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Fonts are an important part of your site typography. Fonts that are too fancy can be hard to read, while too plain ones can be outright boring. That’s why you should focus on choosing a font that’s legible yet appealing.

Free Retro and Vintage Fonts

  • Selecting the right font style can provide an attractive appearance and preserve the aesthetic value of your content.
  • It plays a vital role in setting the overall tone of your website, and ensures a great user experience.
  • FontSpace is your home for designer-centered, legitimate, and clearly licensed free fonts.
  • You can use our font generator to create fonts that are easy to copy and paste into your website, social media profiles, and more.
  • All you have to do is type some text into the input box.
  • You can change the font size of the previews via the slider next to the input box.
  • You also have the option to change the foreground color.
  • Above, you’ll see 15 of our handpicked free downloadable fonts for every month.
  • But you can access 1000s of more fonts—from cursive fonts to cool fonts and other trendy styles.
  • FontSpace lets you generate different font styles using a large range of Unicode characters.
  • Text fonts are a crucial part of your branding design, but ironically, this aspect of branding is usually overlooked.
  • You can create excellent illustrations, images, and other graphic content but if the font on your site or in your branded assets is less than rocking, it could easily turn a reader away.
  • When designing your brand identity, you must use a consistent set of fonts, each with a specific purpose.
  • Make sure the fonts are legible.
  • They are needed for headings, titles, subtitles, and body text in any collateral or online materials.
  • Consider the weight and size of each font, along with the style.
  • Make sure that the different choices you select are harmonious with one another.
  • Choose a style that is different from your competitors and translates the personality of your brand.
  • And, most importantly, the font you select should always be easy on the eyes.
  • Nobody likes working with copy that requires squinting to read.
  • Get started with FontSpace today and find fonts that are sure to match the look you’re going for!
  • Founded in 2006, FontSpace is a designer-centered font website that has quick customizable previews and hassle-free downloads.
  • Every font is added and categorized by a real person.
  • Each font is reviewed by a FontSpace moderator, checked for font quality issues, and licenses are verified.
  • With an ever-increasing amount of unethical font websites available, we strive to be THE source for legitimate and clearly licensed fonts.
  • Download and install custom fonts to use with Office ...

    Note: To embed fonts in a Microsoft Office Word document or PowerPoint presentation, see Embedding fonts on the PPTools site. Locate custom fonts on the Web In addition to acquiring and using fonts installed with other applications, you can download fonts from the Internet.

  • Add a font - Word -

    Add a font One way you can change the style of a document is by adding a new text font. To add a font to Word, download and install the font in Windows, where it will become available to all Office applications. Fonts come as files, and there are many sites on the Internet where you can download free fonts, such as DaFont.

  • How to Download and Change Default Fonts in Microsoft Word

    On top of that, you can customize the Word document with dozens of fonts. If that’s not enough for you, one can also download fonts, install them in Office apps, and set them as default on software...

  • microsoft word Fonts Free Download - OnlineWebFonts.COM

    Microsoft Uighur was designed by Mamoun Sakkal exclusively for Microsoft as a text typeface for the Uighur language. It follows the Persian type examples as done traditionally with Uighur fonts. It is enhanced for legibility in small sizes.

  • How To Add New Fonts To Microsoft Word

    Follow these next steps to easily add the font to Microsoft Word. In your file manager, click on file of your downloaded font. At the top right, click on Extract All. Choose the location you want the extracted file to be saved to.

  • What is the Best Microsoft Word Cursive Font? - Solve Your ...

    The best Microsoft Word cursive font is something that is going to vary based on personal preference, so it’s hard to consider any specific font as the “best” one. There are a few Microsoft Word cursive fonts that are available by default, but you also have the ability to install your own fonts.

  • How to install new fonts in Microsoft Office | Windows Central

    To use new fonts in Microsoft Word or another Office app using a file, use these steps: Open File Explorer. Browse to the folder with the font files. Quick tip: If you downloaded the font on a ...

  • List of typefaces included with Microsoft Windows - Wikipedia

    This is a list of typefaces shipped with Windows 3.1x through Windows 10. Typefaces only shipped with Microsoft Office or other Microsoft applications are not included. The "First Windows version" column indicates the first edition of Windows in which the font was included.

  • Font library - Typography | Microsoft Docs

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Whether you are a professional graphics designer, crafter, hobbyist, teacher, or student, we hope you enjoy the fonts here. At FontSpace, we pay attention to the fine print.

As such, we only provide fonts that are licensed and fully authorized for use.

    • However, there are a lot of font websites operating under false pretenses and, unfortunately, offer fonts that are not actually licensed.
    • As a result, there is a potential for lawsuits or other legal action.
  1. To avoid this, be sure to use FontSpace for all your font needs.
    • FontSpace has a mission devoted to keeping people from experiencing font licensing issues.
    • We aim to be a space that inspires creativity across the internet.
    • In addition, we also believe that creativity can flourish in a space devoted to ethical practices and solutions.
    • With that in mind, we try to offer the best selection of fully licensed and fonts for your everyday use--whatever that may be!
    • Rounded Sans Serif 7.
    • The best website for free high-quality Word fonts, with 29 free Word fonts for immediate download, and ➔ 112 professional Word fonts for the best price on the Web.
    • World WordHideShow.
    • Trufla WordsHideShow.
    • TQF_Word TrainHideShow.
    • TQF_WordTrain, RegularHideShow.
    • Yes:Time WordHideShow.
    • BN CUWordHideShow.
    • Yes:TimeWord, RegularHideShow.
    • Mcs Letter Word5 StylesHideShow.
    • Words Of LoveHideShow.
    • Words are but windHideShow.
    • Carolyna WordsHideShow.
    • Ghost WordsHideShow.
    • Larou WordsHideShow.
    • Last Words3 StylesHideShow.
    • Arcangelo's WordsHideShow.
    • Emily Lime WordsHideShow.
    • I Know From WordsHideShow.
    • Roicamonta WordsHideShow.
    • We Are The WordHideShow.
    • FD WordplayHideShow.
    • There can only be one Beaver ImHideShow.
    • Social Networking IconsHideShow.
    • MTF DoodlewhatsHideShow.
    • Title WaveHideShow.
    • Please note: If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font.
    • Free fonts often have not all characters and signs, and have no kerning pairs (Avenue ↔ A venue, Tea ↔ T ea).
    • Check it for free with Typograph.
    • PH Icons Word Black.
    • Word From Radio Regular.
    • Cruller Regular.
    • Word From Radio.
    • KG Math Bar Models.
    • Clobber Grotesk.
    • Best price value packs.
    • Glamwords Complete Family.
    • URW Wordsworth Volume.
    • Excalibur Sword Family Pack.
    • Wildwords-Intl Complete Family Pack.
    • Fighting Words Complete Family Pack.
    • Sorted by family.
    • Mamute Catchwords.
    • Buffalo Circus Catchwords.
    • Wordy Diva Regular.
    • Samantha Script.

Charcuterie Catchwords. Wordplay Regular. Excalibur Sword. Brixton FY Catchwords. Nexa Rust Extras Words. Cottingley Word Begin. Ad Words Regular. Bradstone Parker Words. Excalibur Sword Thrust. PIXymbols Crossword Regular. Wild Words Lower Intl. Macarons Catchwords. Holiday and Party Words Regular. Gratitude Script Words.

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