Hatim Tai Episode 2

Hey anyone Make this Stoning beautiful girl in front of me. In the midst of all this, a virtuous Minister arose and kissed the foot of the King and said: Where is the refuge? This is the daughter of the same old Merchant on whose head you used to have compassion. They used to call me. Today his daughter is Stoned. If this happened to him, everyone would die for fear that the King would treat our children after us in the same way. And with that thought your slaves will start running away one by one and what if they meet with grief.
It was obligatory to submit to the will of God.

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But get out of this city today. Saw him in exile. So the army went to the Royal house and evicted HassanBano from the house and took away all the belongings of the house which were left to this poor man.
Weeping in the forest, she would tell her midwife that she did not know what was wrong with her.
If Allah is gracious then all will be well. In this way they reached another forest and sat in the shade of a tree.
She fell asleep helplessly. What she sees in a dream is an old man dressed in white.
Under this tree are the treasures of seven Kings. Allah has covered it for you. Now get up and bring this treasure to your work.
Hassan Bano said, "Why should I dig a weak woman?"
So dig a little with a stick and see the power of Allah, how He makes this difficulty easy.
Finally, when he and his midwife dug the root of the tree with a piece of wood, Seven wells were filled with nobles, and a hundred boxes of jewels adorned with the pearl of the duck.
Hassan Bano was very happy and thanked Allah and asked her midwife to bring our family members from the city at that time and also bring something to eat and drink.
They were in the conversation that HassanBano's milk could disguise the co-brother of the poor.
So take this money from the city to all of us. Bring your loved ones and also call RajMazdoor so that they can build a magnificent building.
So he went to the city with a little money and all was destroyed .He came to Hassan Bano with his loved ones.


They were all very happy and pitched a big tent and lived in it. After that he brought back the workers and in six months a Mansion was ready. But HassanBano intended to build a magnificent city around the Mansion.

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On this the people said that it is not good to build such a big city without the will of the King.
Hearing this, HassanBano dressed in men's clothes and rode on an Arabian horse, carrying a few jewels and a sapphire to the city. The King heard that a Merchant child had come to kiss the footsteps of king.
When the king gave permission, he came and performed the etiquette and offered hope.
  • The King was pleased and asked, "Are you from a city and have come to work?"


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