Free Ip Booter Programs

A free IP stresser is one of the best tools online to check the robustness of your resources.

Over the past few years, companies have been using stressing tools to test servers or network. It provides administrators invaluable insights on their preparedness in extreme conditions.

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While there are a dozen of options available on the market, we recommend that you go for a free version before paying for anything. There are some good, free IP stressers that can provide vaulable information. Our team tested some of these best tools and have come up with options that you would like to take a look at.

1. Instant Stresser

Instant Stresser is one of the most sought-after free testing tools. With years of experience in the IP Stresser and IP booter market, this tool is great for companies of all sizes. It is developed as an easy-to-use product with free capabilities and up to 1000 Gbit/s capacity to test your system for the most unfavorable conditions.

  • Free version
  • 1000 Gbit/s capacity
  • Fully responsive
  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 attacks
  • Customized stressing
  • 24/7 support on chat, telegram and support ticket center

Instant Stresser has been in the business for over 5 years now.


2. Stress Them

This next generation free IP stresser is always online. Stress Them is loaded with 1000 Gbit/s capacity and comes with a free trial package that can offer most features of the product. It was initially designed for simulating small DDoS attacks but today even enterprises across the world use Stress Them to test the robustness of their network and servers.

  • 1000 Gbit/s capacity
  • Unlimited attacks per day
  • Concurrent attack capability
  • Layer 4 methods
  • Up to 4 hours of attack time

Currently, this stressing tool does not offer attack on Layer 7.

3. Free Stresser

If you are really looking for a best IP stresser without paying for the premium plans, Free Stresser is a great choice. You just need to enter the server’s IP address and press launch to see if your server is vulnerable to UDP flood. You can fix the firewall rules multiple times while using this tool as a testing mechanism.

  • Quick and anonymous
  • Up to 15 free tests daily
  • Perfect for UDP flood
  • 1000 Gbit/s capacity

Free Stresser is truly the best tool when you do not want to pay for the IP stress service.

4. XYZ Booster

XYZ Booster is one of the newer products on the market. They endorse the product as ‘Legal DDoS for Hire’ with Layer 4 and 7 attacks simulations. Running under HTTPS(SSL) encryption, this tool offers a variety of plans for companies of all sizes. It has up to 250-300 Gbps attack capacity and up to 12000(s) of stress time.

  • 25+ advanced attack methods
  • 24/7 support
  • Layer 4 TCP attack methods
  • Layer 4 UDP attack methods
  • Layer 7 attacks
  • Parallel attacks

XYZ Booster is perfect for companies with high capacity and customization IP stressing requirements.

5. IP Stresser

With more than 7 years in the business, IP Stresser offers everything you need to simulate DDoS attacks. It has multiple Layer 4 and Payer 7 scripts to ensure thorough testing. This tool promises at least 99% of the output power of your stress tests, which no other tool on this list can offer. All members get up to 200 Mbps for 300 seconds in the first free account.

  • Dedicated Servers
  • DRDoS
  • UDP
  • UDP-Lag
  • SYN
  • RUDY
  • Slowloris
  • ARME
  • Custom Scripts
  • Custom Source Code

Even the paid plans of this product are reasonable.

Everything You Need to Know ABout IP Stressers

Choosing the right type of IP stressing tool can make or break your product. We are going to help you understand more about the best IP stressers in this guide.

What is an IP stresser?

An IP stresser is a tool designed to check or test the server/network. The system administrator runs this tool to understand if their product can handle the stress. Many security experts also use IP stressers to simulate attack conditions on resources (bandwidth, CPU, etc.).

Illegitimate usage of such tools on unauthorized systems is a cybercrime.

What is a booter?

Booter is an illegal use of the IP stresser. Hackers use it to launch DDoS attacks on unaware attacks in order to bring them down. Booters often hide their identity through proxy servers.

However, many people also call legal IP stressing tools as booters.

What is the best free booter?

There are many free IP stressing tools or booters. Here is a list of the top 5

Free Ip Booter Ddos

Is IP Stressing illegal?

Yes, IP stressing or booting on systems that you do not own is illegal. You should not run such services on unauthorized web resources. It is a cybercrime.

Free Ip Booter For Xbox

Is DDoSing yourself illegal?

Best Ip Booter Free

No, you can safely DDoS your own web resources. However, IP stressing or booting on systems that you do not own is illegal

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