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Rapidly growing online marketing product with $1.45M revenue and 48% EBITDA. Highly systematized and automated with 90% YoY customer growth.

- Doug Olerud, Alaska Sport Shop

United States . 9 Year-old video downloading service that generates 95% Profit! Most popular video downloading service on the internet! Services / Internet. Affiliate Sales. 6 Y/O Upward-Trending Software-Assisted Remote Service Business (Relocatable) - $5.7k Monthly Revenue - $3.7k Monthly Net Profit - 64.3% Net Profit Margin.

- Matt Schlecht, Bob's Sporting Goods

United States . Hippo Crypto Family is a highly profitable crypto-trading signal offering business, with more than 150K subscribers it's well-known among large communities.

- Craig Smith, Smith and Edwards

United States . Made $60k in the last 2 years. Looking for early investors to join the team and scale the business.

- Tiffani Stott, Crescent Work & Outdoor
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