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17.1.68 Mar 20th, 2014. 16.0.76 May 30th, 2013. 14.1.137 Dec 13th, 2011. 9.0.108 Apr 21st, 2010. Find your pictures faster with the new Quick Search bar. Finding your photos is fast and easy with the new Quick Search feature.

ACDSee 15.1.197 Change Log

All you have to do is type in a word (not case sensitive), and ACDSee returns matches for that word in image captions, author information, and notes. You can also choose to include any matches found in file names, keywords, categories, and folders.

ACDSee 8 Builds

Software VersionRelease DateSize
ACDSee 1.0 for Windows 95Add info476.80 KB
ACDSee 1.0Add info476.80 KB
ACDSee 2.1Add info566.32 KB
ACDSee 2.2Add info868.16 KB
ACDSee 2.3Add info1.38 MB
ACDSee 2.4Add info1.85 MB
ACDSee 2.22Add info868.16 KB
ACDSee 2.40Add info1.85 MB
ACDSee 2.41Add info1.79 MB
ACDSee 2.42Oct 27, 19971.83 MB
ACDSee 2.43Add info1.57 MB
ACDSee 2.44 ClassicJan 1, 20003.82 MB
ACDSee 2.45 (German)Add info2.01 MB
ACDSee 3.0Add info3.94 MB
ACDSee 3.1Add info5.68 MB
ACDSee info1.79 MB
ACDSee 3.10Add info5.70 MB
ACDSee 4.01May 22, 200211.47 MB
ACDSee 4.02May 22, 200210.81 MB
ACDSee 5.0.1Add info11.11 MB
ACDSee 5.01Oct 4, 200511.11 MB
ACDSee 6.0Nov 9, 200318.66 MB
ACDSee 7.0Feb 2, 200514.87 MB
ACDSee 8.0Add info12.13 MB
ACDSee 8.1Apr 25, 200624.28 MB
ACDSee 8.1.99Apr 24, 200624.28 MB
ACDSee 9.0Mar 13, 200726.84 MB
ACDSee 9.0.108Feb 5, 200726.84 MB
ACDSee 10Jul 19, 201134.16 MB
ACDSee 10.0.219Nov 5, 200734.16 MB
ACDSee 10.0.238Add info33.93 MB
ACDSee 11.0.85Oct 1, 200838.82 MB
ACDSee 11.0.108Add info39.22 MB
ACDSee 11.0.113Feb 21, 200939.31 MB
ACDSee 12.0.342Add info59.25 MB
ACDSee 12.0.344May 26, 201059.26 MB
ACDSee 14.0.110Add info71.66 MB
ACDSee 14.1.137Add info71.71 MB
ACDSee 14.2.157Add info71.77 MB
ACDSee 14.3.168Add info71.85 MB
ACDSee 15.0.169Add info81.88 MB
ACDSee 15.1.197Add info70.18 MB
More RAW file support. If you're a real enthusiast, you can analyze even more photos in their original RAW formats.
Video slide shows with custom audio. Use the new VCD (Video Compact Disc) support to put your creative slide shows to music, and watch them on your television or PC.


VCD supports NTSC/PAL, and your saved videos can be played back in any media application. Save and reuse VCD projects, and even watch a live preview of the slide show you’re working on. Add several different slide show projects to the same CD, and conveniently burn original images to CD as well. Mix multiple audio tracks with high-resolution photo images and video into your slide shows, without the hassle of learning overly complicated software.

ACDSee 15 Builds

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ACDSee also lets you set your slide show to fit the length of any audio track using a handy timeline view.
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