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The game that started the C&C series and introduced the world to GDI, Nod, Kane, Tiberium and Mammoth tanks!

The prequel to C&C that introduced Tesla Coils, Tanya and the alternate history war between the Allies and Soviets. The remake of one of the first RTS games ever made "Dune 2". Featuring the return of spice and sandworms.

The sequel to C&C that featured a high tech battle between GDI and Nod as they fight over the ever evolving Tiberium. The alternate sequel to RA with even more wacky weapons and the introduction of mind control to the series. The expansion pack for Red Alert 2 that introduces Yuri's faction and even more powerful mind control devices.

Fancy something a little different from the original games?

Dawn of the Tiberium Age is a stand-alone game that combines Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert, with GDI, Nod, Allies and the Soviets fighting on the same battlefields.

Mental Omega is a large free unofficial expansion pack for Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge.

Featuring challenging missions as well many new units. A massive stand-alone total conversion of Tiberian Sun featuring a new story, campaigns and tons of new units.

The Allies and the Soviets have rearmed with new weapons of war, each poised to destroy the other.

Play this newly released Yuri's Revenge Mod. Allies, Soviets and Yuri along with GDI and Nod from Tiberian Sun fighting on the same battlefield. Introducing Asia and GLA in Yuri's Revenge, with beautiful visuals, unique features, enhanced gameplay, ported and new campaigns.

  • Fans of the Command & ConquerRTS games can play the classic title that started it all for free on the web.
  • Learn where to download the original Command & Conquer.
  • The original 1995 version of Command & Conquer can still be found on some third-party websites, but playing it will require the use of a DOS emulator such as DOSBox.

The edition that was released in 2007 by Electronic Arts is no longer hosted or available on EA's website; however, offers the latest and greatest free version of Command & Conquer for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X, and Linux.

This free version of Command & Conquer includes both single-player campaigns and a multiplayer game mode.

It also features improvements to the game's code to support high-resolution graphics, improved speed, chat, and a map editor.

These are your best choices for enjoying the classic Command & Conquer experience:.

At, you can download a free version of Command & Conquer for your specific operating system.

At BestOldGames, you can download a ROM of C&C Gold Version for DOS.

Command & Conquer (1995) - Command & Conquer Goldgame597.4 MB2/18/2014137.9K216
Command & Conquer (1995) - GDIgame580.8 MB6/30/202141.3K76
Command & Conquer (1995) - OpenRA v.20210321mod26.4 MB6/9/20215.2K17
Command & Conquer (1995) - Cameo v.0.27game333.6 MB1/13/202294916
Command & Conquer (1995) - NODgame565.1 MB6/30/202129.5K9
Command & Conquer (1995) - Huge C&C1 Mappacks Treasuremod77.4 MB12/15/20177026
Command & Conquer (1995) - Command & Conquer - Combined Arms - v.0.73mod202.4 MB7/7/20211.3K5
Command & Conquer (1995) - C&C Windows XP patchpatch14.5 KB9/4/200721.5K4
Command & Conquer (1995) - Red Alert: Unplugged v.0.36.1mod8.8 MB2/20/20198073
Command & Conquer (1995) - Tiberian Dawn Apolyton v.158mod34.5 MB9/18/20191.3K2
Command & Conquer (1995) - TiberianDawn Onlinemod17.4 MB5/18/201516.1K2
Command & Conquer (1995) - Medieval Warfare v.2018726mod25.9 MB9/11/20199072
Command & Conquer (1995) - Over Powered Mod v.r019mod17.7 MB11/3/20175181
Command & Conquer (1995) - OpenRA: The Great War v.0.23 alphamod2.9 MB4/26/20172.8K1
Command & Conquer (1995) - Command & Conquer - Tiberian Origins v.0.87dmod67.3 MB7/15/20187821
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