How To Calculate Axle Weight

Before you get on the road with a trailer, you need to be sure that your trailer can handle the load you are going to be hauling.

Each state has a series of regulations that govern the amount of weight that can be hauled with a trailer, and every trailer comes with a rating for a total, or gross, amount of weight it can carry. If you overload your trailer, you can not only wind up with an expensive ticket, but you could also have a serious accident.

Axle Weight Regulations And Limits By State

You can quickly estimate the axle weight of your load, tractor or pickup, and your trailer, to determine if you can safely transport the cargo with your equipment.

RT Axle Weight Calculator

Add the total weight of the load you will be carrying to the total trailer weight. Divide the total weight of the load and trailer by the total number of tandem axles. Include the load bearing axle in your count.

What is axle weight?

The load bearing axle is the axle that is part of the tractor or pickup you are using to pull the load that is closest to the trailer. This amount represents the total weight per tandem axle of your load and trailer.

How do you calculate an axle weight distribution?

Write down the total weight of your tractor or pickup. This weight is usually listed on the interior of the driver's side door as the GVW (gross vehicle weight). Seventy percent of your GVW is the weight of the steering axle--the axle located at the front of your tractor or pickup.

Federal Limits

Divide the remaining 30 percent of your GVW by the number of axles you used in Step 2. Add the weight of the load and trailer per axle to the weight of your tractor or pickup per axle together.

Axle Weight Calculator

The sum will give you the total estimated axle weight. Do not forget to list the total axle weight of your steering axle that you found in Step 3 along with your final weights found in step 4 when trying to determine the capacity of your tractor and trailer.

How to calculate the axle position of a car?

This equation provides an estimate for the total axle weight of load, tractor and trailer only. Automated software is available to perform precise calculations that take into account air inflation, distance of axles and road conditions that are necessary to determining the behavior of a load in transit.

How are axle weight and bodywork calculations calculated?

Cassandra Tribe has worked in the construction field for over 17 years and has experience in a variety of mechanical, scientific, automotive and mathematical forms.

How to calculate the axle length of a triple axle?

She has been writing and editing for over 10 years. Her areas of interest include culture and society, automotive, computers, business, the Internet, science and structural engineering and implementation. This is a simple Truck App to calculate the Weight on the Drive and Trailer Axles, when weighing on a Platform scale.

Maximum permitted weight limit

You can make a quick comparison to the allowable limits of your Truck. Obviously you should use a CAT Scale when available, as CAT Scales are guaranteed to be accurate. However, if a CAT scale is not within a reasonable distance, the Truck Axle Weights calculator will help verify your weight on your Drive and Trailer axles, reducing math errors.It works with 3 and 4 axle tractors.

How much does an axle weigh?

The difference will be, that the allowable weight on 3 drives or 3 Trailer axels will obviously be more than on 2 drives or 2 trailer axels. It does not show legal weights because legal weights depend on the distance between axles, or the manufacturer specification, which ever is lower; plus there are some grandfathered weights and the states proclivity to round up or round down.

Screen Shots

To calculate allowable weights, see RoadTrucker's Free App, "RT Bridge Calculator for Truckers".Note: This app is for use on Platform Scales.

What’s the max weight per axle on a 18 wheeler?

DO NOT USE ON CAT SCALES. It is NOT needed as the CAT scales will give you each axel directly, so there is nothing to calculate.

How do you calculate gross axle weight rating?

Tractor and Trailer. Here's the Screen Shots for RT Axle Weight, showing the Results from entering, 12,000 lbs for the Steer Axel; 46,000 lbs for the Tractor (Steer & Drive Axels together) and 80,000 lbs for the entire Truck & Trailer.

What is the weight of the rear axle?

Notice the Steer axel does not need to be calculated, but does need to entered to calculate the Drive and Trailer axles. Pull the Steer tires of your cab onto the Platform scale.

State Axle Weight Limits

Open the Application. - After 1 seconds, the keyboard will come up. Input your Steer Weight from the scale. Pull your entire Tractor onto the Platform scale.

How do I adjust the weight on my axle?

Input your Tractor Weight - When selected, the App will scroll up, showing that a 3d input box is available. Pull your entire Truck and Trailer onto the Platform scale. Input your total Truck and Trailer Weight - When selected, the App will scroll up, showing that a Calculate button is available.

How axle weight limits are determined

Press the Calculate Button. The Truck Axle Weights calculator will show you the weight on your steer, drive and trailer axle/s. The Steer you get directly from the scale. Press Ok to exit the box. Send us your comments / suggestions / feedback for App development.

Shortcuts to edit dimensions

RoadTrucker Feedback Form. Note: The above App is Copyright Protected. You are welcome to advertise the above App and offer it FREE to your website visitors, under the condition that you link back to this page, using a clickable follow or nofollow link and giving RoadTrucker full credit for the development.

Webinar Series

Selling this application is strictly prohibited by RoadTrucker. This month, we’ve added tutorials to help you get the most out of the Axle Weight Calculator app, allowed you to define payload in terms of volume or weight, and provided a way to copy payload items.

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When specifying individual payload items, first choose between Weight and Volume. If Volume, define the Unit of Volume, for example gallon, cubic foot, etc. Then define the density of the material, for example Diesel at 6.843 lb/gal.

Why axle weight limits exist

The weight of the payload is automatically calculated based on the specified quantity. The weights table shows the distribution of that weight over the axles. When you’ve added an item of payload, simply use the ‘Copy Payload Item’ icon to duplicate that item.

Looking for an easier way?

The copy is placed directly behind the copied item, and the axle weights are automatically recalculated. Where a hitch and trailer are present, the Tongue Weight (or ‘Hitch Load’) label on the drawing shows the percentage of the total trailer weight that is transferred to the hitch.

Axle Type

Always check that the hitch load is within the range approved by your hitch supplier. Some users had expressed frustration with the way the menu was obscuring the drawing when changes were being made. Now, when you click a dimension on the drawing, a small pop-up appears with just that dimension.

#1 Tire Weight Limit

Editing the dimension immediately updates the graphic and the weights table, and you can see the effect of changes as you make them. We’ve reorganized the Home screen to group everything relating to new calculations together, and to make space for the new Resources section.

Frost Laws

Use the ‘New Calculation’ tab to choose a Manufacturer Specification or TruckScience template, or to ask us to add a vehicle to the Manufacturer Specifications library. We’ve added a new Resources section on the Home screen, where you’ll find tutorials (recordings of recent webinars), case studies and other useful resources.

Axle spacings and weight calculator

We will add more resources as time goes by. We have been running regular webinars on Calculating Axle Weights. Visit our YouTube channel here to see recordings of previous webinars. To register for the next webinar this Thursday, simply click on the image below:.

Why axle weight limits are important to truckers

In response to requests from users in Australia, Canada, Japan, South Africa and the United States, we’ve added Aerial platforms, Cranes, Dropside bodies, Pallets, Roll Off Hoists and Semi-trailers from Carrier, Effer, HMF, Palfinger, Smith Capital Equipment, Socage and Vawdrey… as well as vehicles from the FAW, FUSO, Hino, International, Isuzu, Iveco, Kenworth, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, TATA, UD Trucks, Volkswagen and Volvo ranges.

Axle Spacings

Please continue to submit your requests for vehicles, bodies and equipment. The realistic graphics of the standard equipment in the library add to the professionalism of the report you share with your customers. Many of these ideas for improving the app came from our users.

#2 Axle and Axle Group Limits

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