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The Grand Theft Auto games have been enormously popular since the first one was released in 1997. The last official GTA release for Android was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 2004, and fans of the series have been clamouring to play it on their most-used device.

While we wait for Rockstar Games to release an official version for Android devices, Grand Theft Auto V - Unofficial fills the gap brilliantly. In addition to being able to tear up the city of Los Santos, racing, stealing and murdering your way to the top of the criminal universe on your console or PC, you can now also do it on your Android device for free.

Grand Theft Auto V hasn’t been officially released for Android, but the team at has developed this APK (Android Package Kit), so you can play it on the go. They describe it as the successor to the GTA series, but in reality, it’s a clone of the official game from Rockstar Games.

About GTA 5 For Android

You complete a series of missions, such as carrying out hits and making some fast money to increase your power in the criminal underworld of Los Santos. Yes, you can safely download and install it for free from reliable sources.

It’s 100% safe and virus-free. Because you don’t download APK’s from official, curated app stores, you should be careful about where you get them from in case they’ve been bundled with hidden malware.

It’s easy to remove GTA V – Unofficial from your Android device by following these steps:. Open the app list. Locate GTA V Unofficial. Long press on the icon. Depending on your launcher settings, you may have to authorise the change to your app list.

Press ‘Uninstall’ in the contextual menu that appears. After a few seconds, you should receive an on-screen notification that the app has been removed. The developers have done an excellent job of duplicating GTA V in an APK.

Gameplay elements of GTA 5 Android and why the game is so special.

Devotees of the Grand Theft Auto series will find GTA 5 - Unofficial very familiar. The gameplay and graphics look and feel just like the official version, and it’s easy to control on the smaller screen of your tablet or phone.

To fully appreciate the game, though, we recommend playing on the biggest possible screen, ideally a tablet. Download Apk Gta V Android - 7222020 Download links are available Above the post of GTA 5 APK Grand Theft Auto V game all download links of GTA 5 APK Grand Theft Auto V are working properly and download fast.

If you are downloading the file from PC then connect your device to the computer using USB cable. Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) was released in the fall of 2013 and immediately transformed the landscape for open world video games once again.

The GTA franchise in general has always been about pushing open world video games further and further into the future, but GTA 5 Android really took things to the next level. Allowing you to play as three different characters while moving throughout the fictional region of San Andreas (based off of real-world Southern California) you have endless opportunities to create havoc, mayhem, and your own criminal empire – and that’s just in the single player mode!

What is GTA V – Unofficial?

  • Right out of the gate, GTA was an absolute smash hit.
  • $800 million worth of videogame copies were sold in the first 24 hours of its release, and within three days it went over the $1 billion mark worldwide.
  • Today is considered the most financially successful entertainment product of all time – bringing in over $6 billion globally.
  • Storytelling has always been a huge piece of the puzzle with every GTA title since the third iteration of this game, the first one to really break into the open world mold.
  • In GTA 5 Mobile you get to slide into three different characters – completely and totally distinct characters with stories that intertwined with one another – and go through one of the most intense narratives the folks at Rockstar have ever put together.
  • Satire is still on full display (like every other GTA game), and while folks feel that the in game radio stations are a little bit tamer than what they were in the previous Grand Theft Auto game they still add a lot of flavor to this title that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.
  • Grand Theft Auto V evolves nearly every mechanic that was in the previous Grand Theft Auto games.
  • As far as driving goes, the vehicles have been greatly improved, with Rockstar running more complex physics on them.
  • The cars can even hold to the ground slightly better.

How do I remove GTA V – Unofficial from my phone?

GTA 5 Apk Graphics and Presentation

The driving mechanics feel more like a racing game, particularly the Midnight Club series, compared to Grand Theft Auto IV's rocky, boat-like handling system. The shooting mechanics are better in terms of the feel of the mechanics and larger compared to the melee mechanics in the game, but that doesn't mean that the melee combat won't be fun, as it has been improved over the previous titles as well.

Weapon selection has now also been changed. Instead of the old way of selecting through all the weapons, there is now a Weapon Wheel, which is similar to the one featured in Red Dead Redemption, another game made by Rockstar Games.

GTA V Android Review and why it’s so great

  • Grand Theft Auto V draws inspirations from many different Rockstar titles in the past, including Max Payne 3, Midnight Club, Manhunt, and Red Dead Redemption.
  • It’s important to remember that this game first released almost 6 years ago and things in the videogame world have definitely evolved over time.
  • But when GTA 5 first launched it was graphically stunning, capable of reproducing the largest GTA map ever produced and giving players an opportunity to really enjoy the kind of gaming freedom they never could have previously.
  • GTA 5 also really stepped up their physics engine, overhauling a lot of the “under the hood” videogame mechanics that people didn’t love from the previous title and adding a brand-new combat system, a brand-new cover system, and some of the most fun driving and flying physics in any title – even still today.
  • At the end of the day, GTA 5 for Mobile is a historic monument to just how far videogames have come in the last 20 years or so and will go down as one of the most influential titles in video gaming history to be sure.
  • If you haven’t played it yet you need to play it right now!
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Download GTA 5 apk file by clicking the download button below. If you are downloading the file from PC then, connect your device to the computer. Copy GTA5.apk file to your phone/tablet. Open the file, You will get a pop up box saying "For security your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources".

Click on settings. Allow installation for GTA 5. It will take few minutes to install. You will see GTA V icon on your phone. Open the game, It will download obb and data files and game will start after downloading.

Details of Apk

When the Grand Theft Auto series first made the leap to a fully 3D, 3rd person view with GTA III on PS2, it represented a complete paradigm shift for gaming. This game single-handedly changed what we would come to expect from this form of entertainment, thanks to its sheer scale and interactivity.

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