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After almost a year of long and painstaking work, we present to your attention a new voice acting for GTA Vice City!

This is not just subtitle voice acting, it is voice acting based on a new translation made from scratch.
The voice acting was created with the utmost authenticity to the best of our ability. In general, have a nice game)Changes:v1.3 - Several phrases added and correctedv1.2 - More than 15 phrases have been corrected and re-voiced, including both in-game phrases and phrases from cut scenes.v1.1 - Several minor voice-over fixesInstallation:It is recommended to make a backup copy of the "Audio" folder before installation.To install, run [RU] GTA_VC_v1.3.exe and specify the directory with the game.An example of voice acting can be found here:.
Various files → Russifiers.
Правильный перевод.
Правильный перевод')" onmouseout="hide_info(this)">Правильный перевод.
Оригинальную озвучку на русскую.
Оригинальную озвучку на русскую')" onmouseout="hide_info(this)">Оригинальную озвучку на р ..
Two years of hard work on the project were not in vain.
In the new version of Vice Cry you are waiting for a lot of improved textures, redesigned models.
See screenshots and videos.Show SpoilerHide SpoilerHow to change the draw distance?- ..
Continued version of GTA Sunny Miami..

Bogdankuz Skinpack-Pickups 2.0

The main idea was to create a modern stylization of the Vice city world thanks to the best modifications created for VC. In this version, I could not miss perhaps the best mod ever created for Vice city and sup..

Vice City Trails 1.01

Have you played Vice City on PS2? Or maybe in III on any platform? You didn't see the opportunity to make the game brighter and add more 80s vibes, did you? Well, Rockstar must have hated this effect as it was cut from the PC version of Vice City for..

VC Graphics Hack 1.0

Vice Lua is a package for developing scenarios and logic of the GTA Vice City game in the LUA language.The package consists of the following components:vice_lua.dll is not just an engine that works as a manager.vc_basic.dll - This is a standard libra..

Vice Cry 1.8

New clothes for TommyDidn't you think that Tommy Vercetti's wardrobe is very meager? Or did you just want to feel like a pedestrian?This modification adds new clothes for the main character of grand theft auto: vice city.Added 10 new costumes:Black l..

Vice City Life 0.1 beta RC 2-8-7

Vice Cry HOTFIX increases engine limits. It also repairs object flickering, alpha bugs, garage bugs, radar icon bugs and crashes.ENJOY! Attention: the mod also works in GTA III.This modification returns some previously left code found in Grand Theft Auto III, displaying the money amounts in the game after blowing up cars, picking up money, etc., as is also displayed in long-standing ..

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Bogdankuz skinpack-pickup'sDescriptionThis modification adds 6 new clothes pickups for Tommy.The skins were made by the user bogdankuz and it was decided to make a pack with pickups of his skins.The script is written by AnriTool user.InstallingPlace ..

GTA Vice Cry Reborn (HD textures)

Global modification to replace palm trees in GTA Vice City. Now they will look much more beautiful and realistic. Now driving around the state will be much more pleasant. The mod also supports Vice Cry. Requires version 1.8.

Vice City Life 0.1 beta RC 2-8-9

Installation: You just n.. GTA Vice City Re-Texd is a global modification of the original Vice City using most of the existing modifications from other authors.This modification includes a complete replacement of the textures of the entire map, including interiors.Most texture..

Vice City Life 0.1 beta RC2-8-5

Vice Cry Reborn (texturas HD / remaster)Vice Cry Reborn is a global and unofficial modification from the author of Firefly that replaces textures in Vice Cry with HD. Textures have been blended with VRTP and enhanced with artificial intelligence (ESR..

New clothes for Tommy

Vice City Life 0.1 beta RC 2-8-5The last up-to-date, at the moment, version of the already known Multiplayer VCL.In this version:- optimized code- improved sync- addedfull server browser(!)The attached archive contains the client version 2-8-5 and th..

money messages

Vice City Life 0.1 beta RC 2-8-7The last actual, at the moment, version of the already known VCL multiplayer.In this version:- Added Game texts- Improved in-game chat- improved synchronizationThe attached archive contains the client version 2-8-7 and..

GTA Sunny Miami (Vice Cry 1.8)

Vice City Life 0.1 beta RC 2-8-9The last actual, at the moment, version of the already known VCL multiplayer.In this version:- Improved game chat ( There is a difference from 2-8-7 )- Synchronized Tank/Fire Truck Turret ( Direction Vectors "Rot X" an..


VC Graphics Hack - a small .ASI script that slightly improves the graphical shell of GTA Vice City by adding: - time reflections on transport - reflections on the water - glare on moving objects Instructions for installing the mod: Copy all files to..

80s True Vegetation Palm Trees - Realistic palm trees

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About GTA Vice City

Here you can download GTA Vice City for free with Torrent full game 100% working. To download GTA Vice City click on the below button. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a 2002 action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games as part of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Set in 1986 within the fictional Vice City, based on Miami, the game follows the exploits of mobster Tommy Vercetti after his release from prison. Welcome to Vice City. Welcome to the 1980s.

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