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The convenience and flexibility of WiFi networks make them a logical choice when providing Internet access for your home or business. There are a few issues that come along with the mobility that a WiFi network furnishes its users. An Internet connection made with an Ethernet cable is more reliable than a connection made through WiFi. If you use WiFi at all, you have probably experienced the frustration of suddenly losing connectivity.

How to Hack WiFi Password Using New WPA/WPA2 attack in 2020.

This happens much more frequently with WiFi networks than on a cabled network. Perhaps the most troubling aspect of using WiFi networks it the security risks posed by a WiFi password hack. If an intruder was compromising your cabled network, there would be physical signs of the unauthorized access.

If someone were trying to hack your WiFi password, there is a good chance you would never be aware that an attempt was made. An unscrupulous individual who understood how to hack WiFi passwords could be using your network to enact their own Internet access or gain entry into your network and electronic resources.

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We believe that the best way to protect yourself against an intruder who wants to hack your WiFi is to know how to hack a WiFi password yourself. We are going to present a method to do just that by using your Mac computer and a freeware application called KisMAC. We will be giving you a step-by-step overview of the steps required to use this method and will essentially show you how to hack into WiFi. We are not presenting this information with the intention of allowing others to hack into your Wifi.

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If that was their intention, there are plenty of other sites that will teach them what they want to know. Our aim is to show that it is feasible that your network could be under attack at this moment without any indication that someone is trying to hack your access password.

It’s better to be armed with this knowledge than to pretend there are no potential dangers inherent in having a wireless network. So let’s take a look at how to hack into WiFi using some simple tools. There are three popular security protocols that can be used to secure your wireless network.

Protecting Yourself From a WiFi Hack

They are WEP, WPA, and WPA2. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is the weakest of the protocols. WiFi Protected Access (WPA) is stronger, followed by WPA2. All of these methods of securing a wireless network can be subverted using the tools we will describe below.

Hacking a WEP Network

  • We again want to emphasize that this information is to inform individuals or network administrators regarding the potential that the security of their wireless network can be compromised.
  • Please don’t take our explanation of how to hack WiFi networks as an invitation to attack nearby targets.
  • To do so is a violation of privacy and can lead to criminal charges.
  • To break into a secured wireless network you need to know the password.
  • If you don’t have the password, you need to use a method known as a “brute force” attack in order to obtain access to the network.
  • This type of attack is very time-consuming and it is not guaranteed to work.
  • It preys on the fact that many wireless routers and networks are protected by very weak passwords.
  • In some cases, there is no password or the user simply relies on the default, which can easily be found by knowing the model of the router in question.

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In addition to the aforementioned KisMAC application, you will also use a collection of Linux tools known as Aircrack-ng. You also need a password file that contains the actual password of the network you are attacking. Files containing thousands or millions of the most commonly used passwords are available for download on the Internet.

KisMAC is a wireless stumbler and cracker that can perform a number of WiFi related tasks directly from your Mac’s operating system. WEP keys are compromised by a process known as WEP injection where data packets are used to determine the password.

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Once you have accumulated the necessary amount of data packets, with a minimum being around 200,000 packets, follow this procedure inside of KisMAC:. Click on Network. Choose Weak Scheduling Attack. Select Against 40-bit. This should be sufficient to crack the less secure networks protected with WEP security.

It’s not as easy to hack into a WPA wireless network. In order to crack WPA security, you need to obtain a handshake, which occurs when a computer connects to a wireless router.

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You also make use of a password file which contains a list of passwords in ASCII format. You then use KisMAC to test the handshake against the password file. Start KisMAC and choose the network you are attempting to crack. Click Network -> Deauthenticate to force connected devices to reconnect to the network.

You will soon see devices connecting to the network, meaning you have captured a handshake. The information you need will be stored in the KisMAC dump file.

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Now you use Aircrack-ng to run a dictionary attack. This is done with this command: aircrack-ng -w -e . If the password is contained in the list, you will eventually gain access to the network though it can take a considerable amount of time.


On the other hand, if your word list did not contain the password, you will not be able to access the network. Brute force attacks take a lot of time and as you can see, rely on the ability of a hacker to reproduce your password. A longer password will make your network substantially more secure. Using a machine that can generate 2 billion distinct keys per second, an 8 character password can be cracked in about 2.6 days, according to password-depot.de.


Hacking a WPA/WPA2 Network

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