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7 years ago

made this in January and it’s my first time releasing my own music, and one of the first songs I’ve included with my voice (bc I can’t really sing) I’m just gonna grow a pair of balls and post this bc it’s been sitting in my library collecting dust lmk what y’all think(

So I have looked around out curiosity and peeped that GarageBand 2020 has gotten a lot better. Last time I checked for the software was years back and it’s gotten way better. I’m switching from Mac to PC and as a logic user for recording, I’d like to know of any ways to download GarageBand 2020 for PC.

Especially due to the fact that they now look almost identical to each other 😂. I’ve looked around and there seems to be some ways but I thought I’d hit up this subreddit to hear some thoughts.

Appreciate any help!
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