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You can now download Hitman 2 APK for android mobile and PC ( without human verification ). This game is so so amazing on android phone, trust me” you will surely enjoy it. Do you know the most amazing thing about this latest version of Hitman 2 APK game? You don’t need any human verification before you could start playing the game. To download this game is absolutely for free, you don’t need to a dime.

Download the latest version of HitMan for Android. The same Free Fire, better graphics. The king of multiplayer FPS games - now on Android. Hitman 3 Apk Android Mobile Version Crack Edition Full Game Setup Free Download Description of the game Hitman 3 Hitman III is the final version of the World of Assassination trilogy, in which the famous assassin of Forty-Seven will set out to conquer new locations and fulfill a number of important contracts.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is available now for Android. Players take the character of an assassin called Agent 47 in this game. It is a video game that requires you to assassinate people to complete your mission on most levels. You can as well check out the PPSSPP ISO below;


How to play Hitman 2 Mod APK + OBB File For Andriod & PC?

This game features an environment that is filled with sandboxes that are hyper-detailed. There can be dangerous and deadly things in this environment, so players have to be careful when relating to things in this environment. There are different ways players can complete missions.

Hitman 2 OBB File Download For Android

You can eliminate your target without noise, like setting deadly traps, putting poison in a drink rather than shooting your target. The Agent 47 can disguise himself to relate well with his environments and also gain access to areas that are out of bounds. Hitman 2 Android has all the original game features. Playing it on mobile is very exciting.

For instance, the player can disguise himself as a Russian soldier that possesses an AK-47. Nearby Guards can become suspicious especially when they can examine 47 more firmly. Therefore, agent 47 has to be careful because if there is too much suspicion, his cover might be blown, and get killed.

Features of Hitman 2 APK Mod Game

  • Hyper-detailed sandboxes

The Hyper-detailed sandboxes are filled with breathing and living environments that can be explored. Players have to beware of dangerous and deadly creatures when relating with the environment.

  • Freedom to plan the assassination

Players can plan assassination with the use of various weapons and tools. Players can choose how they want to eliminate their target.

  • Disguises

Players can form disguise anywhere and anyhow. You can disguise to complete your mission; disguises help to relate to the environment.

Download Hitman 2 APK For Android Mobile And PC ( Without Human Verification )

Follow the link below to download the game;

How To Install Hitman 2 Apk Game On Android & PC

The apk file is very easy to install:

  1. Just click the download button above.
  2. Wait until the file is downloaded then open it
  3. Install Hitman 2.apk file on your Android device
  4. Follow the instructions inside
  5. Start and Enjoy the Game

Make sure you checked the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

By now you must have download Hitman 2 APK for android mobile and PC ( without human verification ). Make sure you follow the instructions above to install successfully. Remember to share with friends on social media, so that they will enjoy with us.

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In this post, Gurugamer.com is going to thoroughly discuss the Hitman 2 and share with you tips on Hitman 2 APK download for Android at the end. Let’s make a start now!

Table of Contents

1. Hitman 2 Overview

Developed by IO Interactive and launched by Warner Bros, Hitman 2 is a well-known stealth video game available to play for free on Xbox One, PS4 and Microsoft Windows. It’s the sequel to Hitman 2016 and the 7th entry in the Hitman series which made its way into the gaming market in 2018.

Since its launch, Hitman 2 has received a handful of positive reviews; many of which say that it’s truly an improvement over the predecessor. These reviews and rating on Hitman 2 is obviously glowing testimony of the game’s popularity in gaming fraternity. In great detail, the difficulty level of each mission goes up with time yet players can freely have a bloodbath or take the silent killer mode. Besides, there is still room for improvements and we hope to see them in the next editions.

2. Hitman 2 Storyline

To continue the Hitman story, Agent 47 embarks on a mission of hunting the mysterious “Shadow Client” to disassemble his militia. 47’s first lead is the location of Alma Reynard, one of the Shadow Client’s lieutenants. 47 can make use of her home in New Zealand to get some intel on activities of the “Shadow Clients” before killing her. Mightily impressed by 47’s performance, Providence authorizes him and the International Contract Agency (ICA) to ferret out the remaining Shadow Client’s militia.

Following the intel collected from Alma Reynard, Agent 47 heads to Miami to assassinate Robert Knox and his daughter, who used to be Providence members yet defected to the Shadow Client’s side and have covertly sold advanced weapons to war criminals. In the meantime, the rest of Providence members descend into consternation since more of their operatives are brutally murdered worldwide. In spite of this, Providence still manages to detect the Shadow Client as Lucas Grey to deceased Eugene Cobb, the Providence key-holder. Lucas Grey is currently in Central Europe to devise his own plans with Olivia Hall and asserts that they badly need the help of 47 in case they are to dismantle Providence.

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3. Hitman 2 Gameplay

The gameplay of Hitman 2 is pretty similar to the 2016 version. Agent 47 travels around the world to assassinate high-profile targets for ICA. There are 6 missions in total that are set in 6 corresponding distinct locations: Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand), a fictional area in Santa Fortuna (Colombia), a racetrack in Miami, a fictional Vermont suburb, the slums of Mumbai, and lastly, a fictional Isle of Sgàil (North Atlantic).

4. Hitman 2: Outstanding Features

Have you had a broad overview of the Hitman 2 game? Below are the reasons why Hitman 2 APK for Android is well worth considering for download.

High graphics

Hitman No Download Free To Play

To tell the truth, Hitman 2 requirement system is a little bit on the higher side, so it’s quite hard to devices with moderate specs to run the game. Thanks to a gang of tireless developers, Hitman 2 features perfect art and design in every single installment.

Hyper-detailed sandboxes

The Hyper-detailed boxes in Hitman 2 are filled with a living and breathing environment that can be explored. You are required to beware of the deadly creatures while relating to the environment here.


In Hitman 2, you’re able to form disguise anywhere and anyhow to accomplish your missions.

Freedom to plan an assassination

Hitman 2 players can utilize various tools and weapons to plan the assassination. You can also choose the way you want to knock your target down.

5. Hitman 2 APK download for Android

At the end of the day, we would like to reveal the Hitman 2 APK free download for Android to those who cannot afford a PC or gaming console.

Please note that Hitman 2 is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. However, it’s not free of charge that is the reason why we introduce you Hitman 2 APK download for Android.


Just follow our step-by-step instructions on Hitman 2 game download for Android below and enjoy the free game on mobile.

Hitman 1 game free download for android softonic
  • Step 1: Visit http://www.hitman2.mobi/img/JC4.apk to download the Hitman 2 APK Android
  • Step 2: If you download the file from a PC, connect your device to the PC.
  • Step 3: Copy the APK file to your device.
  • Step 4: Open the file and install it. Do not forget to enable “Installation of applications from unknown sources” on your device.
  • Step 5: After the installation, open the game and it’ll download the OBB and data files. After that, the game will be ready for you to play.

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