Free Blues Backing Tracks For Guitar Players

Key: EMinorGenre: Blues, Funk. Scales suggestion: E blues scale, E pentatonic minor scale. Key: AMinorGenre: Blues, Funk, FusionTempo: 105 BPM. Scales suggestion: A pentatonic minor scale, A pentatonic major scale. Key: AGenre: Blues, Funk, Groove. Modes suggestion: A mixolydian mode. Key: EGenre: Blues, FunkTempo: 115 BPM. Scales suggestion: E blues scale. Key: CGenre: Blues, Funk, Jazz. Modes suggestion: C dorian mode. Key: CGenre: Blues, Funk. Scales suggestion: C blues scale, C pentatonic major scale, C pentatonic minor scale. All Blues Guitar Backing Tracks on this page are royalty free and original, these free guitar backing tracks can be downloaded and used for any purpose, great for jamming, improving improvisation and gigs. I’m always on the look out for new guitar backing tracks. If you have anything that’s royalty free then please reach out and I’ll post on the site. I’ll give you credit for creating with a link back to your own website or social media. If you’re downloading and using any of these royalty free guitar backing tracks then please consider donating to help us continue. Even the smallest amount counts. More free Guitar Backing Tracks can be found at my Free Guitar Backing Tracks page. Listen to the latest Blues tracks released under the Sydney Backing Tracks label. Click play to listen. // Texas Blues Rock Guitar Backing Track in E Major 150 BPM. Click here to Download (742 downloads) // Melodic Blues in A minor. Click here to download (870 downloads) // Bass Guitar Backing in C-major. Click here to download (1094 downloads) // Blues Guitar Backing Track in C minor. Click here to download (1516 downloads) // 12 Bar Blues in E-major. Click here to download (1511 downloads) // Blue Grass Guitar Backing Track in F Major 100 BPM. Click here to Download (250 downloads) // 12 Bar Blues Guitar Backing Track in A Minor 130 BPM. Click here to Download (2367 downloads) // Blues Texas Guitar Backing Track in C Major 65 BPM. Click here to Download (1406 downloads) // Blues Shuffle Guitar Backing Track in D Major 110 BPM. Click here to Download (916 downloads) // Blues Slow Guitar Backing Track in C Major 70 BPM. Click here to Download (1425 downloads) . A while back I did some recording with my guys in my studio and we came out with a group of great blues jam tracks that turned into something called Ultimate Blues Jams which you can still get and I still highly recommend 🙂. So I have some free blues jam tracks (or blues backing tracks… whatever you choose to call them) for you from that collection. Not sure what to do with these? You might want to watch this video and get some ideas. If you need help getting started with soloing, I suggest something like Killer Blues Solos Made Easy… and if you want some new rhythm ideas maybe 52 Rhythm Fills & Variations would be just the ticket. (Of course, Blues Guitar Unleashed would have everything you need as well if you want to just go whole hog into it 🙂. Enjoy in good health and jam on! First one’s a shuffle in C…. Next up is a funky b Minor blues. The quintessential slow blues in G. And one of my favorites, a 2 beat feel in D. Backing Tracks Guitar Jam is a kind of music player with more than 600 backing tracks of various styles. This tool will help you hone your playing skills. This application is great for everyone wanting to master the art of improvising, soloing, scaling, and learn the instrument completely.MAIN FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICS☆ About 640 backing tracks in the constantly updating library. More than 400 of them are free! ☆ More than 30 styles and genres to satisfy any taste: rock, hard rock, blues, jazz, metal, pop, country, soul, funk, acoustic, Indie rock punk rock, reggae, etc. ☆ Tempo function.☆ Key selection.☆ Metronome.☆ Recording.☆ Scale library. Access to 2000+ scales.☆ Chord library. Access to 5000+ chords.☆ All paid tracks are supplied with chords. So are almost all free tracks! ☆ A variety of playlist sorting and filtration options.☆ Buying a new track album is very convenient: each album is supplied with a preview, description and total track length. Select a backing track2. Adjust tempo and key.3. Open the ‘Chords’ tab to view the chords used in the track and view the pentatonic diagrams for solos and improvisation.ADVICETry to memorize the track’s chords and study the pentatonic diagrams closely. Each key has five boxes! They are not really hard to remember! Finally, you should learn where each box starts for each key. In the end, you will be jamming along with any track effortlessly!WHAT IS A PENTATONIC SCALE?A pentatonic scale is one consisting of five notes, and that’s it! It is used widely in all genres and styles, and it is one of the most crucial types of scale for guitarists. There are five forms or templates (boxes) for each key. The boxes remain unchanged, except starting positions are different. Therefore, once you grasp one key, other ones will come much easier!WHAT DO DOTS IN CHORD DIAGRAMS STAND FOR?The black dots are the notes of a scale.The red dots are the root notes of the key you are using right now. For example, in C major these dots stand for Cs.Problems or feedback?We strive for excellence, and we're always eager to improve your Guitar Jam experience! Please do not post bug reports or feature requests as a review. Let us help you in person - contact developer at [email protected], and we'll do our best to meet your requests. has thousands of tracks available to you across multiple genres and artists. All of the tracks here are completely free to stream or download to help you practice your guitar playing! These tracks have been created by the GuitarVoice community of musicians to help people like you progress, and enjoy the incredible gift of music. They have done this with a generous spirit and without any compensation, and accordingly, you may find varying degrees of music production quality across the library of backing tracks. No other site offers so many free backing tracks and lets you download them without requiring any kind of purchase. These backing tracks are available to use for private, personal use for instructional and research purposes. If you need to acquire licensing for use of popular music in your commercial projects, or live performances for example, you will need to obtain legal permission from a licensing agency. A backing track is an audio recording of a song that features primarily the rhythm instruments. Typically, there is no vocal track, and no obvious melody or lead/solo instruments in order to help students play and practice on top of the rhythm section without being distracted or having to compete with the lead instruments and vocals. It’s also a great tool for learning the styles of well-known musicians, and emulating their solos. Imitating is a great way to learn new songs initially, but to truly master a song, at some point, we all need to learn it and commit to memory without relying on having to play along with a section, solo, or bit. is designed to work on desktop and mobile browsers. Although some apps provide convenient, and easy experiences to find backing tracks and play along, we recommend being very cautious and protective of the data you share with mobile apps and sites. Our guitar backing track player is under development for improvements in controlling the playback of our songs, and also to improve how easy it is to discover the songs you want or would be interested in. Our simple media player is designed to make it a breeze for you to play, pause, and scrub through the track so you can have a great experience practicing along. One way we recommend practicing guitar along with the backing tracks are to play along with the song and chord progressions – to essentially act as part of the rhythm section. Another way is to develop advanced lead and soloing skills by applying riffs and scales to play and jam along with the backing tracks. You can learn an awesome solo and perform that just like your guitar hero does. Or you can use your creativity and compose your own leads to go with the backing tracks – either precomposed and rehearsed, or totally improvised like the great jazz and blues players. Either way as long as you’re enjoying the music, you’re doing it right! No doubt, we believe is the best backing track website. We’ve worked hard to create an extensive library and keep it freely available to growing musicians over the past 10 years or so. And we are working on improving the experience so you can be free to create and practice the best you can. We think we are the best website for guitar backing tracks. But we’ve also compiled a really long list for you to use as a resource of all of the guitar backing tracks online. You can check it out here. Home»Backing tracks»Blues»Tracks missing Guitar. showing results:. Meter: 4/4 Tempo: 160 BPM . Meter: 4/4 Tempo: 85 BPM . Sounds like:Shi mradam god flesh and stone vocals drums bass . Tempo: 112 BPM Musical key: C major . Keys: PriscillaDrums: MrAdamOnDrumsBass: jmrukkers. Keys: PriscillaDrums: MrAdamOnDrumsBass: jmrukkersVocals: Telemetry. Sounds like:Blues 12 bar G# . Tempo: 112 BPM Musical key: A major .
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