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This Fix Pack will upgrade your SPSS Statistics 24.0 installation to SPSS Statistics 24.0 FP1 ( This Fix Pack provides important product corrections for SPSS Statistics 24.0.Issues Corrected and Release Note(s): Fix ListNOTE: The Fix Pack contains all Interim Fixes made available for, as well as other corrected issues, and can be installed over any of the earlier Interim Fixes with no conflict. This Fix Pack is language independent but can only be installed over existing client and server installations of IBM SPSS Statistics
If you are searching for the IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription download, please refer to IBM Docs SaaS Documentation.
Ensure that no versions of Statistics are running. Execute the Statistics Fix Pack installer from the downloaded .dmg file. Statistics is ready to run. Use the About Statistics 24 menu to verify that is the installed version. IBM SPSS Statistics 24 release is supported on Apple Macintosh OS X 10.9 through OS X 10.11 with Intel processor. Guidelines for unattended/pushed installations for Macintosh-based clients:. IBM SPSS Statistics 24 FixPack 1 for Mac OS X has a silent (push) installer. To install this FixPack on Mac systems, do the following:. Open the 24.0-IM-S24STATC-Mac-Silent-FP001.dmg disk image and copy the two files to your desktop (or any writable location). Open a Terminal window and change directories to the location of the patch installer and file. Edit the file to suit your needs. The USER_INSTALL_DIR parameter must be defined. For example, if the current SPSS Statistics 24 install is in the default /Applications/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/24, USER_INSTALL_DIR would be: USER_INSTALL_DIR=/Applications/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/24. Uncomment and modify other parameters as needed. To execute the installer, use the following command: ./SPSS_Statistics_Installer_Silent.bin -f Installation Linux. Download the Fix Pack to a temporary location on your hard drive. Ensure that no versions of Statistics are running. Open a terminal window and execute the 24.0-IM-S24STATC-Linux8664-FP001.bin executable file as the ‘root’ user. Statistics is ready to run. Use the Help -> About menu to verify that is the installed version. Guidelines for unattended/pushed installations for Linux-based clients:. The SPSS Statistics for Linux Fix Pack obeys the same rules documented in the Site and Network License Administrator's Guides regarding "Running a Silent Installation on Mac and Linux Computers". Note: Please contact IBM SPSS Technical Support to obtain the appropriate file for the Linux platform. SPSS Statistics Server - 24.0 FP1 Installation Instructions.
Installation Windows. Log in as a local administrator. Download the Fix Pack contents to a temporary location. Ensure that the same version of Statistics Server is not running, as multiple versions can be installed on the server. Run the Statistics Server Fix Pack executable.Note: you must use "Run as Administrator" by first right-clicking on the executable.


SPSS Statistics Server is ready to run.

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