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In God of War III, Kratos takes on his most exciting and challenging quest yet. Prevail against all odds with GameSpot's walkthrough. Kratos is back and he's thirsty--thirsty for Zeus' blood, that is. And he'll have it! He just needs your help to get it, and you may need GameSpot's help to help you help him get it. You see the start of this vicious cycle?

Here's what you'll find in GameSpot's God of War III Game Guide:. The Basics: Stop by for a short reminder on how to be awesome. Walkthrough: Conquer Olympus with our detailed walkthrough with every collectible listed! PS3 Trophies: For all you Trophy nuts out there. Boss Battle: Poseidon. Clearly, Poseidon is as self-imposing as ever. In fact, one would normally think the battle be unfair, but as Kratos' track record has proven otherwise not even gods can phase this angry Spartan.

Just as with the previous encounters with Poseidon's incarnations, the battle will advance in three segments.

In the initial segment, Poseidon's giant claws grip the sides of the area and should be the focus of Kratos' unrelenting fury.


As you wail away on the claws, watch Poseidon for any tell-tale signs of an imminent attack, usually indicated by dramatic movements on his part and crackling blue energy gathering under Kratos' feet.

When the latter happens, roll away to avoid being seared by the ensuing lightning.

Eventually, the claws are pried loose from Gaia's head after a good deal of thrashing, at which point the location of the battle positions Kratos closer to Poseidon himself.

In this up and personal perspective, Kratos' attacks easily reach Poseidon, but expect him to retaliate in kind with jabs from both his trident and fist.

Poseidon also unleashes a more deadly attack, in which he thrusts his trident into the ground three times, each time emitting a burst of electricity.

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  • Roll toward the rear of the area and back to the front to evade this attack.
  • Wear down the Greek deity enough and the QTE prompt appears overhead.
  • Move to the back and clamber up the vines to reach it.
  • Despite Kratos' punishment, Poseidon is not quite done yet and stands firm against the prevailing Spartan in a segment that somewhat mirrors the first, except Poseidon casts a highly damaging lightning attack that slowly works its way toward the back of the screen.
  • Unleash an all-out attack on the claws to minimize the number of times Poseidon casts this move and off the God of the Sea for good.

God of War III Video Game

  • After following the button sequence, the final prompt asks you to press L3 and R3, which means pressing down on the Analog Sticks.
  • Boss Battle: Hades. Expect the battle against Hades to be a bit of a lengthy affair.
  • From the get-go, Hades tries to claim Kratos' soul; mash the R1 and L1 buttons to keep his soul intact.
  • Hades himself can be quite intense mostly because of the limited amount of space and his scary, far-reaching claws.
  • Hades has quite a few attacks stored in his arsenal, some of which may not arise until a certain phase.
  • Thankfully, there's a certain degree of predictability to his attacks, mostly due to his exaggerated pre-attack rituals.
  • In the first of five phases (yes, five) against Hades, Hades stomps around swinging his claws at Kratos and a small tremor attack.
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