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Modified7 years, 2 months ago. Im trying to create a program or a script to remotely retrieve all the hardwares (computers, printers etc) serialnumbers and I was just wondering if WMI is necessary. I do know about the basic. but this also creates some problems with access as you need administrator rights on both computers if I have understood it correctly and also that the remote computer is configured to allow incoming WMI request.

Is it necessary to use WMI for this or are there any other ways to go about this? I know that WMI knows anything you might want to know about a computer but Im interested in the serialnumber only for now, and only on windows enviroments aswell I might add.

So if there are any Im looking for tips on any other way around this besides using WMI as it causes alot of other challenges and the goal is to keep it as simple as possible for the user.

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Add the user switch to prompt an administrative login, . wmic /USER: Administrator /NODE: "Computername" bios get serialnumber. Also Remote Administration must be allowed on the target node firewall or it will fail, administrator or not.

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