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God of War III is the fifth game in the God of War action/adventure franchise and the third game in the main console series. Like the previous two titles, God of War III follows the story of Kratos, a soldier in the Spartan army who is betrayed by the Greek gods. Angered by his fate, Kratos travels throughout the wondrous and dangerous world of Greek mythology attempting to end Zeus' reign.

God of War III features bloody and satisfying combat, interesting puzzles, and some truly amazing spectacle. Whether you're a fan of the God of War series or not, God of War III is a fantastic game that deserves to be experienced. Brutal combat with a new magic system. Dozens of bosses and unique enemies. High-resolution graphics and impressive scale.

God of War III picks up immediately after the end of God of War II, with Kratos and the titan Gaia scaling Mount Olympus. Hellbent on revenge for Zeus' misgivings, Kratos fiercely battles against all that stands in his way. After an exciting fight against Poseidon and a failed attempt on Zeus' life, Kratos falls off the mountain and plummets into the Underworld.

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Despite this setback, Kratos vows to have his revenge and slowly begins the trek back to the top of Mount Olympus.Even when compared to the past two God of War games, God of War III has some exceptionally cool characters, bosses, and moments.

Many of the most popular Greek gods like Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Hades are big players in the story, as Kratos attempts to kill each one of them. Your adventure takes you far across the fictional world of Greek mythology, extending the lore and universe within. Kratos' journey sees him locating Pandora's Box, exploring a dangerous labyrinth, and battling against countless foes.

There's an impressive amount of drama and great closure to Kratos' story, resulting in a satisfying trilogy. Apart from a few improvements, enhancements, and new mechanics, the gameplay in God of War III is very similar to past games. Playing as Kratos, you'll swing and smash through hundreds of enemies utilizing your wrist-bound blades.

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Levels are mostly linear, but there are plenty of hidden secrets scattered around to reward exploration. Chests often contain power-ups such as phoenix feathers and gorgon eyes, which improve your magic and health. As you progress through the adventure, you'll also discover new weapons that can be used for both combat and Puzzle-solving.

Each weapon also has a dedicated magic attack, offering a bit of strategy. Although the gameplay is exceptionally strong and the story is impressive, it's the flashy graphics and set-piece moments that really tie God of War III together. Right from the opening moments of the game, the sense of scale is truly impressive, as Kratos is dwarfed by the gigantic Titans around him.

The high-resolution graphics offer clean and evocative environments, as well as exciting action encounters. God of War III is just as fun to watch as it is to play, thanks to its smart use of mythology and undeniably cool visuals. God of War III is a great game for players who want to smash through tons of enemies, spill loads of blood, and feel more powerful every step of the way.

That said, there's still plenty of nuance and variety to the game, evident in its complex narrative, interesting puzzle sections, and unique combat mechanics. Even when played on the lowest difficulty, you'll have to use your wits, as this is one of the most challenging God of War games yet. However, if you have the skill to see it through, God of War III will likely become one of your favorite third-person action games.

Excellent storytelling and world-building. Bonus challenge mode. Awesome powers and items. Puzzles can be confusing at times. Occasionally frustrating combat. Overall rating: 9. Click on the “Download” button.2. Select the given option to get download link.3.

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Open the Installer, Click Next, and choose the directory where to Install.4. Let it Download in your specified directory. God Of War 3 Pc Download:.


  • The PC version of God of War 3 is an amazing addition to the activity game collection.
  • In honour of the 10th anniversary of the original release, a remaster was created and released on the PC Windows platform.
  • To use all of the new weaponry available in God of War 3 PC Download, players will have to find new strategies for combat.
  • Such a weapon is made possible by Cestus gloves attached to chains with giant spiky circles that can fall dangerously close to Kratos’s opponents.
  • Enchantment and antiquities are used in a different way in the legend.
  • Our hero’s foes have gotten a lot smarter and moved since the third piece of the arrangement.
  • The fight against unbelievable supervisors, who are shockingly better than in the previous arrangement of the cycle, is your top choice in the God of War 3 PC Download setup.
  • Despite the fact that the amount has been adjusted slightly, it is still more than the previous time around.
  • The PC version of God of War 3 includes an interesting feature: the ability to target creatures that have recently been harmed.
  • In addition, the storyline is a strong point of the work.

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  • As she left off in section two, she picks up right where she left off and tells the storey of Kartos and his battle with the divine forces of Kartos.
  • She’s looking for answers for everyone of us individually.
  • Do you need a few gods to help you out?
  • Using PC Installer, you can now download and install the complete version of the game at the maximum speed of your internet connection.
  • Graphics cycles and control have been transferred to a computer for the full form of God of War 3 PC Download.
  • Other than a few tweaks and additions, God of War III’s continuous gameplay is largely unchanged from its predecessors.
  • With your wrist-bound cutting edges, you’ll swing and crush through countless enemies as Kratos.
  • However, there are a lot of hidden privileged insights scattered around to compensate for the level of inquiry.
  • There are a number of items in chests, such as phoenix quills and gorgon eyeballs, that enhance your enchantment and health.
  • There are also new weapons that may be used in both battle and puzzle-solving that can be found throughout the game.


  • Additionally, each weapon features a dedicated magic attack with an added layer of strategy.
  • Even if God of War III’s interactivity and plot are top-notch, the game’s gaudy aesthetics and epic set pieces are what really make it stand out.
  • Kratos is dwarfed by the enormous Titans that surround him in the game’s first screenshots, making the sense of scale all the more apparent.
  • In addition to the clean and pleasant environments, the high-goal designs also provide stimulating activity opportunities.
  • Because of its clever use of folklore and undeniably amazing aesthetics, God of War III is just as much fun to look at as it is to play.
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  • Please let us know if you’re having trouble accessing the download link or if you encounter any other issues.
God of War 3 Installs PC Setup Game Free Download
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