God Hand For Ppsspp Emulator

Made by the folks at Clover Studios, God Hand is a truly amazing PlayStation 2 game. It is one of the last truly great games to be released on the console and I would go as far as to say it is one of the most underrated games that Capcom has ever published.

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East Meets West

I love the story that God Hand tells and the fact it is not taking itself seriously is one of the main reasons that I love it. You are a martial arts master who gets to use the divine weapon known as The God Hand. The story is very tongue in cheek and I really like how it mixes both Eastern and Western cultures very well. The story is not the most in-depth you will come across, but it is fun and has some great characters along the way.


God Hand For Ppsspp Emulator

I have long been a fan of beat-em-up games and God Hand is one of the best. It is probably the best of all the 3D beat-em-ups I have ever played actually. The game is very combat heavy and that is really all there is to it. Thankfully the combat system in the game is a ton of fun. You can dish out these epic combos and set up the buttons to your liking. It sounds like it would be mindless, but it is far from it.This is a very challenging game and while it may sound like a button masher. God Hand forces you to not just get good, but get good fast. The enemies will kick your butt until you figure out the right way to take them all down. I like the difficulty, but I am sure for some it may seem a little off-putting.

Looks And Sounds

The story does not take itself too seriously as I said and this is evident in those fantastic cut scenes. Clover Studios did a phenomenal job in the looks department. This is a very late title in the life of the PlayStation 2 and in all honesty, I would not say it is the best-looking game on the console, but by this point, Clover did the best they could with the visuals. The soundtrack is epic, the game has a fun theme song and all of the thuds, pounds, and screams fit the action perfectly. It has a rocking soundtrack when you are fighting and in all the overall presentation of the game is something that is very well done.

God Hand Emulator

God Hand is a game that I have played through multiple times. It is one of those games that is just ideal to fire up and play through when you have nothing else to play and you want to plow through something that is fun. While the game can be difficult, I find this part of the fun as it forces you to learn new combos and moves which will let you kick even more butt. A truly hidden gem for the PlayStation 2!



  • The story is crazy and fun
  • The fighting is some of the best on the PS2
  • Some of the combos you can do are insane
  • It is way more challenging than you would think
  • It looks and sounds great


Ppsspp Emulator Download

  • Some might find the difficulty off-putting
  • Why has this not had a whole bunch of sequels???

God Hand For Ppsspp Emulator Pc

Overall rating: 8.5
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