Gta Vice City Hunter Helicopter Cheat

GTA Vice City might be the single most beloved entry in the franchise. Even though it was set in the 80s, it is still far ahead of its time. Rockstar knew that even though they were limited by the technology of that time, a great art style and atmosphere can go a long way.

As a result, GTA Vice City has been able to stand the test of time, perhaps more so than other games of its era. Despite the dated graphics, rudimentary gameplay, and the bare minimum in terms of performance capture, Vice City is still a great game in 2020.

One of the best aspects of GTA Vice City was the addition of a wide variety of vehicles since Grand Theft Auto III. The player now had access to bikes, speedboats, and even military helicopters. Spawn a Hunter: AMERICAHELICOPTER.

Players can enter the cheat code while in the Pause Menu or in the game. Using this cheat code will spawn a Hunter, which is essentially an Apache attack helicopter used by the military.

Is there a helicopter cheat code for GTA Vice City?

The helicopter is equipped with a machine gun turret as well as missile launchers to the side. The Hunter is a formidable attack helicopter and should give the player an upper hand in any given situation.

The player can also find a number of Helicopters such as a Maverick or a Buzzard in the Downtown district of Vice City.

In the Downtown district, players can purchase a property called "Hyman's Condo," which gives them access to a helipad.

A Maverick spawns on the Helipad often, and players can then have access to a Helicopter any time they want in GTA Vice City.

The player can also use a Helicopter from atop Diaz's mansion once the player takes it over, and it becomes the Vercetti Estate.

Note: This article is for beginners, and while it may seem obvious to you, several new players often search for these 'newbie' methods. Edited by Utkarsh Rampal . What is the cheat for helicopter in Vice City?

Type in ‘AMERICAHELICOPTER’ to spawn the helicopter in the game.

Only after reaching 100 percent completion on the game, you can unlock a Hunter military helicopter, which has rockets and a machine gun installed on it.
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