Gta Vice City Codes Of Helicopter

GTA Vice City has been the talk of the gaming community for a long time now. This is mostly because a number of players are back at this classic game. One of the major points of attraction of this game was the use of different cheat codes.

Currently, players are searching for answers to questions like how to get a helicopter in GTA Vice City. To help out the players, here is all the information needed to know about the cheat codes for helicopters in GTA Vice City.

Read more to know about the GTA vice city helicopter cheat code. The makers of the game have added a number of different cheat codes that can get the players anything they want. Most recently, the players are trying to know how to get helicopters in the game and it is certainly easy to get one.

First, the players can roam around in the game to find out. There is no specific place of the helicopter in the game and it can be spawned anywhere. If the players are still not able to get a helicopter, then they can just type in “AMERICAHELICOPTER” on their PC to spawn a helicopter right in front of them.

GTA Vice City Helicopter flight controls in the Definitive Edition

Keep in mind that spawning this vehicle needs some space or else you will not be able to take off in the helicopter. Apart from this, there are several other gta vice city cheat codes to enjoy the game to the fullest such as players can get weapons in gta vice city, unlimited money etc.

Keep in mind that cheat codes are illegal to use and might lead to your account getting banned from the game.

To start the helicopter mission in gta vice city, the players will have to go and meet Avery Carrington.

This will trigger the Demolition Man mission in GTA Vice City.

Avery Carrington needs to clear up some land for his construction site and is searching for some personnel to get the job done.

In the mission, the players will need to plan explosives around the area using a RC Helicopter. Keep in mind that this helicopter is going to be controlled remotely and thus it is a bit difficult to handle it in the air.

The players will need to find the Top Fun van that will be marked on your map and enter it.

Then they need to fly the helicopter with the explosives by avoiding the construction workers and security guards.
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