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“What are the best free autotune vst plugins out there?”. When it comes to finding a great autotune VST plugin, there are some incredible options out there. There are also plenty of options that just aren’t worth your time.

Autotune VST plugins are perfect if you’re recording vocals or working with vocal samples. They can be used to create various effects, from robotic, futuristic tones to simply polishing and fine-tuning your vocals.

When searching for an autotune VST plugin, it’s important you look for a plugin that meets your production needs.

Many artists across a range of music genres use autotune to enhance their vocals, and the effect is even used during live performances.

The Best Budget-Friendly Autotune VST Plugins

So What’s the best free autotune VST?

These autotune effects are usually achieved using a VST/AU plugin with a DAW. The short answer is: yes! Granted, most of the professional autotune found in popular music most likely comes from expensive, commercial autotune VST plugins such as Antares Auto-Tune Pro ($399!).

However, nowadays there are plenty of powerful, incredible-sounding free alternatives that can be used to polish and perfect your vocal recordings. Many of these free autotune VST plugins have an impressive range of pitch parameters (such as formanting and snapping options), resulting in a surprisingly high level of control over your autotune effect.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best FREE autotune VST plugins in 2022. It’s impossible to talk about free autotune VST plugins without mentioning Graillon 2. Upon first opening the plugin, you are met with a stunning, industrial-style interface with glowing knobs and a clear, easy-to-use layout.

The exceptional GUI design makes this plugin incredibly easy to navigate. Graillion also features a central waveform display, showing the note your sound is playing, as well as displaying Graillon’s sonic alterations to the sound.

Thankfully, Graillon 2 doesn’t just look great, it also sounds sublime. By activating the Correction module, your vocal track will begin snapping to specific notes. Within this module, you can control the inertia (speed), smooth the note snapping, edit the snapping range and the strength of the correction.

Auto-Tune Evo

Honestly, this free autotune VST plugin sounds great out the box, but these controls give a lot of creative freedom over your autotune effects. Using the smooth knob and the correction amount feature, you can create a range of vocal pitch correction effects, from Cher-style, futuristic autotune, to fine-tuned, minimal adjustments.

Outside the correction module, Graillion 2 boasts several other vocal processing effects. These include pitch shifting while preserving formants, a bitcrusher section and other pitch-tracking options.

Overall, I’d say Graillion is the best free autotune VST plugins out there in 2022. MAutoPitch by MeldaProduction is another fantastic choice when it comes to free autotune VST plugins. The main pitch correction module of the plugin give you depth, detune, speed and base options.

The speed knob is perfect for determining how fast MAutoPitch responds to pitch changes in the input signal, so using a low setting will give a subtle autotune effect.

MAutoPitch also features an effects module, with dry/wet, width and formanting options. If you’re unfamiliar with formanting, it’s an interesting method of lowering the “perceived pitch” of a sound while retaining it’s true pitch.

So for example, it can be used to make a vocal recording lower and more masculine, without shifting the integral pitch of the melody.


Graillon 2 also features these formanting options, and it gives both plugins a little extra sonic flexibility. When compared to Graillon 2, I’d say Graillon 2 has a more intuitive design, and is much friendlier to beginners.

However MAutoPitch does has a few additional features, such as a stereo width adjustment and a limiter. GSnap is hailed as the first autotune VST plugin to be released for free.

Suprisingly, this free plugin is still among the best free pitch correction plugins out there. At first glance, GSnap seems to have most of the features of modern autotune plugins such as Graillon 2 and MAutoPitch.

However, one feature that definitely sets it apart is its ability to adjust notes according to your MIDI signal. For example, with other autotune plugins, you are relying on the plugins programming to detect the vocal melody and adjust the pitch accordingly.

With GSnap, you can feed the plugin MIDI notes, and GSnap will tune your sound to those MIDI sequences. Using this method can sometimes leave less room for error, as the plugin has explicit instructions on how to tune your sounds (in the form of MIDI notes).

Having said that, GSnap’s automatic pitching functionality also produces great results. This plugin comes with a couple of downsides.

GSnap – (Windows)

Firstly, it doesn’t feature some of the additional controls found with Graillon 2 or MAutoPitch such as formanting or bitcrushing. Secondly, it is only available on Windows OS. X42 Auto-Tune is a free plugin mainly designed for light pitch correction for vocal samples and recordings.

The plugin works by resampling and looping the signal, so it should be used to correct small errors and not to create heavy, robotic autotune effects. Like GSnap, it has the ability to tune the input signal based on specific MIDI notes, or you can input a fixed set of notes for the plugin to respond to.

Admittedly, X42 Auto Tune is not the best looking plugin in the world. But despite it’s appearance, it has a few extra features that really set it apart from other free autotune vst plugins. Firstly, it’s Bias parameter allows the vocals to stay on a specific note for a longer period of time, regardless of the original tuning.

This retains certain imperfections of the original sound, which helps to the give an organic, natural vocal effect. X42 Auto Tune also features a unique Offset parameter which adjusts how far the vocalist can stray from the predesigned notes (MIDI or your inputted notes).

Created way back in 2010, KeroVee is a free Japanese-made autotune plugin ideal for tweaking and fine-tuning the pitch of your vocals. Like X42 Auto Tune, it’s not the prettiest plugin out there, but provides excellent autotune functionality.

Does Auto Tune change your voice?

On the right hand side of the GUI, you can select which notes you want KeroVee to correct your vocals to. Like GSnap, you can input MIDI notes to KeroVee in real-time. One fantastic feature of KeroVee is the Nuance parameter, allowing you to retain subtle pitch changes, such as natural vibrato.

This is ideal for keeping that organic vocal sound, and “masking” the use of autotune. Unfortunately, KeroVee is Windows only. On top of that, it’s definitely not the easiest plugin to understand at first glance, and it has a noticeable learning curve. Last Updated on March 2, 2022.

From slight pitch correction to some cool robotic sounds, pitchcorrection software can be extremely useful. T-Pain made this effect very popular, but it’s also beenused by a lot of other artists such as Daft Punk, the Black Eyed Peas, andmore.

Auto-Tune can be used to achieve a lot of different effectsand you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on the Pro version of theSoftware since there are a lot of free ones available.

In this post I’ll go over the best free pitch correction plugins available for Windows, Mac and even Linux.

MAutoPitch – Windows/macOS

Now, out of all the plugins on this list, I think that the best ones are these five;. Here’s a table with the best free auto-tune plugins (I only included 5 in the table, but there’s more on the list). Let’s get started!

Related: I also wrote an Article about the best Pitch-correction/auto-tune plugins in general, not just free ones. The first thing you will notice when looking at Graillon2 is the way its interface is designed;. It has this vintage vibe to it which is just fantastic to look at, plus it is designed in such a way that makes it easy for you to navigate through the settings.

It is a very visual plugin since it has a display where youcan see the notes that are being played as well as where Grallion2 issnapping/correcting them to. This plugin is specifically designed for vocals and thepitch shifting can be smoothly adjusted from minus 12 to plus 12 semitones.

One cool feature is the “preserve formants” knob which, intheory, helps you preserve the tone and characteristics of the vocal trackwhile shifting the pitch.

In some cases, this ends up creating some issues, so makesure to play around with these settings to see what happens.

KeroVee – (Windows)

The speed knob is also pretty useful since it helps the notes “stick” a little longer, reducing the pitch correction jumps. Grallion2 also allows you to choose how fast or slow the snapping occurs, which is done by adjusting the “smooth” knob.

By adjusting the controls on the “bitcrusher” section, you should be able to achieve some interesting growl sounds. The typical controls such as dry/wet, low-cut and outputlevel adjustment are also included.

Lastly, the Pitch Correction module can be driven by MIDI, just like with GSnap. If you like the vintage look on this plugin and you need agood all-rounder, then Graillon2 may be the one for you. There is one important note though: It’s notcompletely free but rather “freemium”.

Basically, you won’t get its full functionality unless youbuy it. With the free edition you only get the “pitch shifting” and“pitch correction” features. If you want the full version then it will set you back about $25, or you may also consider Melodyne 5 Essential.

Budget yet premium Alternatives

You can download it here. If you’re looking for the best free VST plugins in the world, I have a list of 225 of them here. Melda Productions is a renowned audio plugin company that created other free plugins such as the MRing Modulator, the MFlanger, MTremolo, and more.

You can find all these plugins in another post I wrote about the best Free Modulation Plugins, should you be interested. Even Deadmau5, who is a very famous electronic musician, uses these plugins, which is a clear testament to their quality.

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