Folder Lock Forgot Password

To Sum Up

Overview: Unlock a Password Protected Folder in Windows 10

Reliable Data Recovery Software

Best Methods to Recover Files from Folder Lock without Password

Free Folder Password Lock is data encryption software. It can be used to lock, hide and disguise files like Text, Word, Excel, PPT, documents, images, videos, audio files and archive files and folders.

You are allowed to encrypt files and folder on local computer and even password protect removable portable storage devices including SD Card, External Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive, Pen Drive and any other brands.

Part 2. Recover Lost Files after Removing Folder Lock Password

Free Folder Password Lock software is easy to use. You can make your file secured with password within seconds. Click "Lock File/Folder" and then Click "Open for Lock" button to select files, folders or drive you want to encrypt.

Free Folder Password Lock Overview

After that, you can input password and select lock type: lock without hidden or lock and hidden. And then click "Lock" button. If you want to unlock the file, please select the file first and then click "Unlock" button to continue.

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