Free Thermal Modeling Software

One outcome of intelligent control and autonomy research is useful, cutting-edge software tools that support the development, modeling, analysis, and testing of advanced/intelligent control designs and systems health management capabilities. Many of these software tools have been made available to the public through NASA’s software and GitHub websites.

Unsteady Combustion Modeling Tools

The publicly available software tools highlighted here support control system design and analysis, systems health management, propulsion system modeling, unsteady combustion modeling, and propulsion component modeling.

Control System Design & Analysis

Systems Analysis is typically done with steady-state performance in mind. However, for complex systems such as aircraft engines, the capability to meet transient performance requirements over a wide operating envelope and a long operating life is critical.

Dynamic Systems Analysis (DSA) tools and techniques have been developed which can be used to evaluate competing configurations and technologies from the perspective of being able to meet transient performance, operational life and safety requirements.

Systems Health Management Tools

The Tool for Turbine Engine Closed-loop Transient analysis (TTECTrA) was developed as an initial step for DSA of turbofan engines.

Propulsion Component and Other Modeling Tools

TTECTrA is an open-source software tool developed in the MATLAB/Simulink environment. The purpose of this tool is to provide the user a preliminary estimate of the transient performance of an aircraft engine without the need to design a full nonlinear controller.

It is anticipated that more efficient engine designs will result by accounting for the dynamic performance capability early in the engine design stage.

Propulsion System Modeling Tools

The TTECTrA generic closed-loop architecture. The Setpoint, PI controller, Accel Limiter, and Decel Limiter subsystems are designed by the TTECTrA controller, whereas the Actuator and Pre-Filter subsystems are user-defined.

and Zinnecker, A.M., “Tool for Turbine Engine Closed-Loop Transient Analysis (TTECTrA) Users’ Guide,” NASA/TM-2014-216663, June 2014.

Compressible Flow Toolbox

and Zinnecker, A.M., “Application of the Tool for Turbine Engine Closed-loop Transient Analysis (TTECTrA) for Dynamic Systems Analysis,” AIAA 2014-3975, AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum, Cleveland, OH, June 28-30, 2014.

The TTECTrA tool can be downloaded directly from the NASA GitHub Repository. The Extended Testability Analysis (ETA) Tool software was developed to extend the testability analysis capabilities of Qualtech Systems Inc.’s Testability Engineering And Maintenance System (TEAMS) Designer software.

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