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Have you ever come across a software that helps in analyzing the risks of business and also the effectiveness in the internal control of the organization?
Companies need to be audited to find out the internal and external errors.
Audits are an important and essential part of every company.
It is necessary for every company to undergo auditing as it helps in understanding the detailed analysis of whether the internal and external factors are complying to the board rules or not.

With the help of an Audit Management Software, the entire auditing process gets simplified. This software run audits at any time with any desired frequency. Audits are scheduled across different departments simultaneously without having any conflicts.

Internal Audit Software provides simple ways to conduct complex auditing. With support to auditors, this software helps in understanding and giving detailed feedback about the company. It helps in automating the process for an auditor.

What is the best software for Audit Management?

  • Audit Management Software reminds the auditors when an audit is due.
    It allows auditors to make amendments when the program is running. From generating detailed feedback to making alterations, this software works efficiently to understand the needs of the company.
    • If your company is in the requirement of this software and you are looking to know more about it and are considering owning one, you should have a detailed look into the reviews below by SoftwareWorld on each audit management software.
    • Our Score 99/100.
  • About MetricStream Audit Management : MetricStream is flexible, supportive and a comprehensive audit management solution.
    The software handles a wide range of audit-related activities, that includes internal audit, operational audit, supplier audits, quality audits and IT audits.
    • MetricStream is equipped with advanced capabilities like built-in remediation, email-based notification, risk assessing methodologies, and various such functionalities to implement best audit functioning and integration.
    • MetricStream Audit Management Features : Audit Planning, Compliance Management, Dashboard, Issue Management, Risk Assessment.
  • “Leveraging the MetricStream technology will improve efficiencies and performance, by enabling enhanced collaboration, streamlining information gathering, and creating clear visibility for our internal audit program.” – Michelle Lamberton.
    Company Size: 1001 – 5000. Not provided by vendor. Free Trial: Yes. Our Score 98/100.
    • About Intelex Audits Management software : Streamlining, planning and strategically organizing audit reports are important for the smooth functioning of the business.
    • Integrate Intelex audit management software to store, manage, and centralize business data.
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