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In order to protect information within folder(s), you can now lock them with a password. Apply desirable password on multiple folders in your machine and make it restricted. No one can operate the tool until they don't have the password. Only owner of a protected folder can unlock it by using the respective password. The Folder Key tool provides dual options to make folders protected:. Folder Locking: Add password on folders to block it. Folder Unlocking: Remove password from folder to unblock it. With this option you can add multiple folders one by one and provide a password for each of them.

Download Anvi Folder Locker for Windows 10 Free (2022).

Click on block command and the software will lock all the folders. Once protection gets applied on the file, you won't be able to access it unless you don't unblock it. In order to access locked or protected folders, you should have the passwords known. Launch the software and select the Folder unblocking option. The software will list all the folders protected by the tool. Click on unblock icon and all the folders get unlocked which can be verified from the status being displayed by the software.

Overview: Unlock a Password Protected Folder in Windows 10

Software encrypts all your ASCII (Text) passwords by wrapping them up with 32bit random number before making password entry to its database. Thus, even if somebody got access to the database file carrying passwords of your folders then, one cannot detect the password from encrypted hash. In order to lock the folders and add password on multiple folders; the software provides you with an optional feature to set the same password. It will help you to apply and use the same password for every folder at once instead of putting each password one by one.

How to Back Up Locked Folder Encryption Keys in Windows 10

You need to check or uncheck this option to enable or disable it respectively. Step 1: Folder Key Software.

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Step 2: Select Locking or Unlocking Options. Step 3: Add & Lock Folders. Step 4: Unlock Password Protected Folder. Size : 1.5 MB Version: 2.0. MD5 : 6947351606650135b1c5ab21754f0c28. System Specifications. Hard Disk Space: Minimum 5 MB of free hard disk space. Yes, you can use the tool on your Windows 8.1 PC and in all other windows operating systems. When users forget the password, they will surely be locked and won't be able to access their locked files and data. On this page, in Part 1, you'll find 3 methods provided by professional users and geeks to unlock Folder Lock without the password. In the second part, we will provide 3 ways to unlock a folder and 2 ways to securely recover lost files from Folder Lock. Read on to get the full guide. (Recommend) Unlock Folders/Files (Use Folder Lock Serial Key as Password)..Full steps.

15 Free BitLocker Alternatives – Password Protect.

Remove Password from Locked Files by Uninstall Folder Lock..Full steps. Stop the Folder Lock Password Protection..Full steps. (Recommend) Restore Lost Files from Folder via File Recovery Software..Full steps. Show or unhide hidden files in Folder/Folder Lock manually..Full steps. PLUS: The solutions on this page can be applied to unlock all versions of Folder Lock without a password on Windows 10/8/7 and even older Windows systems.

How to Unlock Folder Lock If Password Forgotten

"I locked one of the folders in my laptop (windows 10) by using a password-protected code. I just put the code on a notepad, create a folder, and locked it. It's a Windows batch file (cmd.exe). I have totally forgotten my password now and tried at least 30 times to open it. Unfortunately, the password was wrong and it didn't work.

Folder Lock 8.5 – Free Download.

Can somebody please tell me how can I unlock that folder? or delete this cmd.exe application from my laptop? As this folder contains very important files and I need them on an urgent basis." Folder Lock, powerful software to safeguard vital data and files, sets password protection to selected files and folders on Windows PC. It allows users to hide files, encrypt files, and even securely delete files. Many Folder Lock users have experienced the same issue, forgetting the password. If you are having the same issue or cannot open Folder Lock, even forgot your password, don't worry. In the following 2 parts, you'll learn verified solutions to remove the password from Folder Lock and restore all lost files with ease.

Folder Lock Forgot Password | Anvi Folder Locker FAQs

In this part, we'll list 3 major methods provided by, geeks from tech forums, and YouTubers:. Offered by: According to an FAQ post on, it's said that when you forgot the master password, you can still use the Serial Number that you used to register Folder Lock as the master key.

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Note: It only works when you have kept the Master Key option enabled in Password Security Settings. If you don't know how to enable the settings, contact the Folder Lock support team for help.

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Here are the steps to unlock Folder Lock with your serial key:. Open Folder Lock and click "Lock Folders". Enter your serial number in the password column, then click "OK" to unlock it. After this, you can open your locked folder and files again. Offered by: YouTubers, geeks from tech forums. Note: If you are a trial user and have a serial key, try Method 1 to directly unlock files and folders with the key. This method aims to help Folder Lock users who don't have a serial key or password.

Part 1. Unlock Folders and Files, Remove Folder Lock Password

How to Access Secure Folder without Password:. Open Registry Editor:. Click "Start", open the "Run" dialog, and type: regedit, and hit Enter. Click "Yes" to open it. Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/NewSoftware's/Folder Lock/Uninstall. Double-click "Uninstall" and change the value data from "1" to "0" and click "OK". Exit Registry Editor, open Task Manager, and end task of all running applications, programs. Go to Apps & Features, search and find "Folder Lock". Hover your mouse to Folder Lock and click "Uninstall".

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Click "Uninstall" again to confirm. Wait for the uninstalling process to finish. After this, you can directly open the previously locked folders by the Folder Lock and access your files with ease. If you want to use Folder Lock to protect your files again, you can re-download and re-install it on your PC to continue enjoying its service. Offered by: geeks from tech forums. This method aims to help Folder Lock users to remove password protection by rebooting the PC from Safe Mode and removing the folder access permission.

How Do I Lock a Specific Folder?

Note: Be careful while you are following the steps below to remove password protection. Restart Windows from Safe Boot Mode:. PressWin + R to open the "Run" dialog > Type: MSCONFIG and hit Enter. Click "Boot" in the "System Configuration"dialog. Select "Safe Boot" with minimal radio button >"OK". Click "Restart" when another dialog appears to ask you to restart Windows in Safe Mode. After restarting the computer in Safe Mode, reinstall Folder Lock. Note: After the installation of the Folder Lock, don't click the Finish button.

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