How To Turn Off Offline Mode Spotify

Spotify users in the fourth quarter of 2020 crossed 345 Million users.

How to Go Offline in Spotify for Windows and Mac

And its revenues in the first quarter of 2021 are over 2.4 Billion Euros.

These stats are screaming how good of an application Spotify is. But once in a while, it does some stunts that need to be solved. One of these issues is Spotify says offline or no internet connection.

Try out well crafter solution below for well-searched reasons. Before we dive into the solutions, it's essential to understand why you have Spotify says offline.

Part 1. How to Solve Spotify Says Offline Issue

So here below are some of the possible reasons for your Spotify says offline when you are online.

Most of the stuff is self-explanatory. You will get to know the things once we get there.

How to Put Spotify in Offline Mode

Sometimes we can do web surfing at a pretty disturbing internet connection.

That's primarily because it only takes milliseconds of a mild strong internet connection to fetch all results for browsing.

But playing music on Spotify is different.

It needs a reliable connection throughout. If you can do web surfing or other less demanding stuff, that doesn't mean Spotify says offline is a glitch.

Network settings of your mobile or desktop may turn on data saving to prevent data usage.

Or it might be the case where all demanding applications are put on hold for data usage.

Just make sure to exempt Spotify from such conditions. To check the data saver apps, go to Settings, then click on Wireless & Networks.

Then click on Data Usage and then hit on Data Saver.

A firewall is a shield on top of your windows data manager. It filters out what information goes out and what comes in.

if the firewall blocks access to any server, no information will be sent out or received from that server.

Incase of Spotify, if the firewall is prohibiting Spotify from accessing the internet.

Spotify will say no internet connection because virtually It has no internet access despite its availability.

Part 2. How to Listen to Spotify Offline without Premium

Public Wifi in schools, hospitals, and elsewhere calibrate to provide access to a limited number of domains/websites.

It's done to prevent excessive data usage and promote the original purpose of public Wifi.

Part 2. Spotify Says Offline: How to Fix?

For example, the public Wifi in college will only allow access to websites like Wikipedia and similar educational websites.

You can't play Spotify or Netflix in school for that reason.

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