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Download Draw A Stickman Epic 2 For Free Mobile Android Gta Amritsar Download For Android Mobile. Traffic Racer Game Free Download For Android Mobile. Instructions on using save files for GTA San Andreas: 1. Select one GTA San Andreas save file and download it. Extract downloaded file to your desktop. Copy GTASAsf1.b to GTA San Andreas game save folder. Start your copy of GTA and load the first saved game. No doubt, GTA is an exciting game, and playing on android will be more fun. We hope the link of the GTA V game we provide you will work on your device, and also you will understand how you can download and install GTA V on your android. The process is straightforward. So, what you are waiting for. Install the GTA V mod apk and enjoy the game.

Description Game:
GTA San Andreas Ironman 3 Mod PC Game Free Download This is my first mod and an obligation of appreciation is all together to download. this will make you and amazing technique for iron man with radeon laser,repulsor guns,turbo flight,ground punch moreover, more.thanks for downloading and read the read me archive for information.
Five years back, Carl Johnson made tracks in an opposite direction from the weights of life in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city destroying itself with pack disadvantage, medicines and corruption. Where filmstars and head honchos do their best to keep up a key separation from the traders and gangbangers.
Quickly, it's the mid 90's. Carl must go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has gone into dilapidation and his childhood partners are all heading towards calamity.
On his entry to the region, a couple ruffian cops layout him for wrongdoing. CJ is compelled on an enterprise that takes him over the entire state of San Andreas, to extra his family and to take control of the streets.
Rockstar Games passes on its most noteworthy release to adaptable yet with a perpetual open-world covering the state of San Andreas and its three foremost urban ranges – Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas – with updated visual dependability and over 70 hours of gameplay.
Marvelous Theft Auto: San Andreas highlights:
• Remastered, high-determination plan manufactured especially for flexible including lighting overhauls, an improved shading palette and upgraded character models.
• Cloud save backing for playing over all your mobile phones for Rockstar Social Club Members.
• Dual straightforward stick controls for full camera and advancement control.
• Three various control arranges and movable controls with sensible contrasting options to indicate gets exactly when you require them.
• Integrated with Immersion material effects.
• Tailor your visual inclusion with mobile practical settings.
(Screen Shots)

System Requirement ;

CPU: Pentium 3, 1 GHz Processor
OS: Windows XP 7
Video Card: 64 MB
DX: 9.0
Hard Space: 5 GB

GTA San Andreas Lite APK + OBB v11.0 Download for Android 2020 Updated on April 29, 2020 by Rohit Rog GTA San Andreas Lite APK is a stripped version of the original mobile GTA San Andreas game. Its file size is just 200 MB which includes its APK and OBB data file. Download GTA Amritsar APK (latest version) for Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and all Android phones, tablets and other devices. After a succesfull upload you ll receive a unique link to the download site. Org Offline Gta Amritsar Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Gta amritsar game setup - download for mobile, computer Download Gta amritsar game setup full version: Downloads 142 / Average speed 2989 Kb/s. How to download and install Grand Theft Auto 4 HD - Duration: 14:59.

GTA San Andreas Lite APK is a stripped version of the original mobile GTA San Andreas game. Its file size is just 200 MB which includes its APK and OBB data file. Rockstars Games has launched this version, especially for the low-end mobile gamer. The original GTA San Andreas Mobile requires a decent specification phone to run properly. Most kids that are out there still use Mobile with 1-2 GB of RAM. And so, they can’t play original GTA San Andreas mobile.

Considering this fact, the company behind GTA San Andreas has launched a lite version of it. This lite version can be run on Android with at least 1GB of RAM. And it also doesn’t require an internet connection while playing. Meanwhile, you just have to spend your Internet Data on download the file of this game. And then you will be able to enjoy it for a lifetime without any need of Internet Connection.

You may require an Internet connection whenever a new update will come. Because GTA San Andreas Lite cannot be played on the phone without having the newest version of the game. And we are also going to provide you the GTA San Andreas Lite APK + OBB latest version. First, let me give a full overview of this game.


  • 2 GTA San Andreas Lite APK + OBB Download Latest Version for Android
  • 5 GTA San Andreas Lite Game Features

GTA San Andreas Lite Game Overview

In this version, you will see some differences compared to its original version like Graphics quality, control function, RGB colors, Short map, etc. The reason behind its small size is less function and low graphics. Rockstar Games have focused on making this game suitable for almost all the Android devices that are out there. So, the users who were not able to run GTA San Andreas Mobile on their phone can play this lightweight version.

The developer has cut off every possible element from the game to make it a bit lighter. When you will play this game you will notice that the Map size has reduced, weapons availability are less, few car collections, and so on. Having these elements removed from the game has made it possible to run on any Android phone.

The story and gameplay are the same that are in the original version even the missions and levels. You will see the same places, the same cars, the same weapons, the same building, and the same peoples in the city. The few things will be missing in this version which you may notice or not. Overall, you will really enjoy GTA San Andreas Lite APK + OBB.

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GTA San Andreas Lite APK + OBB Download Latest Version for Android

Unfortunately, the GTA San Andreas Lite game currently not present on the official App Store of Android. Meanwhile, you will need to download this game from the official website of this game. But as you have visited this page for downloading GTA San Andreas Lite APK, we will provide you the direct download link of GTA San Andreas Lite. We basically have downloaded the game from the official site and have made a shareable link. The size of this going is only 200 MB which contains APK and OBB file.

Before we share the downloading link, let us show the full file details. Knowing the file details of GTA San Andreas Lite will also help you download it correctly.

File Details

Now, use below download links to download GTA San Andreas Lite APK + OBB respectively.

Password: subscribe billutechnical

For Adreno GPU Phone User

For Mali GPU Phone User


For PowerVR GPU Phone User

How to Download GTA San Andreas Lite APK + OBB on Android

Downloading this game for the noobs may be a challenging task because this game contains different files for different GPUs. In order to download the correct GTA San Andreas Lite game, you should first check which GPU your phone has. You can simply use the CPU-Z application to find out which GPU your phone has. Mainly, there are two popular GPU brands that will be found on most of the Android phones; Mali and Adreno.

Just install the CPU-Z app from Play Store on your phone, open it, and go to the SOC tab. At the bottom, see on the GPU Renderer. If it’s Mali or Adreno. According to that, you have to download the GTA San Andreas Lite game. Now, let me share the steps to download this game on your phone.

  1. Firstly, find out which GPU you have on your phone using CPU-Z app or else.
  2. According to your GPU model company, you need to download the GTA San Andreas Lite. If its mali then you will need to download the Mali version of the game. And if its Adreno then you should download the Adreno version of GTA San Andreas Lite.
  3. Use the above buttons to download APK + OBB of the GTA San Andreas Lite game. You will be redirected to the Mediafire download page where you can start downloading in a single tap.
  4. That’s it.

Also, make sure that you have enough free space on your Android phone to download it without space running out. A vce player for windows. The full game size is approximately 200-300 MB which is large enough.

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How to Install GTA San Andreas Lite on Android phone

After you download the game, you can follow the straightforward steps below to install this game on your phone. GTA San Andreas contains an OBB file that is in a Zip format. In order to extract and access the entire file, you need to install an application called ZArchiver. Once you install it on your phone you can follow our steps to install GTA San Andreas Lite on Android.

  1. Firstly, make sure that you have enabled the Unknown Sources from the Android settings. It allows for installing apps and games on the phone manually.
  2. Open Zarchiver on your phone and browse through to reach the download folder.
  3. Tap and hold on the OBB file to see options.
  4. Select “Extract Here” from the options and wait for it to get completely extracted.
  5. After that, tap on the GTA San Andreas Lite APK and press on the Install button.
  6. Wait for it to get installed on your phone and then press the Done Button.
  7. Now, copy the extracted GTA San Andreas Lite OBB folder to paste it under Internal/External>Android>Obb.
  8. That’s it.

Now launch the game from your phone’s app drawer to see if it’s running perfectly or not. The most focus that you have to deploy on the installation during placing the Obb file. Make sure you paste the GTA San Andreas Lite Obb file on the same storage in which you have installed its APK. Otherwise, it will not work.

Gta Amritsar Game Free Download For Android

GTA San Andreas Lite Requirements

If you want to enjoy this game on any Android phone then you must have its minimum requirements. GTA San Andreas doesn’t have a high specs requirement but still, it will be better to see if you want to enjoy it without any hassle. So, below is the minimum requirement of GTA San Andreas Lite which you must have on your phone if you are going to play it.

GTA San Andreas Lite Game Features

Even after being a lightweight Android game, it has lots of features that I think will be worth sharing here. Knowing its feature also help you understand and navigate in the game easily. So, here are the features of the GTA San Andreas Lite game for Android.

1. Real Gameplay Experience

The graphics quality of this game is stunning and very similar to other GTA Mobile game series. The movement of vehicles on the road, people on the street, and buildings just look real. You will almost feel like everything happening in the game is happening to you. Especially, when you drive a vehicle, fire a bullet, walk on the street, etc. Even the sound on the game will feel like real. You can compare game sounds of Car horn, car passing, and party club with real life.

2. Variety of Vehicles

Until I played this game, I thought I will see a few vehicles in the game. But things are apposite to my expectation. GTA San Andreas Lite has different types of vehicles like Scooter, Bike, Jeep, Car, Bus, and Ambulance. All these vehicles are accessible for players and can drive in the game. You will also be able to see the vehicle damage graph on the screen which can help you to know when it will burst. When you will be escaping from Police firing they will probably damage your vehicle to caught or kill you.

Make sure you get Jump off when your vehicle starts burning. It indicates that the vehicle is going to be Blast in a few seconds. And if you don’t, you will be wasted in the game.

3. Complete Interesting Missions

GTA San Andreas has some cool missions which you will definitely like to play such as Mission 3 and Mission 5. Completing missions will also help you make money on the game which you can use to purchase items like Weapon, Car, etc. In some missions, you will be chasing bad guys and in some missions, you will be escaping from the Police. Starting missions are easy to play compared to missions after 5 or 6. When you will complete missions one after one you will experience that you are getting better in the game. And that will also excite you to play it.

4. Explore Beautiful City

GTA San Andreas Lite has a beautiful city in which you can explore and enjoy things. You can do whatever you like, whether you want to party in the club with girls, Drive expensive cars, Drive bike with High speed, all are available on this game. Map length has of course reduced but still, there are some great places in the city that you will love to visit.

5. Full of Action

GTA San Andreas lite has extended action and now there are some bad guys which you will need to fight with. There is a story on the game which concludes that you have to take revenge from those guys because they have done something wrong with your family and made you left alone. Meanwhile, you will be fighting in the game with police whenever you do wrong in the city and those bad guys.

So, these are the features and things that I think help you understand the game better. And you will also be able to navigate better after knowing these coll features.

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Gameplay Screenshots

Wrapping Up

GTA San Andreas Lite is a great game for Android which most of you reading this are going to enjoy. Because it really has some interesting things like Action, Enjoyment, Luxury, and more. The best thing is you will be able to enjoy this game on any Android phone. Because of Specs requirements of this game are very little and almost every phone has at least that specs nowadays.

Hopefully, you liked this article on GTA San Andreas Lite APK + OBB? If yes then share this post with your friends and let them know about it. Also, if any question in your mind regarding then please list down below. I will try to answer your question ASAP.

GTA Vice City has many missions for you to complete. It has plenty of different exciting stages, which are addictive and fascinating to play. From several categories, you can play various missions. It is one of the features of GTA Vice City, which makes it a game that one can play always.

Features of GTA Vice City

• More area to explore in comparison to GTA III

Gta Amritsar Online

• Better lighting and graphics to make game look real to the gamer

• Bountiful of interactive recorded dialogues

Tricks to Play GTA Vice City

Gta Amritsar Download For Android Download

Drive car around the islands and explore more
Without getting busted, complete the game
Avoid using DEMONSPEED before any bike mission

Missions and Plot of GTA Vice City

One can never get bored from this amazingly built game. Here are few of them, which you must know.

1. Gang Missions (Umberto Robina)

Cannon Fodder
Umberto Robina gave this mission to the protagonist Tommy Vercetti from the Café Robina in Little Havana, Vice City. Further, the plot of this mission revolves around the Umberto Robina’s purpose of gang wars between his Cubans and his enemies, the Haitians. After attacking the Haitian Drug Factory, he finds out that his men are getting defeated, and they need assistance. Umberto Robina seeks help from Tommy Vercetti, and he wants him to drive towards the factory along with his boys to fight his way through a vehicle full of drugs and then take back to the café. Further on the successful completion of this mission, you get $2,000.

Trojan Voodoo

It is a mission given to Tommy Vercetti by Umberto Robina from Café Robina in Little Havana, Vice City. Umberto Robina wants to defeat the Haitians and wish to end their power in Vice City. He asks Tommy Vercetti to go with his friend Pepe to destroy the drug processing plant of Haitians. They are seeking for Haitian gang car. In the end, Tommy asks Pepe to cover Haitians boys so that he can plant bombs, to destroy the drug factory.

Remember, it is a timed mission, and the timer will start once the player places the bomb in the factory. The challenge is to destroy the factory before the time runs out. But if the player will fail to do so, they will lose it. But, on winning the mission, one gets a reward, which is $10,000.

(Auntie Poulet)

• Juju Scramble
Auntie Poulet assigns this mission to protagonist Tommy Vercetti from her home in Little Haiti, Vice City. The plot of this mission starts with a call from Poulet to Tommy. She heard that Cubans told the police regarding where she has stashing her drugs, and thus, cops are finding her. Tommy has to collect the three briefcases around little Haiti so that cops will not get them and bring the cases back to her home. To win the mission, the player has to get all three briefcases scattered at any cost. No jtag xbox 360 games. If any of the baggage will come into the hands of the police, the mission will fail. Further on completing the Juju Scramble, the player gets $1,000.
• Bombs Away

Auntie Poulet has one more mission for Tommy to accomplish. She gave the Bombs away task to Tommy Vercetti from her home, and she wants him to destroy a fleet of Cubans boat, which is there to transport the drugs into the city. Poulet meets Tommy and drugs him. Later he took the helicopter around the waters while destroying the boats and killing the characters who encountered the event. On winning this incredible mission, the player gets a reward of $2,000.

2. Asset Missions
• No Escape?
It is a mission given to Tommy Vercetti by Ken Rosenburg from Malibu Club in Vice Point. In this mission, Tommy wants to accomplish a task of big bank robbery. But, he needs to play safe. To help him out, Ken Roseburg suggests to him a local man named Cam Jones. Since this local man is in jail, Tommy has to get him out of there to complete his mission. Disguising the cops, Tommy and Cam Jones fight their way through. With the help of safecracker Cam Jones, the player has to execute this mission. On winning, the player can claim rewards of $1,000.

Cost of GTA Vice City

Gta Amritsar Download For Android Emulator

Try the adventures of GTA Vice City – Sony PlayStation 2 – PS2 - *Disc Only* for $3.99.


Gta Amritsar Game Download

The fantastic GTA Vice City has an abundance of thrilling missions for you to play.

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