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Carly is sad when her father cannot escort her to a military dance; Sam and Spencer fix a motorcycle; Gibby gets his head stuck in an "artificial head machine" (because he sold his first one at the pawn shop); Freddie gets a new phone.
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"And... we're clear. "
— The last line of the series.


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iGoodbye is a special that contains the 14th and 15th episodes of Season 5 and the 108th-109th episodes overall, being the last episode of the series. This episode marks the series finale of the original iCarly.
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Carly is looking forward to going to a father-daughter Air Force dance with her dad, but when he is unable to make it home for the dance, she becomes extremely unhappy. Spencer offers to take her to this dance and even cancels an important date, but Lewbert sneezes on him and causes him to become very ill, making it nearly impossible for him to go.

Not even the fact of Freddie and Gibby offering to take her can cheer Carly up in this depressing situation, although she appreciates the guesture, since the dance itself is supposed to be a "father-and-daughter" event, and after this year, she'll be too old to attend. As Carly sits there crying, her dad unexpectedly comes in. Everyone's surprised but happy to see him, and Colonel Shay and his daughter happily go to the dance.

After the dance, Carly is looking forward to spending time with her dad, but he says he has to leave again the same night to go back to a military base all the way over in Italy. Seeing how sad his daughter is, Colonel Shay offers to have her live on the base with him, and adds that lots of the military officials' families (including their kids) live on the base with them. Carly's a little unsure of what to do, but Spencer and the others encourage her to go to Italy, with Sam assuring her that the internet will still be there once she gets back from Italy. Carly ultimately agrees to go after her dad adds that if she comes with him, she'll be able to meet lots of good-looking Italian guys.

The iCarly gang does a special webcast, during which they explain that the show will be put on hiatus while Carly's in Italy with her dad and thank all their fans for their love and support for the show--they have Colonel Shay come on the show as a special guest star, and during the webcast, Spencer finally reveals to his dad that he dropped out of law school, and Colonel Shay nearly strangles his son out of anger.

After the webcast, Carly says goodbye to Spencer and her friends before she and her dad get to the airport and board the plane for the military base in Italy. During the goodbyes, Colonel Shay seems to have forgiven Spencer for dropping out of law school and the father-and-son both acknowledge that Spencer probably wouldn't have been a very good lawyer.

Subplot I

Spencer's friend Socko wants to give his cousin, Ryder, a 1964 Sterling motorcycle as a birthday present, and Sam, who's really into motorcycles, helps Spencer fix up the bike. However, once the bike is ready, Spencer reveals that Socko and Ryder got into a fight, so Socko won't be giving his cousin the motorcycle. Sam, at first, gets mad at Spencer for not telling her that before, but Spencer explains that he wants Sam to have the bike (especially with how hard she worked on it), which she happily accepts.

Subplot II

Freddie gets a gigantic new phone from his mother and is constantly made fun of by everyone.

Subplot III

Gibby gets a new replica of his head, but gets stuck in the replication machine. When he gets out, the owner of the shop gives him the head replica for free and also his pet weasel, which he hates anyway.

Carly leaves for Italy while viewing a montage of archived webcasts, while everyone reminisces about the last few years and thinks about their part in making iCarly, while Sam tries out her brand-new motorcycle, riding on it happily through the South, leading to the events of Sam & Cat. Freddie, off-screen, says his famous closing line; "And... we're clear".

Guest Stars

  • David Chisum as Colonel Steven Shay
  • Jeremy Rowley as Lewbert Sline
  • Mary Scheer as Marissa Benson
  • BooG!e as T-Bo
  • Mindy Sterling as Ms. Briggs
  • Dan Schneider as Meekalito


  • While this episode marks the series finale of the original iCarly, it was merely the beginning of a 9-year hiatus of the webshow iCarly, as hinted during this episode's webcast, although not knowing that the show would actually be revived. iCarly is restarted in the pilot episode of the 2021 iCarly Revival.
  • A brand new opening sequence for this episode was created.[4] This features the words "iCarly.com" replaced with "iGoodbye" at the start of the sequence, and clips of characters in the pilot for their respective cards, except for Noah Munck as Gibby, which features the notable clip of Gibby dancing shirtless on top of a table.
  • There was a longer version of the scene where Carly and Sam eat cake batter. They have a longer conversation as seen in a sneak peek.
  • This is the second intro that has flashbacks for each credit except Noah. First was in iApril Fools
  • Nathan was given some props from the set during this last episode: Freddie's little glow sticks he has on his laptop, a paper-thin Pearphone insert, and a food scale that was in the Shay kitchen, which now belongs to his mom.[5]
  • According to Nathan, as part of the cast a Twist magazine interview on-set, this episode was originally a half hour, but they decided to extend it because of all the information and antics in the storyline.
  • The title was first confirmed by a tweet from BooG!e at the last table read.
  • This episode was first due to air on November 24th, but was replaced with the premieres of Victorious and Marvin Marvin.
  • At the time this episode aired, iCarly was the longest running live-action, non-sketch comedy Nickelodeon show in terms of episodes - 109 in total.
    • iCarly held the record since March 2011 when it surpassed The Secret World of Alex Mack, which closed at 78 episodes.
    • However, this record was surpassed by Henry Danger when its 110th episode was released on September 21st, 2019.
  • Wesley was set to appear in this episode portrayed by Victor Kelso[6] but did not.
  • Ms. Briggs and Lewbert appear in this episode after being absent since iApril Fools.
  • This marks the final appearances of Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Spencer Shay, Freddie Benson and Gibby Gibson as main characters and Marissa Benson, T-Bo, Ms. Briggs, and Lewbert as recurring characters.
  • Dan Schneider's wife Lisa Lillien was an extra as stated in the comments. She posts "I am basically an extra. I might have one line if I behave... ;)", and, in another comment, she states "I'll be making an itty bitty appearance in the finale."
  • There have been references to her show Hungry Girl and her name in previous iCarly, but this is the first time Lillien has made a cameo on the show as an iCarly character appropriately having the same first name.
    • The Hungry Girl logo appears on an airplane.
    • Dan also stated on his blog that Lisa provided the voice for the flight attendant on the plane.
  • In reply to a fan, Dan revealed that "The last new word spoken by a character in the final episode of iCarly is the word "out"." The word "out" was part of Sam yelling "Get out!" to Lewbert.
  • When Carly logs onto her computer at the end of the episode, Dan Schneider's Twitter page is shown: on it are tweets thanking the writers and cast members for working on iCarly.
  • The final segment of iCarly is a stealthy goodbye and tribute to the fans of iCarly (both the show and the fictional webshow) especially when Sam and Carly say their goodbyes.
  • The last dialogue of the episode is "And we're clear." as said by Freddie. Since it is a sound bite of a voice-over and not really said, the last real line would be "GET OUT!!" as yelled by Sam to Lewbert in the elevator.
  • The episode was promoted as the iCarly Finale Special.
  • The episode is the 97th whole episode to air.
  • The license plate on the red car at the end of this episode reads "ICARLY".
  • The week before iGoodbye was shown, this episode was a trend on TheSlap.com, where Tori, André and others mentioned their favorite moments of iCarly. Tori mentioned iParty, André mentioned Harper from iCarly Saves TV (both André and Harper were played by Leon Thomas III) and Lane mentioned the first season moment, when Sam was dancing with her teacher. He noticed:" Some people think that we are twins!" (Both Lane and Sam's teacher are played by the same actor).
  • Two days before airing, Nickelodeon Philippines and Nickelodeon Italy had started a promo that the lucky winner will receive a prop from iCarly as a prize.
  • The last kiss of the series was in this episode between Carly and Freddie. (Creddie).
  • When Freddie is getting a new case for his phone the pink PearPhone on the Pear Store one of the apps is 'iCarly', It can be seen right at the side.
  • Throughout this episode, Sam wears a black and white striped sweater, although it was said in "iTwins" that she hates stripes. This might mean she got used to them or it's a goof.
  • Sam is the last character shown on-screen in iCarly. This was done to symbolize the segue into Sam & Cat. She is also the final character shown on-screen when you include the ending credits.[citation needed]
  • Sam Puckett moves to a spin-off show, Sam & Cat. Gibby was supposed to move to a series called Gibby, but Nickelodeon did not green light the show.
  • Sam driving away marks the start of Sam & Cat.
  • Carly's outfit that she wears to the dance returns in iGot Your Back, episode 4 of the revival series.
    • This episode is also referenced in that episode.
  • It is revealed in IStart Over, the series revival premiere, that Carly returned to Seattle a year after leaving for Italy in this episode.


  • Freddie's Samsun Gemini Maxpad is a parody of the Samsung Galaxy Note I and II tablet series.
  • In the scene where Carly and Sam go into the elevator for their final conversation, the gang does a group hug and walk together until Carly and Sam are in the elevator. This hugging bit originated in the 1970s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show and has also been done in an episode of Friends and Hannah Montana.[7]

Character Revelations

  • Gibby questions Freddie about his random Spanish outbursts in this episode, but Freddie is interrupted so we never hear his answer.


  • During the theme song for this episode, if one looks very closely just before Noah Munck's name is "clicked" onto the screen, two mouse cursors can be seen for a brief second.
  • After Carly leaves in her pajamas, Spencer appears from his room very sick, rolls over the couch onto the floor then knocks the coffee table over and leaves it lying on its side. But in the next shot, just as Carly returns, the coffee table is standing up again in its usual place, then in the next shot when Carly walks past the coffee table it is now lying upside down.
  • The animal in the cage that is given to Gibby by the salesman in the mall is obviously not a weasel - it is a ferret.
  • If Gibby had already gotten a head before, then the salesman would have recognized him, unless it was a different salesman.
  • Sam would've needed a license to drive the motorcycle.
    • She did suggest that she had a fake license in iToe Fat Cakes.
  • Gibby should have already known that Spencer wasn't Carly's father since he helped out with the webcast in iMeet The First Lady when he stated he thought Spencer was her dad.
  • Sam rides out of Seattle without packing. However, in the Pilot episode of Sam & Cat, she was wearing different clothes.
    • She may have bought new clothes while riding to Los Angeles.
    • Oddly, her clothes in this episode are seen at the beginning of #FavoriteShow, on the sofa-bed.

Running Gags

To be added

Series Continuity

  • References to other episodes include:
    • iPilot: Mrs. Briggs appears in the first scene of the episode, Carly wears her crazy hat for the party, Carly and Sam remember Mrs. Briggs "crazy pointy boobs" and the squirrel camera is seen near the couch (and when Spencer picks it up at the end of the episode, it fittingly catches on fire). Also, Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer remember of the plans for the first iCarly webcast. In the first scene, the picture of Ms. Briggs' head on the body of a rhinoceros from the first episode can be seen on the wall in the background. Also, the posters to the left and right of Carly and Sam's lockers are the same as in iPilot, announcing the science fair and talent show.
    • iLook Alike: Spencer's giant "Newton's Balls" are seen near the stairs.
    • iGot a Hot Room: The gummy lamp is on a shelf near the bathroom.
    • iGet Pranky: Sam listens to The Joke is on You while fixing Spencer's motorcycle.
    • iDo: Sam says Spencer's butt is flat.
    • iLove You: When Sam calls Freddie, he asks Sam if she is wanting them to come back together.
    • iGo One Direction: Gibby asks Spencer if the motorcycle is an exercise machine. In iGo One Direction, Gibby asks Spencer if his exercise machine is a motorcycle.
    • iLost My Head in Vegas: Gibby gets a new fake head after selling the old one.
  • This marks the first and only physical appearance of Colonel Shay, Carly's and Spencer's dad, not counting his barely visible shadow in IMeet The First Lady.
  • Colonel Shay finally finds out that Spencer dropped out of law school.
  • Archived webcasts Carly watches on the plane:
    • The start of the very first webcast (iPilot)
    • Carly and Sam's "once upon a time" introduction (iHire An Idiot)
    • The "Fun With Bacon" segment (iWant a World Record)
    • Random Dancing with Michelle Obama (iMeet The First Lady)
    • The "Old Spice" parody (iOMG)
    • Gibby as "Gibby Parmesan" (iBelieve In Bigfoot)
    • The "Twister Vision" segment (iAm Your Biggest Fan)
    • Spencer saying "Yo, yo, de-yo!" (iWanna Stay With Spencer)
    • Roasting weenies with Techfoots (iPromote Techfoots)
    • Carly and Sam doing scary music (iScream on Halloween)
    • Carly speaking to a Polish viewer (iWill Date Freddie)
    • Spencer making a horse noise in slow motion (iMeet Fred)
    • Freddie during the 3D webcast (iBalls)
    • Carly and Sam saying "Eggs!" (iHatch Chicks)
    • Gibby saying "Floss my toes!" (iWon't Cancel The Show)
    • Lewbert being injured by the exploding muffin basket (iHurt Lewbert)
    • Carly and Sam screaming at the camera (iWant a World Record again)
    • Carly and Sam waking up from ice cold water (iWant a World Record a third time)
    • Carly and Sam making a horse noise in slow motion (iMeet Fred again)
    • Sam with Baggles (iBalls again)
    • Gibby as a snowman (iQ)
    • Carly shocked that Gibby chose her (iWin a Date)
    • The Blowing (iQuit iCarly)
    • Sam blowing her nose in spaghetti (iSell Penny Tees)
    • Gibby marrying Baggles (iFind Spencer Friends)
    • Carly as Melanie Higgles (iGo to Japan)
    • Carly doing a spit take (iAm Your Biggest Fan again)
    • Freddie in Moonlight Twi-Blood (iPity The Nevel)
    • Gibby in Kelly Cooper: Terrible Movie (iKiss)
    • Carly and Sam snorting blueberries out of their noses (iSaw Him First)
    • Spencer as the fake Mayor of Seattle (iToe Fat Cakes)
    • Carly and Sam during raining raisins (iDate a Bad Boy)
    • Gibby flying like a bird (iToe Fat Cakes)
    • Spencer breaking the camera (iStill Psycho)
    • Carly with "Tongue Boy" (iCarly Awards)
    • Carly and Sam giggling (iDate Sam & Freddie)
    • The exploding watermelon (iCarly Saves TV)
    • End of the last webcast (this episode)
  • Sam riding out of Seattle on her motorcycle leads to the start of Sam and Cat.


Freddie:[to T-Bo on phone] Hey T-Bo. No, I didn't steal your shampoo ... why would I ... [Carly and Sam giggle at him] I'll call you back.[Carly and Sam continue to giggle]
Freddie:[to the girls] What, jealous of my new phone?
Sam: That's a phone?
Carly: We thought it was a windshield from a bus. [Carly and Sam rub their hips together] Whoo.

Ms. Briggs: Shouldn't you girls be getting to class by now?
Sam: Shouldn't you be married by now?
Carly: Well, good to see you, Ms. Briggs!
[Ms. Briggs walks away while Carly and Sam stare at her]
Carly: Her boobs really are pointy.
Sam: They're like weapons ...

Lewbert:[sneezes as he enters the Shays' apartment] I got a- [coughs violently] Ahh! I'm so sick!
Sam: Yeah, you look worse than usual.
Spencer:[points at a box in Lewbert's hand] Hey. Is that my package from England? [Lewbert hands him the box]
Sam: What'd you get?
Spencer: It's a choke knob. It's the last part I need to finish that motorcycle.
Lewbert:[mockingly] 'Ooh, I'm Spencer! I got a choke knob!' [twirls around crowing shrilly]
Spencer:[annoyed] Dude! Do you know how hard it is to find an original choke knob for a 19- [Lewbert sneezes hard on Spencer's face, making him drop the box] Ooh! Ahh! [runs into the kitchen screaming and sprays his face and mouth with disinfectant] Paper towel! Paper towel!
Sam: Okay! Okay!
Spencer: Paper towel!
Sam: Okay! [hands Spencer a paper towel]
Spencer:[rubs the paper towel around his face and into his mouth, then lowers it to glare at Lewbert, whose face looks impassive] You sneezed all over my face and tongue!
Lewbert: Tell it to your choke knob! [coughs as he heads for the door] Uh oh. [coughs more violently as he exits the apartment and closes the door behind him]
Sam:[disgusted] Oh, now we gotta spray the door. [turns back to Spencer] You all right?
Spencer: Yeah. Go grab the package.

Carly:[looks at Spencer] Who's all handsome in his fancy tuxedo?
Spencer:[points to himself] Me!

Sam:[on the phone to Freddie] I need to talk to you about something important.
Freddie: What? You wanna get back together?
Sam: What? ... Wait ... Do you?
Freddie:[nervously] I ... just ... [pauses, then changes the subject] ... What's up?

Sam:[After finishing the motorcycle] So, when does Socko give it to his cousin?
Spencer: Uhhh, that would be never.
Sam: What do you mean, never?
Spencer: Well, Socko called a little while ago. He and his cousin got into a fight, now he's not giving him the motorcycle.
Sam: So we did all this work for NOTHING?!
Spencer: Eeeeh, maybe you should put the wrench down.
Sam: Well, what's Socko gonna do with it?
Spencer: He said I could have it.
Sam: Wha ... he just gave you the coolest motorcycle on the planet? For free?
Spencer: M-hm. But ... I don't think I'm gonna keep it.
Sam: What?! You're gonna sell it?!
Spencer: Nah. I think I'm gonna give it away.
Sam: Are you insane?! Give it away to who?!
Spencer: You. [He puts the keys in Sam's hand]
Sam:[In disbelief] Why would you give it to me?
Spencer: 'Cause you're a great best friend to my little sister. And you've got a good heart. And you deserve it.

Carly:[crying] I just want this night to be over. I don't wanna to go to that dance with anyone.
Colonel Shay:[not seen saying it, heard from background] Not even me?
Carly:[turns around] DAD! [runs to him]

Gibby: So, Spencer's not her dad?
[Sam and Freddie turn their heads and give him an exasperated look]

Carly: T-Bo lives across the hall with Freddie and his mother.
Colonel Shay: Oh, so are you dating Freddie's mother?
T-Bo:[Chokes on his spaghetti taco]

Gibby:[Reacting to Col. Shay leaving] Wow, way to bring us all down.

Sam: You need to meet our very special guest.
Carly and Sam: Colonel Steven Shay of the United States Air Force!
Carly: My dad!
Sam:[pushes applause button on remote while she and Carly clap] Whoo!

Colonel Shay:[about Baby Spencer] Oh my god, this freaks me out. You know I paid to put this kid though law school?
Baby Spencer: Ummm ... about that ...
Colonel Shay: Yes?
Baby Spencer: Well ... ummm ... it's possible ... that I ... dropped out of law school. Hahaha.
Colonel Shay: He's kidding, right? Tell me he's kidding. [Starts choking Baby Spencer]

Sam:[as Cowboy] What in the blazes are you doing?
Carly:[as Idiot Farm Girl, tickling the false mustache] I'm tickling your squirrel.

Carly:Listen. Doing iCarly for you guys has meant so, so much to me. And, it's changed my life.

Carly: And, ummm ... I wanna say: To the fans of iCarly, thank you.
Sam: Without you guys, we'd just be a couple of idiots with a camera. In an attic.
Carly: Which we are.
Sam: Oh, yeah.

Carly: I'm Carly.
Sam: I'm Sam.
Carly: And this has been ...
Carly and Sam:[in a sad tone] ... iCarly.

Carly:[Walks through door, to Freddie] Hi.
Freddie:[turns to Carly, smiling] Oh hey. How goes it?
Carly: I'm leaving in a few minutes.
Freddie: Yeah I know. Better not be late, or you dad is gonna be wazzed off!
Carly: You know, you don't have to take all your tech stuff home tonight
Freddie: Yeah I know. I figured I might as well get a head start. Tomorrow, I promised Gibby I help him do some research on the proper care and feeding of weasels, so, I figured the sooner I get all this equipment out of here, the sooner I can take down ... [Carly stops him by creasing her fingers on his hand and Freddie looks up and Carly kisses him. Freddie puts his hand on her waist. The two then awkwardly pull away and clear their throats]
Carly:[smiles and blushes] So, I'm gonna get my bags and head downstairs.
Freddie: Why don't I help you with those bags?
Carly: Yeah that'd be nice. [Carly exits the studio and Freddie follows her out, putting his hands up in the air as a happy gesture]

Colonel Shay: You would have been a GREAT lawyer.
Spencer: I would have been the WORST lawyer.
Colonel Shay: I know.

Gibby:[starts to cry]
Carly: Awwww Gibby! Come on! Don't cry. One more for the road?
Gibby: Gibbyyyyy! [they hug]

Carly:[in the elevator with Sam, about to cry, looking at everyone] I love you guys.

Freddie:[in flashback to iPilot] You're gonna need a technical producer right? To set up the lights, audio, work the camera ...

Freddie:[voice-over] And … we're clear ... (Last line of the series)

Related Cast Posts

  • Jennette said in a November 2012 Fanlala print interview that "It’s always hard talking about this. The final week was brutal, we got really emotional whether it was in front of the cameras or in the middle of a read. It was nice, though, when we realized that we were not saying goodbye. We were just saying goodbye to a part of our lives. In fact, I was just with Miranda yesterday. I visited her house, we spent the night and went to dinner".
  • Jennette posted on her Official Facebook Fan page, "Just did a late-night iCarly table read for our final episode. What a heart breaking experience. I love my iCarlys."
  • On June 13th, BooG!etweeted "Headed to our last table read...for our last episode...this is gonna b TUFF...iCarly 4EVER".
  • Dan tweeted "Okay... deep breaths... deep breaths... (sigh) ‪#BitterSweet" and this the night before saying, "Wow. Just did a late night iCarly script read - whole cast. Lots of laughs (and many other emotions). If I was a drinker, I'd need a drink."
  • Jerry tweeted, "Don’t worry everybody, there are still many more iCarly’s to see, we’re just shooting the last one this week, it’s very bitter sweet. :)" and also said "This final episode of iCarly is like swimming across an ocean of tears. So difficult, so fun, so memorable. #iGoodbye"
  • Miranda tweeted, "Hardest week of my life. Filming the last episode of iCarly."
  • Noah tweeted Crazy sad week. So many tears. We've all been together for so long, insane to see this coming to an end. I'll miss all 5 of you.
  • Nathan tweeted, "Thank you guys for all the love and support. This is absolutely the hardest week of my life. Trying to soak up every last second..."
  • Dan Schneider posted several pictures on Facebook from the days shooting.
  • On June 20th, Miranda tweeted "On my way to work! It's the last day of iCarly. I'm gonna miss it so much ‪#iGoodbye‬"
  • Dan tweeted "Intense day today. But many NEW @iCarly episodes coming your way. BIG, FUN episodes! New ones will be airing this fall! :)"
  • Noah tweeted "On my way to the iCarly set for the last day of shooting..... ‪#iGoodbye‬"
  • BooG!e tweeted "Driving onto the iCarly set for the last time...."
  • Nathan tweeted "Heading to the iCarly set for the very last time. I can't even begin to describe how much I'll miss it. #iGoodbye‬..."
  • Jennette tweeted "Last day working on iCarly. Oh geez."
  • BooG!e tweeted “I love clothes and fashion...I have over 3,000 pairs of shoes...a plethora of hats ...watches...Jackets...back packs etc...some I've had for years while others r new editions to the arsenal....today I took off a shirt that I'll never wear again...I had no idea when I first put this shirt on that SOOO much love would follow....I had no idea that it would b a part of my life for 5years...with this shirt came a FAMILY...NOT fans or cast mates or even crew....FAMILY! I thank you ALL for allowing me to make u laugh...smile and of course say WTF lol. Thank you for letting me entertain you 😊❤” followed by "And that's a Series Wrap for BooG!e"
    • Jennette tweeted "Getting ready to tape our last iCarly scene ever. I love and will miss my iCarly family so truly. They are supreme."
  • Dan tweeted "Oh my god. #NoWords"
  • Nathan tweeted "Even though I won't forget, I just don't want this to end just yet. No, not just yet." and also "But if I had one chance to freeze time, and stand still, and soak in everything... I'd choose right now."
  • Noah tweeted "Officially wrapped! Hard to believe its over."
  • Jennette mentioned in an article with Teen Vogue ""We have a crossover episode with Jimmy Fallon where the iCarly cast goes to New York to be on his show. It's probably one of my favorite episodes ever. We have an episode where Emma Stone makes an appearance—she plays a mega iCarly fan and is so funny. Our final episode has a good closer for the iCarly fans that have been with us from the beginning. There will be some questions answered and tears shed!" about the final episodes of the show [8]
  • Noah mentioned "All these years, we've grown together like brothers and sisters," he said. "It's so fun working every day with my best friends...And even though Noah loves showing up to work with his best buds every day, he agreed that this was the right time for the final iCarly curtain to fall. "We want to end on a high note, [and] we don't want to overstay our welcome. We're at the top, so that's where we want to stop!" to Nick.com about his castmates and the series finale.[9]
  • Jennette did an interview with WaveLink Radio mentioned that they ended a show on a high and there was definitely an emotional atmosphere on-set.[10]
  • Jennette said in an interview with J-14 about this episode that there was "...A lot of tears. Going in the morning, we were all okay. But then toward the end of the day as we were taping our last scene, me and Miranda [Cosgrove], we just lost it. We'd both cry and look at each other and cry some more. We were distraught. And then Jerry [Trainor] started crying, and that's when you really know something's bad because I didn't think it was possible for water to come out of him, but it happened. I think the sadness was short-lived because a week later we realized we're still going to see each other all the time. We were like, 'Wait, this isn't bad at all.' But it was very hard that day because it was the end of the 'iCarly' world. " [11]


  • When this episode premiered, it hit a 1.2 rating with 6.43 million viewers. It marks as the highest rated episode in 15 months.[3]
    • iGoodbye trended on Twitter on its premiere night.

International premieres

CountryChannelPremiere date[citation needed]Title[citation needed]
CanadaYTVDecember 1, 2012iGoodbye
United Kingdom
Nickelodeon (UK & Ireland)April 5, 2013[12]
Nickelodeon (Netherlands)April 12, 2013[13]Afscheid
GermanyNickelodeon (Germany)Ciao Carly
RussiaNickelodeon (Russia)iПрощаюсь
PolandNickelodeon (Poland)April 13, 2013iGoodbye
ItalyNickelodeon (Italy)
New Zealand
Nickelodeon (Australia)
Latin AmericaNickelodeon (Latin America)April 25, 2013El adiós
BrazilNickelodeon (Brazil)O Adeus
SpainNickelodeon (Spain)April 26, 2013Adiós iCarly
PortugalNickelodeon (Portugal)Adeus iCarly
HungaryNickelodeon (CEE)April 28, 2013Búcsú
Southeast AsiaNickelodeon (Southeast Asia)May 31, 2013iGoodbye
GreeceNickelodeon (Greece)October 7, 2013εγώ αντίο
JapanNHKDecember 7, 2013「さよならカーリー
FranceNickelodeon (France)27 February 2015Au revoir[14]


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  13. ↑https://www.fernsehserien.de/icarly/folgen/6x14-ciao-carly-teil-1-403394
  14. ↑VRAK TV Émissions
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