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" — The last line of the series. iGoodbye is a special that contains the 14th and 15th episodes of Season 5 and the 108th-109th episodes overall, being the last episode of the series. This episode marks the series finale of the original iCarly. Carly is looking forward to going to a father-daughter Air Force dance with her dad, but when he is unable to make it home for the dance, she becomes extremely unhappy. Spencer offers to take her to this dance and even cancels an important date, but Lewbert sneezes on him and causes him to become very ill, making it nearly impossible for him to go.
Not even the fact of Freddie and Gibby offering to take her can cheer Carly up in this depressing situation, although she appreciates the guesture, since the dance itself is supposed to be a "father-and-daughter" event, and after this year, she'll be too old to attend.

Guest Stars

As Carly sits there crying, her dad unexpectedly comes in. Everyone's surprised but happy to see him, and Colonel Shay and his daughter happily go to the dance. After the dance, Carly is looking forward to spending time with her dad, but he says he has to leave again the same night to go back to a military base all the way over in Italy.

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