Heat Transfer Simulation For Kids

Select a category. All simulations. In-browser simulations. Melting Ice Simulation. Compares the rate of heat transfer from heated metal blocks to ice water . id = melting-ice-simulation (do not remove this text). Heat transfer from a flat plate to a cooler fluid that flows over the plate in laminar flow. id = boundary-layer (do not remove this text). Combined Free and Forced Convection. Grashof and Reynolds numbers plotted as function of fluid velocity over a flat plate. id = combined-free-and-forced-convection (do not remove this text). Compares spatial temperature profiles in a fin for four tip boundary conditions. id = compare-fins (do not remove this text). Conduction Through a Composite Wall. Temperature profiles and heat flux for steady-state conduction through four walls in series. id = conduction-through-a-composite-wall (do not remove this text). Cooking a Turkey. The temperature of the center of a cooking turkey as a function of time. id = cooking-a-turkey (do not remove this text). Effect of Wind Chill on Skin Temperature. The effect of wind speed on skin temperature due to convective heat transfer. id = effect-of-wind-chill-on-skin-temperature (do not remove this text). Energy Transfer Between Two Blackbodies. Radiative heat transfer between two black body surfaces. id = energy-transfer-between-two-blackbodies (do not remove this text). Temperature versus distance for both side of a heat exchanger. id = heat-exchanger (do not remove this text). Heat Generation and Conduction through Composite Walls. Temperature profiles for steady-state conduction through three walls in series. id = heat-generation-and-conduction-through-composite-walls (do not remove this text). Heat Transfer and Temperature Distribution in a Fin. Temperature as a function of distance from the base of a heat transfer fin. id = heat-transfer-and-temperature-distribution-in-a-fin (do not remove this text). Heat Transfer between Flowing Liquids in Tubes. Velocity and temperature profiles for laminar flow in cylindrical tube and annulus. id = heat-transfer-between-flowing-liquids-in-cylindrical-tubes (do not remove this text). Heat Transfer in a Bank of Tubes. Steady-state, convective heat transfer for a bank of tubes. id = heat-transfer-in-a-bank-of-tubes (do not remove this text). Heat Transfer in Fins. Heat transfer rate through a single fin mounted on a heat sink. id = heat-transfer-in-fins (do not remove this text). Heat Transfer Through a Cylinder. Temperature versus radius for radial, steady-state heat transfer for a long tube. id = heat-transfer-through-a-cylinder (do not remove this text). Identify Temperature Profiles for Composite Walls. Identify correct steady-state temperature profile through composite walls. id = identify-temperature-profiles-for-heat-generation-or-conduction-through-composite-walls (do not remove this text). Injecting Water into Liquid Nitrogen Tanks. Hot and cold water are injected into insulated tanks containing liquid nitrogen. id = injecting-water-into-liquid-nitrogen-tanks (do not remove this text). Lumped Capacitance Model vs Full Model. Time-dependent center temperature of sphere using lumped capacitance. id = lumped-capacitance-model-vs-full-model (do not remove this text). Parallel and Counterflow Heat Exchangers. Temperature and heat transfer rate in concentric tube heat exchanger. id = parallel-and-counterflow-heat-exchangers (do not remove this text). Steady-state solution of heat equation in a 1D plane wall. id = plane-wall (do not remove this text). Radiation Shielding of a Spherical Body. Effect of a radiation shield on radiative heat transfer to a ball. id = radiation-shielding-of-a-spherical-body (do not remove this text). Transient Conduction Through a Plane Wall. Centerline temperature as function of time for a plane wall.
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