Glitch Vst Free

Get glitchy with these three best glitch VST plugins of 2021. Sometimes, we want a little something extra in our sounds and mixes.

It could be for rhythmic purposes or to add a flare of something new, interesting, and surprising. In this article, we’ve compiled the three best glitch VST plugins you can find. And trust us, with either of these three in your arsenal, you won’t need anything else.

Without further ado, let’s dive in with our first choice – the famous Effectrix. If you're looking for a glitch VST plugin that does everything from introducing loops and weird stretching to delays, stutters, and filtering, you need to check out Effectrix. Effectrix is an easy-to-use multi-effect sequencer that works by painting your desired effect into blocks. When you start playing your track, the sequencer starts moving along in your set number of steps.

Whenever you want a particular effect to trigger, paint that block in the sequencer. This glitch plugin offers 14 different time-synced effects ranging from classic ones like Phaser to more complex ones like loop, x-loop, and tonal delays. All the effects sound fantastic and can be controlled with dry and wet knobs to get the right amount.

As you start painting the blocks, you realize how simple Effectrix is to use to transform your sound. Whether you want a completely glitched sound or want to add reverb at certain notes, this plugin will get you there.

If you’re feeling low on inspiration, which will be hard to feel with this plugin, you can resort to any of the hundreds of global and effect presets to get your perfect sound. Effectrix is one of the best glitch VST plugins out there right now.

Quite a while back, the original Glitch plugin took the electronic music world by storm.

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