Helicopter Cheat Code

Welcome to the old but “still” gold GTA 5 cheat guide, especially the GTA 5 helicopter cheat. Games are freedom, games are something that we are meant to do outside the real world that we loved and this game – the Grand Theft Auto V gives us a world with different vibes that we are meant to experience. On the other hand, nobody can ignore the success of this game.

Just in the first week, the developer has made millions of dollars with so many players around the world. Basically, it’s a much better version of the predecessor – graphics, character design, map size, customization, and even stories whether it’s the main or side story.

Well, playing GTA 5 is, without a doubt, fun and enjoyable. But if you put freedom on the top of the paper, it’s basically isn’t enough to just follow the rules and play along with the code. I mean, you want more, right? Thankfully Rockstar Games has put a built-in cheat system that you can access if you got the GTA 5 helicopter cheat.

Spawn a Buzzard Helicopter

I’m talking about everything imaginable, vehicles and most especially the Helicopter that doesn’t really require any runways but a flat surface.

Even the rooftop will suffice with this kind of vehicle. The question is, sometimes going into the airport is kinda tiring, or going into the military base is a bit… challenging. Maybe you will ask “is there any cheat to spawn helicopters here in GTA 5?”.

  • The answer is, yes. and I will drive you into different cheats for different platforms.
  • Let’s check it up! If this is your first time cheating, there is a thing that you need to understand.
  • Applying the cheat will disable all your achievements that you normally receive after the quest is finished.
  • So always remember to cheat at your own risk *wink*.
  • To spawn the helicopter or the Buzzard Attack Helicopter, you need to click ~ which is located above the Tab and below the Esc button.

Then, you will see the Cheat button – a black rectangle box that will appear in the middle of the screen with “Cheat Code” words above it. Then, type BUZZOFF, and voila! The Buzzard Attack Helicopter is appearing right in front of you.

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