Hellblade 2 Actress

Melina Juergens, the lead actress for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, has released a personal behind-the-scenes video diary detailing her preparation for the game's much-anticipated sequel. Since its announcement back in 2014, Hellblade has been regarded as a unique experience that stands out from the crowd, featuring a heavy emphasis on motion capture and live performances to give extreme depth to the character animation.

A self-proclaimed "independent AAA game," Hellblade was developed and produced by Ninja Theory, who's most known for the games DmC: Devil May Cry and the recent release Bleeding Edge. SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY. The game Hellblade stars a Pict warrior, Senua, and her perilous journey into Helheim to bring back the soul of her dead lover. While the journey itself is packed with danger, Senua's biggest obstacle is her constant battle with extreme psychosis, a battle that Ninja Theory wanted players to feel for themselves.

This premise put a lot on the shoulders of the lead actress, as the game's entire impact was dependent on the visual and vocal performances of Juergens, but the move has been considered a massive success by critics and players.

It's because of this success that the game has announced a sequel in 2019 for Xbox and PC, bringing the actress back to play the role of Senua once again. Related: PS5, Xbox Series X Component Shortages To Last Until Mid-2022 Or Later. In a recently released video diary, Melina Juergens has described her own journey in getting ready for the game's sequel with the added pressure of making it "more realistic than the last."

In discussing the role with the director, Juergens has made the decision to do her own stunts in addition to her motion capture and voice acting. Preparation for this role has included a combination of physical exercise and close-combat training for both the lead actress and the animation team. The goal is to make the performance as Senua, along with the game itself, look and feel as real as possible, a goal that both Ninja Theory and Juergens share.

"It's making it less about being a game, actually," stated Ninja Production Director Rupert Brooker, "and more about it feeling as natural as possible, that's going to be the real challenge." This series of behind-the-scenes footage was originally slated to air in December of last year but was delayed until now, with more episodes coming to the channel in the near future. As shown in the video, the studio and actress have all been working hard to prepare for the new release, with expectations set high for the team and their fans.

Even the animation team has taken to the art of the blade, participating in the same sword fighting course to help the actress train. While there's no release date set for the sequel Senua's Saga, recent developments and teasers such as this have fans on the edge of their seats waiting for the date to drop.

The first game was widely regarded as a work of art, and it appears that Ninja Theory has taken its time over the years trying to push the sequel and the interactive medium as a whole one step farther.

Ninja Theory has shown that video games are just as capable of breathtaking and emotional experiences as movies, perhaps even more so.

These behind-the-scenes clips show just how much time and work goes into projects like this, and if executed properly, how beautiful the end result becomes.
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is an experience that shouldn't be passed on, and the sequel has the promise to be just as impactful.
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