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The Hammond B3 organ.
Additive synthesis at its best !
Suitable for Jazz, Rock, Gospel, Blues, Ballad, House, Funk, Cheesy reprise of anything, Ballad, Dance, Pop, Hard Rock, etc..
Some history here : http://theatreorgans.com/grounds/docs/history.html + some facts

i have selected 7 free drawbar organ VSTi emulations of the Hammond B3.
Let’s groove :

1. AZR3 by Rumpelrausch

VL-122 size 0.54 MB VL-122 virtually reproduces the vintage electro-mechanic spinet organ Hammond L-122. The sound engine of the VL-122 is a physical modelling emulation of the real electro-mechanic generators.

Not only free, it’s also open source.
This is a very good drawbar emulation, with onboard FX, nice saturation, and the speaker leslie emulation. Perfect for emulating gospel organ and rock organ. And check the “NHL” preset!


As all the other plugins in this list are 32 bit, it could be nice to compile a 64 bit version.
** EDIT** => here is the 64 bit version for Windows : download Azr3 B3 organ VST 64 bit
and the sources

There’s also a MAC version here

2. Organized Trio

Organized Trio VST

Present in the same package as “Mr Ray”, it’s the perfect companion for your funky tracks.
And of course it can do the perc dance organ “ala” Korg M1 :

Gypsy Woman:

3. NubiPlus by fxPointAudio

Hammond Organ Ableton Download Free

http://www.fxpointaudio.com/ & download

Nubi Plus VSTi come with a VST FX for adding the Leslie effect : Spinner VST. The two make a super groovy combo, and gives you this nice Hammond B3 organ sound.

She’s just like you and me, but she’s homeless:

4. DirtBag and LightBag by Istvan Kaldor

LightBag II VST

Good old Synthedit creations : the sound is dirty like it should. You get a nasty B3 organ sound in an instant. Leslie speaker effect is included. There are also some nice reed emulation sounds. And some crazy wicked presets in dirtbag too!

Whiter shade of Dirtbag :

5. Euthymia VST by Iliadis

This free organ VST has a clean sound. You can add a Leslie speaker as free external effect : iSpinner VST

6. OddlyOrgan by OdO

Oddly Organ

A little more synthetic, you can go creative with this VST !
You can also find other organ VSTis made by OdO

7. VL122 by AM Music Technology

info & download

Discontinued & free drawbar organ : it sounds nice, it’s clean.
You can switch off the motor !
It includes the famous Leslie effect, and also a reverb.
+ a tube/drive effect for more dirty sound.
Cool jazz organ presets.

Happy Free Stuff Friday! October is upon us, and as we enter the final third of 2014, there’s no slowing down with the free stuff sharing. If anything, we’re intimidated by the prospects of what’s to come for this series in 2015. This week, we’ve got classic sampled sounds from vintage keyboards that are perfect for house music, a generative sequencer for Max for Live, and a Rack for instant sound textures.

Classic Keys

If you ever listened to a ballad from the 1980s, then you’re probably familiar with with the classic piano sound of the Yamaha DX7. A pioneering FM-synth (and an inspiration for our own Operator), the DX7 has its own tinkling character - dig that emotional piano in this Whitney Houston classic:


Whitney Houston - “The Greatest Love of All”, featuring the greatest digital piano of all.

In addition to ballads, the DX7 piano is perfect for pumping house chords. It’s even better when paired with the classic sound of the Hammond Organ. Lucky for you, Certified Trainer Paul Laski has done multisamples of both the DX7 and Hammond Organ, and shared them as free Packs for Live!
Download the DX7 E.Piano
Download the Hammond House Organ

A Sequencer for Every Generation

Need a shot of inspiration in your arpeggios? Want a pattern that evolves, but stays within the confines of a scale? Don’t miss out on musician/sound designer Kasper Skov’s unique new Max for Live sequencer, genstep16. With adjustable 16-step values for note velocity and duration and a set of major and minor scales available (Kasper promises more to come), genstep16 is an inspiring little tool with some fun randomization options.
Download genstep16 from maxforlive.com

I Need More Texture

Couldn’t we all use some more texture in our music? Some musicians have put it as bluntly - but really, there are few tracks that aren’t spiced up a little by shimmering little sounds. Designing such sounds can be a bit of a hassle, which is where Certified Trainer Rob Jones & Producertech comes in, with this new Rack:

Hammond Organ Ableton Download Full

Coming with a stock of samples and mappings for making a diverse series of sounds, Rob’s Rack can sound like crickets, an engine room, a set of springs, and more. Dive in and get yourself more texture.
Download Producertech FX Rack

Hammond Organ Ableton Download

All up for this week! Join us next week for more free stuff - same time, same place. And don’t be stingy on sharing any cool free stuff that you might find - you can reach us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, and don’t forget #FreeStufFriday.

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