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iSpring Cam Pro . Create professional-looking video courses, how-to videos, and software tutorials.

A free and efficient screen-recording software

With iSpring Cam Pro, you can create screencasts and quickly train employees to work with business software.

Now, an inventory management app or that new ERP won’t be a tough nut to crack. Quickly produce narrated tutorials to explain complex topics in detail and keep the learner's attention focused during the lesson.

You can record your entire screen, capture a certain area, or simply select an app window. To add more context and explain a topic in detail, record a narration using a microphone.

Record sound effects to fully demonstrate an app’s behavior or add some music to make a video more engaging.

Draw attention to your actions on the screen — highlight a cursor and add click sounds.

Add a personal touch to your online training: complement a screencast with a presenter video.

For example, put yourself in your CRM tutorial to comment on what’s happening on the screen.
04/01/2022 Microsoft 企业应用版 - zh-cn 16.0.14931.20132
04/01/2022 IjroOffice 1
04/01/2022 DevManView 1.76
04/01/2022 Webcam and Screen Recorder 8.1.459
04/01/2022 Aml Maple 6.34
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Help employees quickly learn the ropes of an app and add a visual hint for each step so they can easily repeat your actions.
03/31/2022 New O&O ShutUp10++ 1.9.1427 available for download
03/30/2022 Chrome 100.0.4896.60 available
03/29/2022 Windows 11 update KB5011563 patch released
03/28/2022 Chrome update to version 99.0.4844.84 available
03/24/2022 Firefox 98.0.2 update available
  • Record an expert-led video and highlight key concepts to boost retention and provide an engaging "live" training experience.
  • Drag-and-drop videos, annotations, shapes, and images right onto the canvas to produce professional-looking videos in next to no time.
  • Mix videos and support them with music or a voiceover.
  • Plus, you can trim or delete fragments, split videos, or merge them together.
  • Create videos with intro slides and titles.
  • You can add images or create visual hints, infographics, and captions to help viewers retain the information.
  • Apply transition effects to remove abrupt cuts and create polished videos that are exciting to watch.
  • If tracking audience activity is optional for you, share your training videos on YouTube.
  • You can publish your freshly made videos to your channel in just one click.
  • Get a free iSpring Cam Pro trial and start creating screencasts and video tutorials.
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