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Game GTA San Andreas Free Download is the next installment in one of the most popular and controversial games of all time.

Cheats to play GTA San Andreas

In which the player has the opportunity to play the role of a little thug.
Then to create his own criminal life and become the boss of the mafia.
This time we play the role of Carl Johnson, who escaped his hometown a few years ago in search of a better future.
After five years, Carl returns to Los Santos, where he discovers a world of gangsters of murder, drugs, and corruption.
The bad news doesn’t end there, however; the neighborhood he grew up in is worse than he remembered five years ago, and the feuding family mourns Carl’s murdered mother.

Main features of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

At the end of the evil, corrupt police officers accuse our hero of murder. Welcome to the California 90s. The game world is made up of the state of San Andreas, as well as three cities: Fierro (San Francisco), Las Venturra (Las Vegas) and Los Santos (Los Angeles), between which the player can move. Of course, the cities GTA San Andreas free are not just a cluster of slums, and apart from dirty neighborhoods, metropolises also have wealthy areas where movie stars, politicians, and millionaires live.

So who gets stolen, Carl knows, and besides, he doesn’t have to act alone, because he can recruit people into his gang. The possibility of driving by car and making walking tours. Spouses of our gang allows them to wage fierce battles with competing gangs.

The atmosphere of the game itself is kept in the atmosphere of the 90s. The phenomenal graphics (realistic fog and light reflections on the car body and realistic shading). The music turn out to be nothing, compared to the novelties that were introduced at GTA San Andreas Torrent compared to the previous part of the series. Probably the most important of them is the introduction of the coefficient of hunger for our hero in the program.

However, it doesn’t stop with feeding us, the character we lead, for example by overeating, can gain weight. However, this is not the end of the attractions, because you can lose unnecessary pounds, for example, by regular visits to the gym and an increased dose of sports.

Another realignment of the game world is greater interaction with buildings located in cities. Burglaries and thefts from apartments turn out to be a very important part of the game, which we have to plan and execute with care. There is also a possibility to buy various premises that can bring us back.

Among them is a casino where we can spend the money ourselves. Each city is comparable in size to the whole of the Vice City of the previous. Part of the download gta san andreas free pc, so there is no shortage of the various.

Means of transport necessary to cover hundreds of virtual kilometers. Typical vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, motor boats, helicopters, and airplanes were joined by a kind and very useful bicycle. Carl Johnson himself, in addition to running and driving, can shoot two pistols at the same time, and also, which is one of the biggest innovations of the front end – swimming.

Positive experiences linked to visiting cities GTA San Andreas Download PCare associated (not to mention the phenomenal graphics). The intelligence of their inhabitants, who react, for example, to our unethical behavior in the street. Or treat us fat when we eat too much. The creators of the program, as they themselves assure, in order to enter into the atmosphere of each.

From the cities appearing in GTA San Andreas, they have personally visited them. And transferred to the game the specific mental atmospheres that were observed there. Despite the gangster theme, GTA: San Andreas introduces some humorous elements to the plot, making it a staple for fans of the series and players who are still not convinced of the world of GTA.

GTA San Andreas free is successful all over the world. Not too long ago, information emerged that in Britain the game literally broke all sales records to date. Over a million copies of San Andreas have been sold on the islands in nine days from its release date.

Where can I download San Andreas free for PC?

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