Galletto V54 Windows 10

Here are FGTech Galletto Windows 10 installation tips and guides, including how to solve FGTech error “driver is not digitally signed”.
It’s possible that the PC cannot recognize the device, after you have installed Setup.exe in Windows 8 and made it connected by the USB cable. The reason can be: the driver is not installed.
If you try to install the driver manually through the peripheral management it will display the following error message: This driver is not digitally signed.
It’s possible to solve the program in Windows 7 operation system. Even if it does not accept the driver manually, you can disable the control if the driver signing. Reboot the PC in an advanced mode. On Desktop, open the Charm Bar to the right can click on Change PC Settings. Click on General – Restart now. PC will restart in an advanced mode. On windows 10, it will appear the following interface. Click on Troubleshoot – Advanced options – Startup Settings – Restart. PC restarts, then go to Startup settings. Disable driver signature enforcement. PC will restart. Then you can install the FGTech driver. Galletto V54 Windows 10 64 bit Review:. i have probation galletto on windows 10 64 bits and work s good.
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