Free Pc Audit

Free PC Audit is a diagnostic tool that collects data on three different aspects of your system.
Results are available from the 3 different tabs: System information, installed software and running processes.
Free PC Audit can run smoothly from a USB key, providing data that includes the serial number of Windows, shared resources and programs that start with Windows like the msconfig utility.
Its usefulness is limited, since you can not edit any values %u200B%u200Bor print reports.

Nevertheless, it provides information quickly and with a little know-how, values can be changed with built-in Windows applications like msconfig. This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from hardware diagnostic software without restrictions.

Free PC Audit 5.0 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows. E-Z Audit offers you a complete PC audit solution that's designed to make your job as an IT admin much easier. With E-Z Audit can go from installation to ready-to-audit your network in 10-minutes or less.

Network Inventory Tool Windows XP to Windows 11 for PC software and hardware audits

  • E-Z Audit will inventory more than other PC audit tools – you can find VBScript, PowerShell and even batch files.
    Inventory DLL, OCX, SYS files – you can choose whatever is of interest to you! E-Z Audit will also inventory documents, images, video - any file type extension you want.
    • E-Z Audit can also audit via USB stick in an enterprise context and can be used to audit PCs and servers in an air-gapped networks.
    • There are various reasons you may want to make a quick assessment of your computer’s capabilities, and if you want your analysis to include both its hardware and its software, resorting to a software utility might be a good idea.
  • Free PC Audit is an application that offers to do just that for you since it prompts you a wide array of information about your PC, all in an intuitive GUI.
    First things first, it need be mentioned that the program sports an approachable user interface that does not bank on the idea of interactivity.
    • However, that was to be expected, given the informative nature of the app.
    • All the details it extracts are grouped into three categories, namely “System,” “Software,” and “Processes.”.
  • The first one bundles various details such as the installed operating system, the Windows product ID and key, your IP address, and system type.
    Then, you can also stumble upon parameters such as the motherboard, chassis, processor, physical memory, printer, multimedia, network adapter, and more, each of them being associated with short descriptions.
    • As for the “Software” section, it is where you need to go if you want to check all the installed programs along with specifications such as version, product key, publisher, install date, and size.
    • Even though at first sight this category seems neatly organized, some users might by a bit disappointed that the listed apps lack their original icons and that it is not possible to filter the software based on any parameter.
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