Glitch Vst Plugin

Well, good news.

Advanced sequencer. Ten high quality and unique effects. Powerful distortion module. Play multiple effects simultaneously. Trigger scenes from your keyboard. Randomize function. 14 high-end effect modules. 16-step sequencer with tempo divider. Hundreds of presets available. Two modulation tracks. Only available for FL Studio. Manipulate time and volume with repetition, scratching, and gating effects.


  • Presets can be linked to a keyboard/controller for real-time automation.
  • 36 volume/gating envelopes. Two bar audio buffer. 28 distinct effect algorithms.
  • Individual modulation, Envelope, and Dry/Wet parameters per effect.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Unique keyboard layout. Vocoder function.
  • 24 different effects to assign to eight different slots.
  • Modulate the effects in real time through the eight knobs, mappable to your MIDI controller.
  • Incredibly simple layout. “Expert mode” for an in-depth customization of the effects.
  • “Dictator mode” allows you to control all eight effects at once with one fader.

Easy to you use with clean interface. Powerful for both studio and live settings. Cutting-edge engine to slice and manipulate your sound in real time. Over 800 presets built in. Ideal to create dramatic and unique transitions. Control its “gestures” with your MIDI controller. Impressive engine to create robotic glitches and artifacts. Buffer, Delay, and Filter FX.

Allows you to reconfigure the order of the effects in the chain. 110 creative presets. Free advanced feedback-based glitch delay. Useful lowpass filter and modulation FX. Over 100 presets. Includes seven creative tools to completely mangle and morph your sounds.

Best bang for your buck. Includes samplers, sound generators, and effects processors. Mangle your audio tracks with crazy glitch and stutter effects. Advanced buffer modulations. HP and LP filters. Internal sequencer. Volume and pan modulations as well as pitch effects. 140 crafted presets. Seven new delay modules. Advanced and powerful modulation system. Wide variety of creative time-based effects. Unique sample rate control.


Clear waveform display for immediate feedback.
36 spectral effects which you can apply three at a time.
16-step sequencer.
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