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Go do a google search for ‘free GarageBand loops’ right now. It’s cool, i’ll wait…. I’m sure you noticed the huge number of places you can grab new samples from, the problem being that you just don’t know if what you’re downloading is good quality or even if it’s compatible with GarageBand. Whether you can’t quite find a loop that sounds just right for your project or you just feel like the existing loops have simply lost their lustre, I guarantee you’ll ask yourself this question at some point in your GarageBand career:.

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‘Where can I get more loops?’. It certainly ranks up there as one of the questions people ask me the most. I’ve dredged through enough crappy, useless free download loop samples in my time to know that when you find a resource that provides consistently great quality audio samples, you stick with them. Which is where these guys come in….

In the video below I share three of my favourite places on the web to download high quality and completely free loops, samples and sound effects for use in GarageBand:. Is a popular music making software GarageBand online free used by both amateurs and professionals around the world. The app is very easy to operate and is especially good for those who are looking to make music without having to use a lot of expensive equipment. Has a large library of sounds and loops to choose from and a wide variety of instruments to play with.

Is a powerful music-creation application GarageBand Mac OS X that lets anyone with a Mac and a little imagination create songs in a variety of styles with professional results. With a wide variety of instruments and a full set of recording and editing tools, GarageBand Windows is a complete tool for turning your musical ideas into a polished sound.


iTunes has been media player of choice for years. Application allows playback of music stored on your computer or stored in the iTunes store. Is a music composition app that is primarily designed for musicians.


With GarageBand app, you have access to hundreds of instruments, loops, other music to compose your own music. Is one of the music creation applications for Mac OS. It is an application that allows you to create music with your computer. The application is made by Apple Inc. is available for purchase on the Mac App Store.

Is used by musicians, composers, producers to make music, podcasts, and live performances. It includes all of features that are needed for editing songs. Interface of download GarageBand free is divided into 3 major sections: “tracks” section, “instruments” section, “mixer” section. Tracks section is where you add tracks and loops, the instruments section is where you add instruments.


Mixer section is where you add effects to your tracks. Interface is very intuitive and easy to use. The menus are all very easy to find, there are many tutorials to help you get started. Interface is easy to use. Features a top bar that shows the tools you have ready to use.

These tools are laid out in a grid, with the name of the tool on the left, function of the tool on the right. The toolbar is located at bottom of screen, includes icons for different tools used in GarageBand PC.


  • Interface of GarageBand laptop is simple and easy to use. It has an intuitive workspace that is divided into five different areas: Track List, Quickplay, Browser, Inspector, Media Library.
  • Track List is where you can add, delete, or rename your tracks. Quickplay is where you can preview the tracks to see what they sound like.
  • Browser is where you can find different instruments to add to your track. Inspector is where you can adjust settings for your track. Media Library is where you can find your recorded files, samples, loops, projects.

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GarageBand is very easy to use. App's layout is easy to navigate, the tools are conveniently placed. The only issue is that GarageBand free download has limited capabilities for layering sounds, which can result in an uneven sound.

Users can either create or edit songs which can be shared with friends or be uploaded to iTunes Store. Is a very versatile and powerful music making software. GarageBand install has a help section for users to use. Support for this application is excellent and it is very easy to contact support team and get my questions answered.

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