Funny Police Sketch

We know eye witnesses aren't always reliable, but police composite sketches almost never really look like the perpetrator. Remember the Unabomber?

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He looked nothing like the stylish, mustachioed, aviator-wearing hoodlum he was made out to be. All kidding aside, these are some of the worst police sketches we have ever seen. Whether they look like they were drawn by a third-grader or one of the guys in Times Square who does the big-headed caricatures, if anyone should be arrested, it's the artist responsible.

The life of a police sketch artist is a stressful and interesting one, to say the least. Their job is an integral part in the investigative process. While there have been many success stories regarding the accuracy of a police sketch, this list showcases the pictures that exist along the fringes of what would be considered "good police work."

These really bad police sketches take the cake as far as horrific and laughable renderings of supposedly human faces.

2. This police sketch looks like a caricature.

3. Why does this guy look like he's just seen his dream gift?

4. This is the most accurate illustration ever!

5. Oh, wow. Looks pretty much the same.

6. Good job, guys! A perfect caricature.

7. Oh, stop it. A man with this hair can't be a criminal.

8. you think he's planning an alien invasion?

9. Oh, wow! No doubt they'll catch him in a flash!

11. The "triangular face" has never been a more accurate description.

13. E.T., is that you?

14. They found him! I thought no magic was allowed outside of Hogwarts.

15. Hurry up! This guy's losing shape.

17. He looks like the Megamind's nephew.

18. They got him! Oh, no, just my imagination.

19. I love when the artists sign their masterpieces!

20. Hey, what's the number of your hairdresser?

21. This guy is so...angular.

24. The girl on the left has obviously come from a Tim Burton movie.

26. Oh, thanks. I'll be seeing these teeth in tonight's nightmare.

27. Excuse me, have you seen a cartoon criminal over here?

Just how ridiculous and bizarre can the worst police sketches actually get?

From what looks like a child's "artwork" to some incredibly awful computer composites, these police sketches aren't helping anyone catch these culprits.
A CARTOON-like police sketch of a suspected thief actually helped catch him, despite the image being mercilessly mocked on social media.
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