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Although QuickBooks currently costs money after their 30-day free trial, some business owners have figured out how to get it for free. There are some illegal options, like torrenting the software.

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Or, there some extremely complicated options, like signing up for a new free trial every 30 days. But why not skip all that and go where lots of business owners are going? Consider ZipBooks, a completely free alternative to QuickBooks. It’s basically a user-friendly, simpler cloud accounting software designed to regulate your cash flow to get you paid faster.

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ZipBooks has really professional-looking invoices you can send to your client’s inbox. And you can also track client info, hours, and project work online. We’ll be completely honest with you — if you’re 100% set on QuickBooks for free (and legal), you’re out of luck. Though there are methods of pirating the software, we don’t recommend any of them.

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Not only are they illegal, they’re also dangerous. In many cases, it’s far too easy to download malicious files, viruses, or other malware that could permanently damage or compromise your computer. On the other hand, if you’re willing to think just a bit outside the QuickBooks box, we really think ZipBooks is worth a look. It gives you online access to invoicing, time tracking, and project management from any device that supports the internet. And it’s free, very user-friendly, and protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. Occasionally you can find a coupon for QuickBooks — if you’re very lucky. However, even if it’s still an active coupon, you’ll eventually have to pay the same monthly fee as everyone else.

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And QuickBooks coupons often bundle multiple softwares, so you end up paying for a second or third product that you’ll hardly use. Finally, even if you decide to fork out the money for QuickBooks, QuickBooks wasn’t made for you — it was made for your accountant. The sign-up process is complicated and frankly annoying. However, ZipBooks only requires your email and you’re in. And while it takes a few days or weeks to get acquainted with QuickBooks, it takes no time at all to become very comfortable with tracking your business on ZipBooks, our free QuickBooks alternative.

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Worth a try, don’t you think? Tim is Founder and CEO of ZipBooks. He keeps his desk really nice and neat. QuickBooks is the most widely used small business accounting software, through which businesses manage their revenue and expenses and keep track of their company's financial health. It can perform several functions ranging from paying clients to other finance-related functions. QuickBooks has a wide range of choices that are appropriate for everybody, from a freelancer to a midsized business. Understanding QuickBooks is crucial for every QuickBooks user who wants to work on payroll. The understanding of this starts with knowing the impotence of the QuickBooks serial Key.

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When you purchase QuickBooks, you will be given a numerical key. Before we delve into how to find your QuickBooks Serial Key, you need to be aware of the many reasons why you need to find the Product Key. For starters, there are instances when you need to identify your license number and product number in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. It is vital for any form of reorganization(Changing or relocation of your data to a new computer) to locate and save your QuickBooks license key.

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QuickBooks data continuity is necessary even if the process only comprises reinstalling the application or installing it on a new machine. Losing a piece of your company's operations and data might be devastating. In some cases, obtaining illegal QuickBooks product keys can lead to legal actions.

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If you don't have your QuickBooks product key saved or somehow can’t recall the numbers, this guide will lead you through six practical methods to retrieve it. The 6 methods we would use to recover your QuickBooks Product Key include:. The methods listed above are all effective in aiding you to retrieve your QuickBooks product key. However, from our experience, we discovered that the most efficient and stress-free methods to go about this recovery are by making use of the QuickBooks Online Site, QuickBooks Desktop Site, or the EaseUS Key Finder.

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Let's look into the details of each method;. EaseUS Key Finder is a Desktop product key finding software that lets you scan and find Windows product keys, missing browser accounts and passwords, WiFi codes. Apart from this, you can use EaseUS Key Finder to recover software products or serial keys. This is why it is our number one pick to retrieve your QuickBooks Serial Keys.

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It transfers a big amount of software with ease and never leaves anything behind. This is the major edge EaseUS has over its competitors. Click "Application" tab under "Registry Key". View Applications Registry Keys on the right panel. EaseUS Key Finder will show all keys of installed software. Copy the targeted serial numbers. Also, you can click "Print" or "Save". In short, to exploit its multiple uses, it is paramount you install the EaseUS Key Finder software on your computer. If you have QuickBooks Desktop, start the program and use the F2 key to see your license number. This will bring up the Product & Information window. When you create a QuickBooks Online company file, QuickBooks assigns it a unique Company ID. Your Quickbooks Online firm ID is a 16-digit identity that is unique to your company.

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It gives you access to your products and services. This user-specific Company ID only applies to your QuickBooks Online file. Regardless of this, Intuit Support will require your Company ID for any support-related inquiries. When you work on your QuickBooks Online corporate file, click "ALT + CTRL + /".

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The window below will appear, with your Company ID at the top. When you buy it online, you will receive an email with the code. If you buy it offline, the code is provided with the installation CD. If you misplace the letter or the offline copy, you must find the QuickBooks validation code in the registry. When installing and registering the software on your system, the validation code is required. It is also required for future improvements. This guide will walk you through the whole process of finding QuickBooks validation code in the Windows registry. STEP 1: To start the QuickBooks Desktop program, double-click its icon on your PC. STEP 2: When the program launches, use the F2 key to get to the Product Information page. STEP 3: Use the F3 key to access the Tech Help section.

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