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LGUP Tool for Flash KDZ, MM/LP or Factory Reset

Here is another LG family flashing tool entitled LGUP that addresses KDZ firmware files in blazing fast and to reset devices to factory settings. This is an updated version related to LG flash tool and it specially updated sequential Android Marshmallow and higher versions flash. You are eligible to boot up faster, launch app repairs or restore to factory settings on LG G4 - the first smartphone that released installing Android Marshmallow or recently unveiled latest LG Androids with the latest flash tool. The LGUP tool is combined with ultra-versatility of app installations on every OEM-LG devices since the beginning. It integrates flash LG stock firmware that normally followed KDZ file format or any of adjustable processes that upgrade, downgrade or restore the firmware processing and more others.

Android tool for Mac Download. Download the latest version here. Copy AndroidTool.app to your Applications folder; Right click AndroidTool and choose Open; To install using homebrew-cask, run brew cask install androidtool in the terminal. Android tool lets you do common Android designer and developer tasks in one click: Take. The SmartPhone flash tool is a utility software developed by MediaTek Inc. This company provides chipsets on smartphones, tablets, HDTV and other digital products. MediaTek Flash Tool can be used to flash a Stock or Custom recovery firmware image to an MTK based Android devices.

  • This is a simple way to download the Fastboot Tool on your Windows/Mac system and use it to advance the functionalities of your Android device. Part 4: Common Fastboot Commands Once you have successfully installed Fastboot Tool, you can use the commands to bring about the changes in your Android device.
  • Sp flash tool is the best freeware to flash any Android smartphone with stock ROM or custom ROM. Sp flash tool stands for smartphone flash tool and the latest version is 3.1352.01 (5.1352.01). The updated version has completely new and user friendly interface with several improvements.

Backup all personal files and other important things are extremely demanded while utilizing this flash tool on an LG smart mobile device. You are able to follow the same instructions of the lgflash tool. There are some special requirements need for the manner. The latest tool allows upgrading to MM from the regular LP files without any data loss. Download the MM KDZ stock firmware to make changes with this application. Ticking the BIN File is recommended. This manner is totally reversible and you can restore the LP file once again using the same way replacing MM to LP. Flash stock ROM firmware with LGUP is simple than ever. Follow the exposed simple steps to stock ROM firmware flashing with LGUP.

  • Power off the smartphone and close the application from the computer.
  • Boot the smartphone into download mode. Normally, the LG devices can start in download mode using these steps. Power off the mobile>> Holds down Power+Volume Up buttons.
  • Open the previously detailed LG flash on your PC.
  • Set LG Flash tool to use 'Board DL' and load TOT or KDZ firmware.
  • Start flashing with board DL option.

Troubleshoooting Tips

  • If you unable to execute LG smartphone flash tool on the desired Windows PC, try to install Visual C++ runtime library.
  • If the application sends an error message informing that the phone is disconnected from PC, check the connected USB port first. If you have attached to a USB 3.0, detach the code and connect it to a USB 2.0 one.
  • Check Whether the downloaded LG flash version works properly if the app does not perform correctly.
  • Install the required tools and DLL files before starting the process to prevent error connections.
  • Enable USB debugging is recommended before starting the mobile device in download mode. That is why go to developer options and then enable USB debugging mode.
  • Make sure that the downloaded KDZ file is completely compatible with the device build number.
  • If you need to run the flashing process without losing any data, select 'Normal Flash' option from the interface.
  • Refresh the mobile device with wiping all the files from the smartphone and restore back with boot files, use 'CSE Flash' when starting the flash procedure.
  • When using the LGUP application, install LGUP_8994__DLL_Ver_0_0_3_23 first and then install LGUP_Install_Ver_1_14_3 to avoid misbehaviors of the flash tool.
  • If LGUP program displays the mobile as an Unknown Device, do not turn off the mobile with the power button. Remove the back cover of the device then remove the battery and replace once again. Let the mobile start automatically.


When an LG smartphone gets errors with applications that installed in the standard Android OS or with third-party apps that manually installed by the user, the reliable solution for the manner is to flash the mobile device by means of lgflash tool. The total credits for creating the application goes to XDA developer 'quangnhut123'. If any matter arises while configuring Android Marshmallow or higher versions, take the turn to download LGUP tool and you will able to flash KDZ files on LG OEM devices by means of the regular LG flash tool. The developer credits for LGUP flash application acquired by the app developer 'shakeyabooti'. Use this flashing tool for the best results of revamping devices from software issues.

  • SP Flash Too v.5.1524SP flashtool smartphone flash tool is the best tool for MTK based android devices Download sp flash tool now ...
  • SP flash tool v.3.31351.01sp flash tool helps you to flash any Android smartphone ot tablet pc with stock ROM or custom ROM. Download sp flash tool latest version with user friendly interface and many improvements. SP flash tool runs on Windows and Linux.
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