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Once you install Windows 7 on your laptop or desktop, you will be asked to enter the product key to your Windows 7 in order to use or activate the software and the operating system. You need to activate the software with the product key to work on your Windows properly. If you do not activate it at that moment, then it will keep sending you notifications now and then and every four hours with the message “Active Now” which can get annoying.

You might also need the product key to your Windows 7 if you want to reinstall the software on your desktop or laptop. It is not easy to find the product key; it is next to impossible to read the code without any help. It is in a binary format, so it becomes hard to figure out the product key if you have very little to no knowledge about the Windows operating system. Microsoft has used great techniques to make it really hard and difficult to reach for the product key for its Windows 7 software.

Part 1. What Is Windows 7 Product Key


  1. It has been done to maintain safety and security privacies.
    But you do not have to worry or panic if you cannot find the product key in your Windows 7. With the help of these articles and the points and steps mentioned below, you can easily find your product key. There are 3 easy methods for this. Generally, if you purchased a physical copy of Windows, the product key should be on a label or card in the box that came with Windows. If Windows is pre-installed on your PC, the product key should appear on a label on the device’s Certificate of Authenticity (COA) label. Microsoft product keys are often located on a product key sticker on your computer, as shown in the following example:. If the label does not exist or is damaged, the product key can still be retrieved.
  2. When the popup is active, use Ctrl + C, it will copy the contents of the window to the clipboard, and then you can paste it into Notepad or elsewhere.
    Check the label or card inside the box your Windows copy came in. If you purchased a physical copy of Windows, such as an installation CD or package, you can find your product key on a label or card inside the box.[2]
  3. Therefore, we recommend that you use the Product Key Finder instead of this script method.
    Step 1: Choose a free product key-finder program from this list that supports Windows 7. Step 2: Download and run the key-finder program. Follow any instructions provided by the software. Step 3: The numbers and letters displayed by the program represent the Windows 7 product key. The product key should be formatted like this:.
  4. Step 5: Reinstall Windows 7 using that product key.
    Contact your PC's manufacturer for your original product key.[4] If you've lost or can't find your product key, you can contact your computer's manufacturer, and learn the Windows 7 product key for your computer.

Finding Windows 7 Product Key Is Easy and You Can Do It within 1-Click

  1. Either way, as many reasons there are, there are some workable ways to reveal the Windows product key yourself.
    Now let's take a look at how to easily find windows 7 product key, cmd or key finder. There are different reasons why you wanted to find your Windows 7 product key. Maybe you forgot it and simply wanted to find it back.
  2. Normally, this product key is saved in the Windows registry.
    So you can open Windows 7 view product key in registry and help retrieve this information if you've accidentally lost the packaging. Step 1: Click on the Windows Start button located at the left bottom of the screen and select Run.
  3. Step 2: Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData" all the way in the Registry Editor and press Ctrl + F keys to locate "ProductID" key.
    Step 3: Right-click the ProductID key and select Modify. View the number displayed. This is your product key for Windows 7 you are finding.
  4. In addition to taking advantage of register editor, you can also check windows 7 product key using command prompt.
    Step 1: Press Windows Key + R, and then type CMD in the search box. Step 2: Now type or paste the following code in the cmd and hit Enter to see the result.
  5. Step 4: Note down the product key in a safe place.
    If Windows 7 product key is lost and can't be found on the above place, PassFab Product Key Recovery can help you recover the lost product key of installed Windows system and provides you with a way to quickly and easily archive them.
  6. To get started you need to download and install the latest version of PassFab Product Key Recovery.
    Then follow these steps:. Double click its icon on desktop to launch it. Then click "Get Key" on the central bottom.
    Windows 7 product key and registration code for other programs are displayed.

Method 7. Contact PC's Manufacturer

  1. After that, hit "Generate Text" to generate a text for them in case you need to find Windows 7 product key again.
    After getting Windows 7 licence key, you need to activate your Windows 7. How to use Windows 7 product key for free activation? Here is a simple guide. Click the Windows button and right click on Computer to choose Properties. A system window will pop up informing you to activate Windows now. Click "Activate Windows now" on Windows Activation page and wait for while, you will be asked to provide a 25-character product key for activation.
  2. By the way, if you forgot Windows 7 administrator password after activating the system, and would like to bypass it, 4WinKey may be your better choice.
    At last, if you still have any questions regarding this guide or other related Windows problems, just feel free to leave your comments in the comment section.
  3. Find Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP Product Key.
    Recover Microsoft Office 2013/2010/2007/2003 License Key. Retrieve Serial Key from Other Products, like Internet Explorer. Written byTracy King.
  4. Windows key, also known as Windows product key, is normally used for activating Windows operating systems on computers.
    On this page, we'll take Windows 7 as an example to present 7 reliable ways for you to follow and find the Windows 7 key successfully on your own. Windows 7, as a classic operating system, attracted quite a lot of fans when the system was first released. As time goes by, Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft anymore. However, to some Windows 7 users, it's still necessary to record and keep the product key.
  5. Virus infection or malware invalidate Windows 7.
    So how to find the product key on your old Windows 7 computer? Move on, and you'll get the answer in the next part. We collected 7 ways that are efficient and you may try any one of them to find the Windows 7 product key:.
  6. For the easiest way to find Windows 7 product key, you can turn to 1-click Windows 7 product key finder in Method 1 for help.
    Also, if you are familiar with Windows 7, you may also turn to Method 2 or Method 3 for checking Windows 7 key.
  7. Let's go and follow to find the product key on your Windows 7 computers now.
    Tool: 1-click Windows key finder - EaseUS Key Finder. Duration: 1-2 minutes. If you search Windows product key finder, you may get multiple recommendations. The first tool that we would like to recommend you try is a 1-click Windows 7 product key finder - EaseUS Key Finder.
    Besides finding your Windows 7 product key, you can also apply it to check other software serial numbers.

Method 1: Find Windows 7 Product Key in Registry

Find Windows 11/10 product key. Check Adobe serial key for Adobe CC, CS2, Photoshop, Acrobat, etc. Find Microsoft Office product key for Word, Excel, PPT, etc. Check Browser accounts and passwords of Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge. Click "Windows" tab under the Registry Key. Check Windows product key on the right side. Click "Copy" to paste. Or select other two options:. "Save" - Save to local as a PDF file. "Print" - Click to print key file.
Type cmd in the Run dialog and click "OK".
Type the following command line to let CMD find Windows 7 product key:.

wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey and hit Enter.

Bonus Tips: How to Activate Windows 7 to Get Free Windows 7 Product Key

  • Try re-entering your Windows 7 product key if you receive an “invalid product key” error. This error usually means you mistyped the product key, or that you’re entering the product key for another version of Windows.[5]
  • You can also use the software Show Key Plus. It will quickly scan your system and then tell you what your product key is.[6]
  • Note that normally, we don't suggest that ordinary users turning to Registry Editor as it's a bit complex and a tiny mistake may cause the computer to malfunction.

Method 2: Find Windows 7 Product Key from Command Prompt

So please be sure that you'll follow the guide below carefully for finding Windows 7 product key:.
Type regedit in the search boxand select to open Windows Registry Editor.
Follow the path below to navigate and open the Microsoft folder:.
Open the search window, and type ProductKey and then click "Find Next".
Find the key named ProductID and at the data section, your Windows 7 product key is lying there.
Tool: Windows 7 Product Key COA (Certificate of Authenticity) Sticker.
Duration: 1 minute. If you purchased Windows 7 offline, you may get a COA sticker that contains the product key of your OS.
So if you still can find the sticker, you can go and find the Windows 7 product key:.
Take the Windows 7 COA sticker out.
Find the number next to Product Key,and this is your Windows 7 license code.
Tool: Computer label or card.
Duration: 1 minute.
Some computer manufacturers will send the Windows 7 key inside the computer box.
Normally, it's pasted on the product box or on the installation CD cover, or even on the computer case.
Find the computer box, CD, or computer case.

What is a product key?

  1. Check and find the Windows 7 Product Key. Tool: Email with product key in Index.
  2. Duration: 1-2minutes. If you purchased Windows 7 online, the Microsoft support team would send an email with the product key to you.
  3. And if you still can find the email, you can view and check the product key.
  4. Open your mailbox and find the email with Windows 7 product key.
  5. Check and find the Windows 7 key. Tool: Telephone. Duration: 3-30 minutes.
  6. The last way that you can try is to try to contact the PC manufacturer.

7 Ways to Find Windows 7 Product Key

Most Windows operating system license keys are shipped with computers.
And the PC manufacturer may have a way to help find the product key of Windows 7. On this page, we provided 7 solutions with detailed guide steps for you to check and find Windows 7 product key. Among the solutions, the easiest and most efficient way to check the Windows operating system license key is turning to product key finder - EaseUS Key Finder for help.
As your Windows key is important, go and follow to find it back right now.
In many cases, commercial software requires that you enter a product key in order to activate it.
Article SummaryX

1. Check the COA sticker on the top, back, bottom or any side of your computer.
2. Check the label or card inside the box if you bought a physical copy of Windows.
3. Check the confirmation email if you bought Windows online.
4. Contact your PC manufacturer if you don't have your COA sticker.

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This key confirms that you own a valid user license for the software.
Microsoft has always made use of a product key for the activation of its operating system.
If you want to reinstall Windows, you will need to enter your serial number again.
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Before downloads became the norm, software was sold on physical storage media, such as CDs or disks, from which the programs could be installed and launched.
But since these media were often copied or lent out to friends or acquaintances, software manufacturers began assigning individual numbers to every copy sold.
This ensured that software could only be used once the purchased product key had been entered.
But with the majority of software now available for download, the days of printed product keys on CD sleeves are long gone.

Method 1. Find Windows 7 Key Using Windows 7 Product Key Finder

Because operating systems come preinstalled when you purchase a desktop or laptop computer, you no longer need to make note of a product key to get started.
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