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Many industries such as food, chemical and pharmaceutical … use gasketed plate-type heat exchangers because they are compact, efficient and easy to clean. They also allow a great flexibility by easily adjusting the number of plates depending on the expected operating conditions. The simulation of gasketed plate-type heat exchangers, possibly reactive, with a dedicated module (CO-ProSim PHE) will allow the design engineer or the operator to know the characteristics of the two fluids at the outlet of the exchanger according to the characteristics of the exchanger: number and type of plates, dimensions, fouling… Thanks to a realistic modeling of the equipment, CO-ProSim PHE makes it possible to design this type of exchangers, to easily increase their performance or to adapt the heat exchangers to new operating conditions.

gasketed plate-type heat exchangers – Chevrons. The most diverse and complex configurations can be simulated with CO-ProSim PHE: single-pass or multi-pass, countercurrent or co-current, single-phase or two-phase heat exchangers (condensation, evaporation). The CO-ProSim PHE module also makes it possible to take into account chemical reactions in order to simulate compact reactor-exchangers that are used in particular for process intensification.

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