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PC gamers, after several months of waiting, finally received a GTA 5 Free Download. It was worth being patient because the computer edition is the prettiest and richest in additional edition. Grand Theft Auto is more than a game, and the PC version underlines it in an even nicer way than the shiny console versions.

GTA 5 Free Download – Grand Theft Auto 5 Download PC

For the first time in the series, we’re directing the actions of three main characters. Michael is a gangster who retired prematurely. With money, he apparently leads a rich and happy life. However, it quickly turns out that romance is just an illusion. His family life is a disaster, and visits to the psychologist only give a little respite and the apparent understanding of the worries he has nagged.

Open-world action/adventure game

  • Michael longs for his old life – assaults, shootings and adrenaline in his blood.
  • Boring everyday life seems to suck the GTA V Download urge to live.
  • Becoming a mockery for his children and his wife.
  • But that will change soon, and get to know Franklin. He works for a local Armenian concessionaire which operates a semi-legal business.
  • Franklin is a good driver, which is useful at work, when the boss, every move, gets him to take over unpaid cars from debtors.
  • One of them is Michael’s silly son, and Franklin is given the task of taking the vehicle back from him.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Where your wildest dreams come alive

Which translates into a stormy start to the acquaintance of the two main characters. The last character we’re going to be is Michael’s old friend Trevor. We get to know each other early in the story, when the action moves a few years ago, and the men are trying to rob the bank in North Yankton.

Trevor is arguably the most colorful character in Download GTA 5. He is brutal, aggressive and unpredictable, but also often surprisingly brilliant.

No money, no problems

However, it’s hard to tell if they’re glimpses of deeply hidden genius, or just mumbling about alcohol. The point is, however, that Trevor is fascinated by savagery, sarcasm, and a very specific assessment of reality. Together with Michael, GTA V Free Download they can form an unparalleled duo, but also a great one, which is completed by Franklin.

Once we have “unlocked” the entire trio, we switch between them in any order. The camera moves away from the bird’s eye view and suddenly zooms in on our character, who we find doing everyday situations. It creates the illusion that Michael, Trevor, and Franklin have their own lives and when they’re not worried they do whatever they want.

It should be noted that some tasks to be activated require the control of a specific character. Without incarnating with any of the guys, we will not complete the game, and in effective attacks we take control of each of them, taking care to plan the jump in advance.

How to install GTA V on Windows

  • It is the jumps that drive.
  • The storyline and with a great system of fire and concealment behind the shields, they are one of the highlights of Download GTA 5.
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