Waves, Octave Tuning, Fine Tuning, PW, and 3 VCA Envelopes.

Download: Matrix 8000 | OS: Windows. Hydra PL is a digital/analog hybrid-style polyphonic synthesizer.

It presents a vintage “knob-per-function” style GUI.

Hydra was made to be versatile but with a focus on gritty pads and other polyphonic patches.

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