Gta Vice City 5 Game Free Download For Android Mobile

GTA Vice City Remastered is a better version of the iconic Vice City version of this legendary game franchise. Check out this full guide for GTA Vice City Remastered download here.

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About GTA Vice City Remastered

Gta vice city 5 game free download for android mobile 1.09 on Android Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Legendary game now and on mobile devices! Carefully transferred to the Android operating system, She will now be able to please its fans anywhere, anytime. The underworld is calling. «Grand Theft Auto: Vice City» tells about the.

Although many parts of GTA games have been released, Vice City still has a special location in the hearts of GTA fans. It's also the childhood game of many GTA fans. Vice City also contributed to the success and popularity of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.


The normal version was launched 15 years ago for the PS2 platform. Therefore, it still has many disadvantages in graphics quality, sound, effects, physical reactions, etc. It's not realistic and stunning as modern games, such as GTA V and GTA Online.

GTA Vice City Remastered helped solve these problems. It has another name: GTA Vice Cry Remastered. It brings you to the stunning Vice City that you might have explored throughout your childhood. Many players cannot forget the mission of bombing up a chopper or many GTA Vice City cheat codes that help summon tanks and warships.

However, it's not the remastered version made by Rockstar. It's a mod made by a fan of this game. GTA Vice Cry Remastered will bring back many memories of GTA Vice City players. This game reconstitutes Vice City vividly with higher graphics quality. Moreover, it also has a lot of interesting missions for players to do and enjoy the game.

GTA Vice City Remastered Free Download For PC

As it's not a game developed and published by Rockstar, you cannot buy or download GTA Vice City Remastered on Rockstar's game store. Vice Cry 1.8 is available to download at It has many significant features that make this remastered game really interesting and fascinating.

Gta Vice City 5 Game Free Download For Android Mobile Apk

Here are all the main amazing features of this remastered mod that make GTA Vice City more stunning.

  • MLO interiors
  • Bump mapped roads, various buildings, and special mapped windows for proper reflections.
  • 3D Neon models
  • Working traffic lights and instanced grass.
  • The full path and Navmesh support
  • Material accuracy
  • SLOD's with proper Water Reflection
  • Car generators and Custom scenarios
  • Custom population groups, zones, and more.

After downloading the zip file of GTA Vice Cry Remastered, you need to unzip it and install the game. Make sure that your PC meets these requirements of GTA Vice City Remastered download:

  • Heapadjuster by FiveM, or the Dilapidated Version
  • Packfile Limit Adjuster (set to 3500) by Unknown Modder
  • ScripthookV

After installation is done, launch the game and experience it. If you experience any bug while playing the game, you can report it to the modder on their Discord channel. The full size of GTA Vice City Remastered download is only 2770.1 MB.

GTA Vice City Remastered Missions

The modder added a lot of missions to GTA Vice City Remastered for players to enjoy it better. There are 87 missions in GTA Vice City in different categories. GTA Vice City has story missions, race missions, asset missions, phone missions, sparrow missions, side missions, stadium missions, off-road missions, and remote-controlled missions.

Gta Vice City 5 Game Free Download For Android Mobile

The new game GTA Vice Cry Remastered offers custom missions through the new Custom scenarios feature. The modders have added many new missions for you to explore the remastered Vice City. You still control the character Tommy to do those missions. He is also the main character in the original version of GTA Vice City.

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Why You Should Play GTA Vice City Remastered?

Though this modded version is not official like GTA Vice City, it's still worth trying. You have so many reasons to download, install and play this game.

#1. Small Game Size But Large City To Explore

First and foremost, the game size of GTA Vice Cry Remastered is not very large. It's only more than 2GB, perfectly for low-end PC. In specific, the game size after downloading all resources is 2770.1 MB. Next, this modded version reproduces the iconic Vice City very well.

Every stress, buildings, shops, Miami beaches, roads, and food stalls are reproduced carefully and detailedly. You will feel as if you are playing some modern versions of Grand Theft Auto, such as GTA 5 and GTA Online. Although the graphics are still somehow more cartoon-like, GTA Vice Cry Remastered version still satisfies a large number of gamers.

#2. A lot of memories

This game reminds GTA veterans of their childhood sitting in front of the PS2 and run around Vice City to do all missions in this game. The remastered version also has many familiar missions apart from the habitual corners in a more beautiful map. GTA Vice City Remastered download brings back plenty of memories about this coastal city.

Gta Vice City 5 Game Free Download For Android Mobile Phones

Those are things you need to know about GTA Vice City Remastered download. This mod of GTA Vice City is very stunning and worth trying. Just download and experience.

Gta vice city 5 game free download for android mobile phone

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